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2021-06-13 Changelog


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Server Updates

  • Suggested: BG happy hour will activate every time Devil Square Ends
    • The Weekend happy hour schedule will also remain
    • In case of overlap the timer will just reset
  • WoE Se will be Saturdays at 19:00 to test the waters, WoE time will be adjusted based on WoE guild suggestions
  • New Permanent Server Rates: 150/150/100
    • Excludes MvP Cards
    • Excludes MvP Gears
  • Updated the donation preview shop
  • Suggested: Rider Insignia from Byorgue increased to 10%

Global Ranking System

  • As per announced prior to server launch, if player count goes below 100 we will convert all rewards to cash points rather than USD rewards. Since the player count has dropped below 100 this is now in effect, until the player count recovers.

Server Status:

  • We are aware that due to a large number of players leaving, the server may appear to be dead at certain time zones.
  • Why did this happen?
    • DDOS attacks killed the initial momentum.
      • We have the server security sorted now
    • Changing the client to fix existing bugs resulted in creating other bugs
      • This has been sorted now, any issues regarding the new client are either due to people not being able to patch or some OS conflict. Contact us if you think there is an issue that we have not addressed.
    • Upgrading gepard and gepard features resulted in some client conflicts as well
      • We have blocked any old versions of gepard so people are forced to patch to the newest versions
    • Due to focusing on security issues I was not able to deliver a proper update focusing on player suggestions on time
      • Now that the main issues have been sorted, we have a set schedule to make sure we resolve 10-20 suggestions a week. 
    • Due to our marketing manager's illness we had insufficient marketing right after the major server issues.
      • Proper marketing schedule is being created so in the case of absence certain marketing tasks are done automatically and other staff can step up and take that role temporarily
  • What's being done now?
    • We are cutting our server expenses to ensure that the  server has funds for stability
      • Removing BR proxy since the guilds we got it for have left the server
      • Removing Global Ranking System Payments since player count is under 100
      • Halving staff payments, some staff will resign
    • Marketing schedule and push
      • RMS is the key to attracting players suited for our server, as a result we will be regularly asking players we support for reviews
      • Voting sites at the very least help boost the search results for RO private servers, each staff is tasked with also daily voting
      • Social media scheduled posts
      • Social media group posting handled by a different staff each day
      • What can you do?
        • Review on RMS if you have not
        • Properly vote on the voting sites
        • Keep posting suggestions focusing on overall server quality rather than personal benefit
    • Regularly scheduled server updates focusing on suggestions
      • Each day we are trying to either approve and implement 2 suggestions
        • or Decline a suggestion that is not being supported by the players
    • Staff training
      • Most of our staff have expressed a desire to learn basic coding, this will allow me to focus on bigger projects while they can take care of smaller suggestions
      • Staff performance reviews have started this week and will continue in the future, we want to make sure our staff is doing their designated roles
  • Season 2 time schedule.
    • Season 3 will be opening on September 4th
    • Season 2 will be merging with Season 1 sometime through September
      • Characters from season 2 will be renamed with a prefix of [2]
        • Also applies to accounts
        • Also applies to guilds
        • Examples will be provided as we approach the date
      • Characters that exceed the text limit will be adjusted to avoid conflicts
      • Will be done 100%
        • Accounts
          • account variables
        • Characters
          • character variables
        • Guilds
        • Inventories
        • Storages
        • Carts
        • Quests
        • All s2 updates
      • What probably will not be auto merged and you may need to contact an Admin
        • Global variables such as unlocking features as a server or as a guild
      • What will not be merged for sure
        • Parties
        • Logs
        • Server variables as they will override Season 1.
          • This is things like world boss and events
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