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  1. Hello everyone. Got some fun updates this time around. Global Updates: Suggestion: Increased view range from 14 to 17 cells Suggestion: Storeall command will not store the items that are in the favorites tab Suggestion: You will not be able to sell items that are in the favorites tab Suggestion: Added the no warp mapflag to official instances, you will no longer be able to @go and @gh from these maps Suggestion: @gh will no longer work on any maps that have warps blocked, that have pvp or gvg enabled, or jail 10 new costumes added to vote shop Added go dewata and all the appropriate npcs Fixed broadcast bug for hold the door event Added a vip system Can be accessed using @vip Let's you have the cash shop food buffs Bonus EXP buff Free warp to MvP maps Battle Grounds: Reduce BG starting size to 2v2 Item Updates: Suggestion: Added Guild Dungeon pass to tool dealer for 5,000,000z Suggestion: Reduced Elunium and Oridecon Weight down to 1 Suggestion: Reduced the required amount of Yarn in any quest headgears Suggestion: Babylon spear is now unbreakable Sailor Collar display sprite fixed Louyang New Year hat will drop red envelope at a 5% rate Added pet Incubator to tool dealer for 3500z Fixed Penguin cap display sprite Fixed Big Defense Potion to work properly Cash Shop Updates: Suggestion: Added some lower headgears in the Event Tab of cash shop Guild House Updates: Suggestion: Added countdown timer for Devil Square and KoE Suggestion: Added endow buffs, you can use @endow command to configure your settings Updated Guild house flags to contain more info Declined Suggestions: Floating Rates We have doubled almost all the rates, no longer see a purpose for this Remove Zeny Sinks Certain item prices are nerfed because they are easily attainable. The effect of this nerf is almost negated since we have doubled the rates. At the same time people want us to remove Zeny costs from other features. Yet other people are saying that there is nothing to use Zeny on. The players that are just starting out need to understand that even by playing for 2 weeks with these rates you will start having plenty of Zeny. That's is why we keep adding more features for Zeny and even included Zeny in the global ranking system. Triple the BG supplies per badge. The argument is that you shouldn't have to worry about supplies in BG. If this is the argument we can just add auto heal and auto buff scripts and do away with items entirely. If we want to remove the influence of supplies in BG then to make it entirely fair we need to remove items entirely and allow people to purchase something like auto heal me for 1k 3 times a second. This would make it entirely fair for people that also have slower ahk. If this is starting to sound a bit too much, that is my point as well. Supplies are crazy cheap as they are, at least let them retain some value. Decrease the prices of foods in cash shop and and boxes for them. The VIP system completely accomplishes this by allowing you to purchase buffs for a day or longer at a much lower cost. Change server to Ready pvp/Bg server, including free all items/npc We are trying to improve the server as well as prep for Season 3. This would be a big step backwards. We need to make changes with the intent that they are long term and have positive effects long term. Season 2 also merges with Season 1, so allowing something like this compromises Season 1 as well. Increase Badge rates. Since we implemented weekday happy hours we feel this is no longer needed. Make it so you can't TP/Flywing into a portal. A lot of work for a very small and rare inconvenience. I know it happens, but right now the time it would take to do this isn't worth it. If someone has a ready made script to go, then sure send it. All suggestions in the suggestions channel are to be considered as either approved and pending or approved and being worked on. Due to the difficulty of some suggestions, some of them are being delegated to developers outside of our team. At the same time it should be noted that unless new suggestions are added, the number of suggestions being implemented each update will drastically decrease since the remaining suggestions are increasing in difficulty or simply take more time to finish. If anyone has ready made scripts or information regarding implementation of their suggestions please contact me. It will save us a lot of time.
