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2021-06-23 Changelog


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Hello everyone. Got some fun updates this time around.

Global Updates:

  • Suggestion: Increased view range from 14 to 17 cells
  • Suggestion: Storeall command will not store the items that are in the favorites tab
  • Suggestion: You will not be able to sell items that are in the favorites tab
  • Suggestion: Added the no warp mapflag to official instances, you will no longer be able to @go and @gh from these maps
  • Suggestion: @gh will no longer work on any maps that have warps blocked, that have pvp or gvg enabled, or jail
  • 10 new costumes added to vote shop
  • Added go dewata and all the appropriate npcs
  • Fixed broadcast bug for hold the door event
  • Added a vip system
    • Can be accessed using @vip
    • Let's you have the cash shop food buffs
    • Bonus EXP buff
    • Free warp to MvP maps

Battle Grounds:

  • Reduce BG starting size to 2v2

Item Updates:

  • Suggestion: Added Guild Dungeon pass to tool dealer for 5,000,000z
  • Suggestion: Reduced Elunium and Oridecon Weight down to 1
  • Suggestion: Reduced the required amount of Yarn in any quest headgears
  • Suggestion: Babylon spear is now unbreakable
  • Sailor Collar display sprite fixed
  • Louyang New Year hat will drop red envelope at a 5% rate
  • Added pet Incubator to tool dealer for 3500z
  • Fixed Penguin cap display sprite
  • Fixed Big Defense Potion to work properly

Cash Shop Updates:

  • Suggestion: Added some lower headgears in the Event Tab of cash shop

Guild House Updates:

  • Suggestion: Added countdown timer for Devil Square and KoE
  • Suggestion: Added endow buffs, you can use @endow command to configure your settings
  • Updated Guild house flags to contain more info

Declined Suggestions:

  • Floating Rates
    • We have doubled almost all the rates, no longer see a purpose for this
  • Remove Zeny Sinks
    • Certain item prices are nerfed because they are easily attainable. The effect of this nerf is almost negated since we have doubled the rates. At the same time people want us to remove Zeny costs from other features. Yet other people are saying that there is nothing to use Zeny on. The players that are just starting out need to understand that even by playing for 2 weeks with these rates you will start having plenty of Zeny. That's is why we keep adding more features for Zeny and even included Zeny in the global ranking system. 
  • Triple the BG supplies per badge. The argument is that you shouldn't have to worry about supplies in BG.
    • If this is the argument  we can just add auto heal and auto buff scripts and do away with items entirely. If we want to remove the influence of supplies in BG then to make it entirely fair we need to remove items entirely and allow people to purchase something like auto heal me for 1k 3 times a second. This would make it entirely fair for people that also have slower ahk. If this is starting to sound a bit too much, that is my point as well. Supplies are crazy cheap as they are, at least let them retain some value.
  • Decrease the prices of foods in cash shop and and boxes for them. 
    • The VIP system completely accomplishes this by allowing you to purchase buffs for a day or longer at a much lower cost. 
  • Change server to Ready pvp/Bg server, including free all items/npc
    • We are trying to improve the server as well as prep for Season 3. This would be a big step backwards. We need to make changes with the intent that they are long term and have positive effects long term. Season 2 also merges with Season 1, so allowing something like this compromises Season 1 as well.
  • Increase Badge rates.
    • Since we implemented weekday happy hours we feel this is no longer needed.
  • Make it so you can't TP/Flywing into a portal.
    • A lot of work for a very small and rare inconvenience. I know it happens, but right now the time it would take to do this isn't worth it. If someone has a ready made script to go, then sure send it.

All suggestions in the suggestions channel are to be considered as either approved and pending or approved and being worked on. Due to the difficulty of some suggestions, some of them are being delegated to developers outside of our team. At the same time it should be noted that unless new suggestions are added, the number of suggestions being implemented each update will drastically decrease since the remaining suggestions are increasing in difficulty or simply take more time to finish. If anyone has ready made scripts or information regarding implementation of their suggestions please contact me. It will save us a lot of time.

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