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[Guide ] Werewolf Event


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The air is thick, and a dark fog encases the town. You hear creaky branches and screams in the distance. You've heard rumors of monstrous beings attacking the village during the night. They have fangs and fur, possess incredible strength and leave nothing, but destruction and corpses in their wake. However as the sun rises, you only see their blood trophies. Suspicion has gathered among the people. What is the monsters hide and walk among you. Wearing a false skin, or glamour making them appear to be human.

Welcome to the Game of Werewolf (Ragnarok Edition hosted by Lobo), a social deduction game where your objectives are clear. If you're a Villager you want to kill all the werewolves. If you're a Wolf you want to kill all the villagers or outnumber them 2-1.

This event needs a minimum of 6 players to start.


The way this event works. There are two teams Villagers and WerewolvesAt the beginning of the first night everyone will be assigned a hidden role. You can claim in public to be anything, however your true role is to remain hidden until you are killed. This is a social deduction game, though it is team vs team you don't know who is on your team.

During the day ask questions to gather information and try to lynch those you suspect to be a Werewolf

At Night those with powers or abilities will be called upon and asked whether or not they'd like to use their ability. The person in this role is to private message [GM] Lobo (Narrator) directly, as to continue keeping their role hidden. After the Night Phase we all awake during the Day to find out who was killed and what conspired while we all slept.

Roles (Below I'll be listing the roles used in this event, their team allocation via name color, and any powers or abilities they possess)

  • Moderator - [GM] Lobo - Dictates the phases of the game and its progression. I am an unbiased party and on neither team.
  • Hunter - Villager If you are eliminated, you may immediately eliminate another player.
  • Seer - Villager Each Night choose a player to learn if he/she is a Villager or Werewolf
  • Cursed - Villager You are on the villager team unless you are targeted by the Werewolves, in which time you become a werewolf.
  • Alpha Wolf - Werewolf Once per game, if a werewolf is eliminated during the day, you may turn the werewolve's target into a Werewolf instead of eliminating them.
  • Diseased - Villager If you are eliminated by Werewolves, they dont get to kill anyone the following night.
  • Mayor - Villager Your vote counts twice
  • Lycan - Villager You are a Villager, but appear to the Seer as a Werewolf
  • Werewolf -Werewolf Each Night wake with the other wolves and choose a player to eliminate.
  • Cupid - Villager The first Night, choose two players to be linked by love. If one of them is eliminated, the other dies from a broken heart and is eliminated as well. (*Note* Lovers are now their own team regardless of Team Affiliation)
  • Villager - Villager You are a normal Villager
  • Prince - Villager If you are voted to be eliminated, your role is revealed and you remain alive.
  • Lone Wolf - Werewolf Each night wake with the other wolves. You only win if you are the last werewolf in the game.
  • Body Guard - Villager Each Night choose a player who cannot be eliminated that night. (You are allowed to protect yourself, however it cant be done in succession)
  • Hoodlum - Villager Choose 2 players on the first night. To Win, they must both be eliminated and you must still be alive at the end of the game.

Update: New Roles have been Added See Below

Pacifist - Villager You must always vote for players to not be eliminated (aka Peace).

Village Idiot - Villager You must always vote for players to  be eliminated.

Wolf Cub - Werewolf Each night wake with the other wolves. If you are eliminated, the werewolves eliminate two players the following night.

Sorceress - Werewolf Each night wake and look for the Seer. You are on the Werewolf side, and as such Win if they Win.

Witch - Villager You may save or eliminate a player at night once per game.

Tough Guy - Villager If the werewolves attempt to eliminate you, you are not eliminated until the following night.

Doppleganger - Villager The first night, choose a player. When that player is eliminated you become that player's role.


Winning Team: 100 GC, 2 OCA, 20 Cash Coins, 750 War Badges

Consolation: 30 GC, 6 Cash Coin

To roles that have an additional or special win condition: an extra 50GC or OCA (player may choose)

Wolf avi copy.png

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