  2. Server Updates Suggested: BG happy hour will activate every time Devil Square Ends The Weekend happy hour schedule will also remain In case of overlap the timer will just reset WoE Se will be Saturdays at 19:00 to test the waters, WoE time will be adjusted based on WoE guild suggestions New Permanent Server Rates: 150/150/100 Excludes MvP Cards Excludes MvP Gears Updated the donation preview shop Suggested: Rider Insignia from Byorgue increased to 10% Global Ranking System As per announced prior to server launch, if player count goes below 100 we will convert all rewards to cash points rather than USD rewards. Since the player count has dropped below 100 this is now in effect, until the player count recovers. Server Status: We are aware that due to a large number of players leaving, the server may appear to be dead at certain time zones. Why did this happen? DDOS attacks killed the initial momentum. We have the server security sorted now Changing the client to fix existing bugs resulted in creating other bugs This has been sorted now, any issues regarding the new client are either due to people not being able to patch or some OS conflict. Contact us if you think there is an issue that we have not addressed. Upgrading gepard and gepard features resulted in some client conflicts as well We have blocked any old versions of gepard so people are forced to patch to the newest versions Due to focusing on security issues I was not able to deliver a proper update focusing on player suggestions on time Now that the main issues have been sorted, we have a set schedule to make sure we resolve 10-20 suggestions a week. Due to our marketing manager's illness we had insufficient marketing right after the major server issues. Proper marketing schedule is being created so in the case of absence certain marketing tasks are done automatically and other staff can step up and take that role temporarily What's being done now? We are cutting our server expenses to ensure that the server has funds for stability Removing BR proxy since the guilds we got it for have left the server Removing Global Ranking System Payments since player count is under 100 Halving staff payments, some staff will resign Marketing schedule and push RMS is the key to attracting players suited for our server, as a result we will be regularly asking players we support for reviews Voting sites at the very least help boost the search results for RO private servers, each staff is tasked with also daily voting Social media scheduled posts Social media group posting handled by a different staff each day What can you do? Review on RMS if you have not Properly vote on the voting sites Keep posting suggestions focusing on overall server quality rather than personal benefit Regularly scheduled server updates focusing on suggestions Each day we are trying to either approve and implement 2 suggestions or Decline a suggestion that is not being supported by the players Staff training Most of our staff have expressed a desire to learn basic coding, this will allow me to focus on bigger projects while they can take care of smaller suggestions Staff performance reviews have started this week and will continue in the future, we want to make sure our staff is doing their designated roles Season 2 time schedule. Season 3 will be opening on September 4th Season 2 will be merging with Season 1 sometime through September Characters from season 2 will be renamed with a prefix of [2] Also applies to accounts Also applies to guilds Examples will be provided as we approach the date Characters that exceed the text limit will be adjusted to avoid conflicts Will be done 100% Accounts account variables Characters character variables Guilds Inventories Storages Carts Quests All s2 updates What probably will not be auto merged and you may need to contact an Admin Global variables such as unlocking features as a server or as a guild What will not be merged for sure Parties Logs Server variables as they will override Season 1. This is things like world boss and events
  3. A quick little changelog to highlight changes being made in this update: Global Ranking System (GRP): We have removed the PvP ranks from giving GRP Headgear Tailor NPC will give GRP for hats being made Includes Upper, Middle, Lower and Zodiac Hats The amount of GRP is Zeny Requirement / 100k A hat that requires 1 mil zeny will give 10 points You will only get points for each hat made once per month, so making multiples of the same hat will not give you points Gold Hunting Mission that gives 50 Gold Coins will now also give 10 GRP Every time you revive you will get 200 GRP Daily Limit: 5 Weekly Limit: 25 Fixed bug where changing name would cause you to loose your old points Guild House Upgrade: No additional fees have been added to unlocking the new features Player suggested: Added the butler NPC inside the guild house DB room He allows you to warp