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[Mac OS Guide] Using Wineskin to play RO


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Wineskin Guide for Ragnarok Online

Table of Contents

  •         Introduction
  •         Required Software
  •         Creating the Winewrapper
  •         Configuration
  •         Running the Game
  •         Ending Notes



For better or worse, Apple's Macbook laptops have become much more prominent for everyday use.
It's no secret that gaming on these laptops is next to impossible due to compatibility issues, but tools like Wineskin assist in bridging the gap in running Windows-based executable software on a Mac.
This guide is made to help walk mac users through the process of using the Wineskin software and assumes the user has basic knowledge of how to use Mac OS, such as navigating Finder and installing apps.

〉Required Software 

Wineskin is an extremely simple tool to use and only requires the download of two things:

  •         Wineskin Winery (from their official website)
  •         RO Server client (for our purposes, WoonRO)

 Please make sure the Wineskin Winery software is installed and in your applications folder (i usually drag and drop there for the sake of keeping things organized) and extract the WoonRO client folder from the .rar file(s). Be sure the WoonRO client folder is somewhere you can easily access, such as the desktop. This will make things a lot easier!

〉Creating the Winewrapper 

Now that you've installed Wineskin's Winery app and extracted the WoonROfolder to an area of your choosing, navigate to your applications and open the Wineskin app. conversely you should be able to search for the Wineskin app and open it via spotlight search (cmd + spacebar).

Now that we've found our Wineskin Winery app, open it and you should get a window that looks similar to this:

If you do not have the 2.3 or 2.2 engines, try pressing the + button in the Wineskin Winery UI and see if it's available to download and install.
If this is the case, the application may prompt you to install some software dependencies.
Click accept through whatever pops up and continue until you have something like the above screenshot.
At this point, make sure WS9Wine2.3 is selected and press the "Create New Blank Wrapper" button at the bottom of the window.
You will be prompted to name the wrapper. For sake of keeping things organized, name it "WoonRO."

The software will load and generate the Wrapper.
It may prompt you to install more software dependencies it is unable to find. Allow it to install and move on.
A window should pop up with the new WoonRO wrapper it has generated. For our records, note that this has been generated at "~/Applications/Wineskin/ ".
You may navigate here on your own by clicking out to the finder > "Go" at the top of the screen >  Go to... > copy/paste ~/Applications/Wineskin/ in the space for the file path.


Now that we have our WoonRO wrapper, right click (or ctrl+click) on it and click on "Show Package Contents."

This brings you to the contents of this wrapper application. You should see contents, drive_c, and wineskin.

Navigate to drive_c and click on the program files folder. Drag and drop your WoonRO Full Client folder that you previously extracted and place it in this program files folder.

After you have completed this, click the back button until we are back to the first window as shown at the beginning of these configuration step. Alternatively, feel free to navigate to your local applications and wineskin folder (~/Applications/Wineskin/) as described at the end of step 3. Double click on the WoonRO wrapper and you should be prompted with a new window.

Click on advanced and you will be shown more options. You should see the first line on this configuration page that says "Windows EXE." Go all the way to the right of that line and click on browse in order to select the executable we want the Wineskin wrapper to be pointing to.

After clicking browse, it should automatically bring us to the drive_c folder we were in earlier. Click on Program Files and open the WoonRO Full Client folder that we moved here. Find the patcher for the server and choose it.

After setting the wrapper to point to the patcher, we will need to have dependencies that the game requires, such as Microsoft C++ 2008. This can be done by going to the tools tab. This gives us an entirely new list of options; however, the one we are looking for is the Winetricks option.

After clicking on Winetricks, we will find a list of categories that drop down for a list of options to check mark. Go to the games category and scroll down until you find "Ragnarok." This should be fairly easy to find, as this list is in alphabetical order.

After toggling Ragnarok with a check mark, click the run button. You will then be prompted with a window asking to confirm if you want to run Winetricks. Press run on this new window to confirm and you will see an installation progress log run through that bottom half of the Winetricks window. You will be asked to install various dependencies, based on what is required to run Ragnarok Online. Confirm and accept through these installation prompts.

〉Running the Guide

Close out of this Wintricks window after it is finished and click on the "Test Run" button back in the tools tab.
The game's patcher should open up and patch.

Hopefully, if everything installed correctly, you should be able to start the game and log in without any issues!
The game will prompt you to set up your display settings and what graphics engine to use.
For me, I used the discrete graphics card on my macbook and chose the default display option.

After closing out of this, you can reopen the game with the WoonRO wrapper.
Since it's saved all of the configurations of the test run, you won't have to deal with going through with any of the previous steps again.
If you really want to, feel free to drag and drop the Wineskin to the dock at the bottom of your screen to create a shortcut to easily access the game.

〉Ending Notes

While I do hope that this does prove helpful for those that do not want to have to resort to boot camping their Macbooks just to play Ragnarok Online. 


guide provided by @dontpingme a long time ago. i hope this helps!

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