back to the guild house Allows you to summon a mushroom for 5 Gold Coins Allows you to toggle PvP and GvG for damage testing Allows you to clone your self for 5 Gold Coins for testing Due to possible abuses with summoning mobs and enabling PvP/GvG you cannot use certain features with others. If the system detects any malicious intent by you bypassing those restrictions, it will kill all the mobs without any drops. Other Updates: Increased the timer of all fishing bait since it was near impossible to react in time using fishing bait level 1 and 2 Removing the double all rates We will be permanently increasing rates in the next update, the exact new rates are TBD Player suggested: Removed noteleport from Amatsu dungeon 1 Player suggested: Death Penalty Reduced to 1% Player suggested: Remove the cooldown for getting reports in the nydhog quest Player suggested: ROTD party level range increased to 20 Player suggested: Tool dealer ammo shop now offers single arrows rather than quivers Player suggested: Rapid Shower will only require 1 bullet Player suggested: Desperado will only require 1 bullet Player suggested: Full Buster will only require 1 bullet Player suggested: Spread Attack will only require 1 bullet Player suggested: Decreased BG player requirement down to 6 Player suggested: Added moc_fild21 to warper Declined Suggestions: Change the quest requirement of the +1 stat sunglasses[1] to only 1 revive required. Not enough players support this and we also feel that given all the rate bonuses as well as future rate changes, 10 revives is reasonable for the sunglasses. Give free warp to MVP maps for guild's that pay for guild house The guild houses give enough benefits for their price since we just added more feature and we intend to add more in the future. Guild houses are supposed to offer conveniences not serious benefits. Increase Rates to 150/150/75, Remove Zeny Sink, Add Universal Mat in Battleground, Free MVP Warp, Add better Donate Items This is a prime example of how to not make a suggestion. There are too many topics so people cannot vote properly and the staff cannot decide what is being upvoted or downvoted. Add Universal Mat in Battleground, Increase Rates to 150/150/75 Again another example of a bad suggestion. The votes are 17:17 and we have no idea which suggestion players support. But I do intend to increase rates soo... half approved? Universal AD bottles from BG Simply not enough people cared to vote on this. But we as a staff feel universal suggestions are a bad idea since they will have a negative impact on the economy. Bring Snap/Body relocate back BUT with a 2 second spell delay (only enabled in Conquest) Most people seem to be against this. We also had this previously on Season 1 and people didn't like it. Remove pre-buffs from NPC (Assumptio/Link) Personally don't care but majority of players voted against this During 2x rate events double the success rate and chance rate of ???? from Abra Players don't agree and we also think it's too much Nerf elemental sword to not cast every bolt when casted. Our elemental sword edit makes it so bolts only proc off of the cold bolt. I think this is a fair and sufficient edit and most players seem to agree based on the vote. Increase minor mvp's item drop rates Not a single person was in support of this Keep in mind this suggestion declined and approved list is not permanent. Feel free to suggest anything approved or declined again. However if we see a suggestion repeatedly get posted and declined, we will temporarily block that person from posting suggestions. Any suggestions not mentioned in this update are either being worked on, being researched, or they simply require too much time to implement right now. Example: Auto pet feeding. I think it's a great feature, however our client does not support the official version of this, I have to make a custom mod for this feature. I have an idea on how to do it, but it will take a significant amount of my time, in that time I could take care of 5+ other suggestions that may be more important. So when working on suggestions I also need to take into consideration the importance of a suggestion not just compared to it self but compared to other suggestions.
  4. Over the last 2 weeks we have been making a lot of edits, some may already be available in game and others will go live after this update. New Client Patch: Added the "Rec" button Added Navigation button Added world map button Added bank button Fixed #30+ hair styles Removed chat flood protection Global Changes Reverted double rates from the weekend event They will be left in effect over the weekend and then removed Fixed the restock command. It will no longer delete items from storage without adding them to your inventory. Added a @partyexp command - this command passes on your exp to the rest of the party Keep in mind this does not pass on any bonus exp, such as rotd, or party bonus exp, it just passes on your direct base/job exp you would have gotten Updated support GM online list Updated Cash Shop A lot of people have been asking for us to add more costumes, as a result I have taken all of our monthly costumes and added all of them at once, this is because we are seasonal and half of these costumes would never have been available to the players. Added Cash Point options in donation bonus shop Added a hard delay of 200 ms for Storm Gust Lord of Vermillion Meteor Storm Removed the script that kills all MvPs on reboot. There really is no need for this script, this script was created back in the day when scripts were added directly on live servers and there were many crashes. Due to frequent server reboots, certain people would be able to kill many MvPs since each server reboot reset the MvP timers. We do server maintenance once a week maximum and we never add scripts on the live server, we also have not had a live server crash in over a year. NPC Zone Changes Fixed a typo in ROTD quests that showed Alnoldi while it should be Jeje quest Added a streamer NPC and streamer program Fixed Auras not disappearing when trying them out Odin's Gift cooldown reduced to 20 hours Item Changes: Fixed Costume Heart in Mouth sprite display Fixed Costume White Rabbit sprite display Added missing stats on red wing hat Added Cheshire Ears costume Added monthly rank hats Added class of the month hats Fixed aegis error on Odins Gift. Removed Msgstringtable errors for private message Removed Msgstringtable errors for repeated lines in chat box Corrected view id for Dog officer costume Added custom BGM to map - main Various item descriptions corrected Server Migration and Security: Last Saturday I moved the server to London from LA Setup 2 different firewalls as well as new DDOs mitigation provided by OVH 1 firewall is server side and the other is network side We are actually still getting DDOSed, however those atacks are not making it through both firewalls as well as the mitigation, you probably have not even noticed anything in game. We have our staff meeting on Saturday and we will be looking over our active player statistics. We will decide whether to keep the host where it is in London or to move it elsewhere. We will be re-adding the west coast proxy either way since it works great as a proxy connection, it's just not somewhere we can have the actual server. Working on now: Grey's List: Custom BGM pack 50% Custom emotion costumes 30% June's rank hats 80% Babylon field 4 map 20% Babylon city map 40% Greymaps.grf 10% Nihad's List: nomelee comman KvM for BG Some upgrades for Guild House More ways to get global ranking points Going through more suggestions
  5. These are all the changes that have been made for Season 2 from Season 1. BG Changes: Conquest win badges reduced to 35 CTF win badges reduced to 30 - this mode it temporarily disabled The community may request to enable it TDM win badges reduced to 40 Rush win badges reduced to 40 - this mode it temporarily disabled The community may request to enable it Badge rewards are doubled for 60 minutes during the following times Saturday: 3:00, 7:00, 15:00 Sunday: 3:00, 7:00, 15:00, 19:00 The Case opening feature now auto detects which case you have, this gets rid of the large and confusing menu system. PvM Changes: Wounded Morroc has been listed as tier 1 MvP in the Boss Room which has a higher chance to spawn. Endless Cellar NPC has been moved to Alberta with the Endless Tower NPC NPC Zone Changes: Merged Gold Coin Quest into Mission Boards Merged Headgear Recolor NPC and Costume Maker NPC into Headgear Tailor Merged the Card Remover and Card Exchanger NPCs Merged all the shops into Multi Shop NPC Other Changes: Tooth Blade is now useable by non rebirth classes as well Implemented Singapore proxy connection Implemented London proxy connection Loyalty packs have been implemented for the entire season and the system is automated. This is a big time saver for us since we no longer have to do updates to give you guys rewards for being active. Yggdrasil berry is set to 3 seconds cooldown Yggdrasil seeds are 1.5 seconds delay Normal card drop rate set to 1% Fixed dog officer costume sprite Removed Steel Arrow drop from Orc Archers Bow. Implemented Global Ranking System: Full info: http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/topic/641-global-ranking-system/ These are changes planned to be finished prior to the server launch, keep in mind not all may be completed by launch date, if not then they will be moved as high priority for the next update: A warp to the highest floor cleared system for ET and EC, with limitations to prevent abuse Private group created for interested WoE guild leaders Will only take WoE related suggestions from said group, people that don't do WoE don't have a right to suggest WoE changes. If you belong to a WoE guild, then talk to your guild leader.
  6. Nihad

    Launch Info

    GRAND OPENING MAY 15, 2021 〉Hello everyone! Hey guys! The launch of Season 2 is just around the corner and it's time to finally announce the exact opening time! Are you ready to hop on and play together with your friends and foes? We are ready definitely ready to welcome you all! 〉Opening Schedule The exact launch date and time can be seen below! ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 〉Important Links DOWNLOAD Visit: http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/topic/634-game-download/ REGISTER Visit: http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/topic/633-register-account/ DONATION Visit: http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/forum/35-perks-and-donations/
  7. 〉Global Ranking System WoonRO Seasons will last about 6 months per season. At the end of the season the Ranking system will be wiped and a new ranking system started on the new Season. At the end of each month, the people ranked the highest will get rewards according to the table listed. There will be 2 exceptions At the end of May 2021 the rewards will be 50% since the server is launched half way through the month At the end of the entire Season the reward will be 2x The Season 2 end date is scheduled for October 31st The ranks will not be reset each month, rather it will be a cumulative ranking system. The cash rewards listed will only be available provided that the server maintains an average player count above 200, excluding vends. If the average player count drops below 200 then the prizes will be halved for that month. If the average player count drops below 100 the cash rewards will be converted to cash point rewards. 〉Ranking Rewards The rewards are as follows: Rank Cash Reward Item Reward Overall Rank 1 $200.00 Monthly Rank Hat Overall Rank 2 $100.00 Monthly Rank Hat Overall Rank 3 $50.00 Monthly Rank Hat Champion $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat Stalker $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat Biochemist $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat Gypsy $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat Minstrel $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat Scholar $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat Paladin $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat High Priest $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat Assassin Cross $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat Mastersmith $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat Sniper $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat High Wizard $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat Lord Knight $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat Soul Linker $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat Gunslinger $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat Ninja $10.00 Monthly Class Rank Hat All payments will be made ideally via Paypal, Western Union and Wire are secondary options for the grand rewards. We will not be using Western Union/Wires for class prizes. Earning points in the global ranking system will be listed below. In order to give new players at least some chance at fighting for the top spot, each month we will add more ways to earn points. We understand that the main methods listed hear are geared towards BG, and that is intentional since we intend to keep BG alive throughout the entire season. We also understand that many people will attempt to cheat either through leeching, or dual clienting certain features or outright breaking rules for an edge. We are hiring more staff and are taking volunteers to keep people in check and the system as fair as possible. 〉Methods to gain points Methods to gain points: Turn in 1 badge for 1 point - this system has a softcap Once you turn in your first set of badges a 23 hour timer will start. During those 23 hours, every 1000 badges you trade in the number of badges needed per point will double. So for example 1000 badges will get you 1000 points. But the next 1000 badges will only get you 500 points. Castle Holding guild can have 24 members claim 1000 points per day as long as they own the castle How the guild distributes th points is none of our concern, the members will talk to the kafra inside the castle once per day and claim their points, once 24 people have done this it will no longer give out points. We hope that this will deter people from making guilds that are too big. Also the members per castle is 24 per guild for the 1st month. PvP Ranks reset monthly 1st place PvP gets 10,000 points 2nd place PvP gets 7,500 points 3rd place PvP gets 5,000 points MvP Ranks reset weekly 1st place MvP gets 10,000 points 2nd place MvP gets 7,500 points 3rd place MvP gets 5,000 points Why does MvPing get 4x as many points? Fudging MvP scores is near impossible, the best you can do is summon bloody branches which you also need to get, or use Abra which is far less time efficient compared to BG. Whereas you can fudge PvP scores if you have enough friends. We will have people watching over this, but no mater how you look at it, it's subjective to an extent. As a result we placed less values on PvP scores. Still 10,000 points is nothing to laugh at, so people caught trying to fudge their scores by abusing it with their friends will have their entire score reset. Trade in 1mil Zeny for 10 points. There will be also be a soft cap on this 1000 points and then the soft cap applies the same as badge trade-ins Additional methods to attain points will be added through the following schedule. The exact points we cannot determine since we will need to see the status of the ranking system at that point. June - Points for revives using the revival system July - Points for rankers in Devil Square and KoE This means a weekly ranking system for Devil Square and KoE will be introduced August - Points for trading in cards at the card trader npc September - TBD October - TBD Lastly, as I have stated in the first Q&A, there are a lot of unknowns here. This is an entirely new system that is being tried on RO, we know that there will be issues that come up with the system, we know that there will be challenges that we cannot foresee and we will do our best to deal with these enforceable circumstances in a timely and fair manner. We thank you for your support and look forward to the launch date on May 15th.
  8. 〉Hello everyone! My name is Nihad. If you don't know who I am, I am a game developer and active in the RO scene since before 2009. My first big project was WoonRO back then and while it hasn't been my only project up until now it's always been the one where my passion is. WoonRO had received a lot of good feedback and some of its features had been used by many other Ragnarok servers afterward. Unfortunately I have never been able to make all of my players happy but I received a lot of nice messages and requests to open new servers. Running such a big project can be really stressful but seeing how, after all these years, there are still players who can enjoy my servers, it takes away a lot of the stress and gives me excitement to try my best. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 〉WoonRO Season 2 WoonRO Season 2 is a near identical copy of the existing WoonRO server. Seasons are an optional, recurring game mode that allows you the opportunity to start fresh every few months, leveling a character from scratch without previously earned items, levels, and zeny. A great positive of the season system is reliving the initial progression, and seeing a character grow in great strides. Seasons are separate from each other, and it might seem intimidating that your character will have to start fresh. None of your efforts will be wasted however, as all your endeavors within a season — characters, items, levels, donations, zeny etc. — will be rolled over and merged with the non-seasonal WoonRO server once the season concludes. This system can be found on various popular big games such as Archeage or Diablo. Season 2 is scheduled for revision after 6 months. The decision on what to do with Season 2 will be determined by how active the community is and/or a community vote. A server merge will require for all servers to be taken down for a few days. Our intent is to preserve all character data so that effort is never lost. The next Season will launch after 6 months independently from what happens to the previous Season. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 〉Update Schedule There will be slight adjustments to the server based on player feedback and our own experience with Season 1 over the last 2 years. Those adjustments will be summarized and listed 1 week prior to the server launch. The first month of the server will have weekly updates so we can bring quick fixes and adjustments based on the community. The second month we will go into bi-weekly updates and if needed quick fixes. From that point on we will do monthly updates and focus on quality of the updates and the community. Hotfixes will be made when ever needed. It is important to point out that this schedule is not a promise and might change based on the availability of the developers. Updates include but are not limited to new content, fixes, adjustments or similar. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 〉Ranking and Rewards System Each month there will be a ranking system based on the points accumulated. We will give real money or cash point rewards for the top 5 players and in-game rewards for the top ranked player for each eligible class. There will also be a grand ranking system that will be set for 6 months after server launch date with cash rewards for the top 3 grand ranking players and the top ranked player of each eligible class. Eligible classes will be listed in game in the ranking system. Getting points will be simple and for the most part automated. Top 3 ranked PvP players will get points each time the PvP ranks are reset. Top 3 ranked MvP players will get points each time the MvP ranks are reset. You will be able to trade in BG badges for points. You will be able to trade in BG cases for points. Which ever guild owns a WoE castle, they can pick their WoE roster to get daily points as long as they continue to own the castle. Winning KoE will also reward points. You will be able to trade Zeny for points. Other methods for accumulating points may be added in the future based on community feedback. Point quantity will be determined prior to server launch and the community given a chance to give feedback. It is important to point out that this is not the final system. There is still room for feedback and improvement as our launch date is still far away. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 〉General Features Like mentioned before, WoonRO Season 2 is a near identical copy of the existing WoonRO server. Below you'll find the basic setup for the server, however more might be added as we get closer to the initial opening. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 〉Marketing/Advertising Unlike before, we will set aside a % of the servers monthly income for marketing purposes. This will ensure that we can continue to advertise as much as possible to keep the influx of new players steady. Our main advertising platforms will be Instagram, Facebook, RateMyServer, Voting sites and more. There will be cash rewards as well as gift cards as those seem to catch the biggest interest in people nowadays. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 〉WoonRO Season 1 WoonRO Season 1 will receive all the updates from season 2 at a slight delay. This is to avoid having to do too many updates at once so that it is all manageable. The updates provided to Season 1 will be identical to season 2 with the exception of some core changes made prior to launching Season 2. However we are more than willing to implement those changes in Season 1 if requested by the community. Once the 6 month period expires for season 2 (after we determine the next step) the previously mentioned ranking system may be implemented in season 1 if there is a request for it and the finances support it. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Okay Nihad, but I still have some questions... What happens to the money I already donated to the main server? Will I get back my cash points back? We are not doing a wipe or anything of the sort. All your donations still remain and retain their original value. Donations on Season 1 and Season 2 are treated separate from each other. When will the new project be released? Release date will be May 15th. Exact time will be announced a week prior. Why do you still not have a party join system for BG? I have clarified this in the discord. But the short version is that I cannot implement it since I do not have enough source knowledge. Anytime I get close it causes server crashes. I prefer server stability, we will once again open it to outside developers to see if anyone can finish this feature this time around. How will the donations be accessible for non-donators? Same as always, you will be able to attain all non-cosmetic donations in game through BG or other events. We will however have donation only costumes to help fund the server. How active are you going to be? And who do we go to if you are not around? I will be around 3-4 hours every morning and 1-2 hours every evening after work. My work time is 10-12 hours so keep in mind I may not be able to reply as soon as you message me. If you need an immediate solution that a GM cannot answer then the next best choice is Grey. He will be in charge of player relations and has administrative access.
  9. Greetings everyone, Just a quick little update to fix some things and update some content. Item Fix: (This is huge ) All items that reduced cast speed have been broken for a long time, this happened when source was updated to the latest and it changed the way that cast speed that was effected by items functioned. Items that effected specific skills still worked as intended. But items that reduced variable cast rate like Bee card and Crown of Deceit were not reducing cast at all. This also applied for items that were supposed to punish players by increasing their cast rate. All of these items have been fixed now and you should see a noticeable difference when wearing these items. BG Update: Removed Fall cases Added Old Winter Cases from 2017 and 2019 Added a brand new BG Case for 2021 BG Badges increased by 50% until the next update Other Edits: Fish drop chance from fishing increased Reduced MvP card drop rate back to normal Removed all 2020 Seasonal events Rotated donation cosmetics
  10. Halloween, Thanksgiving and winter events will remain active until the first update after new years. We may add some more winter events. Global Edits: Added an option in tool dealer to purchase supplies directly to storage using the "Storage Dealer" option Added "Storage Dealer" option to the buy command Added player count for the NPC Zone and renamed the map in the warper Another check for the WoE rental items since there is a case where they don't get removed Rotated donation items Fixed a possible server crash caused by guild storage and auto vends Event Edits: Added our old Thanksgiving event Added Giftson NPC in Xmas 147 94 He will reward you a Xmas Event Box and a Gift Box The Event box has exclusive costumes in it Added Santa's Gifts to prontera He will give you an item every day for 24 days You can talk Mr.Claus in Xmas town and do 2 types of quests. Just walk a bit left and up from the spawn location and you will see Santa with some flowers You can dig out sow flowers and give them to Mrs.Claus for a Mrs. Claus' Gift Box The gift box contains a random costume scarf Added 4 new scarfs Bring 30 Christmas Cheers to Mrs.Claus to get a Costume Louise Red Hat Added Winter Crystal Spawns in fields and dungeons When killed these crystals will drop some sweets, gifts and Christmas Cheers Added Rudolph to Prontera Bring him some supplies for a chance to get one of the following items Antler Fedora Candy Hat Rudolph Rucksack Christmas Neko Hood Fluffy Heart Earmuffs Let it Snow Fishing: Enabled fishing which can be accessed using @go fish or walk to it from the NPC Zone Fishing Rods and bait can be bought using he Fishing NPC Fishing rewards include a number of normal hats that have some small stat boosts and can also be converted to costumes using the costume maker There is also a number of costumes in the fishing shop This fishing system requires you to be active and actually take part in the fishing experience This is the initial launch of the fishing system, it will receive updates and changes once it's on the main server and tested by a larger number of people
  11. A quick little update to make some small adjustments. Event Updates: Rotated Gold Rush rewards, 3 new costumes added Costume Poring Beret rotated Costume Royal Poring Hat rotated Costume Poring UFO rotated Replaced 50 Gold Coin reward with Token of Siegfried Box (10) The reward was triggering often enough to make sense to add the box here. However not too often where it will cause an inflation of tokens. This will also make it less likely for people to finish Gold Rush with a surplus of coins. Fixed Charon NPC getting stuck Babylon Updates: Added 9 more wigs to the Wig merchant General Updates: Fixed restock Added GvG room in the PvP warper Added October and November loyalty packs Costume Goat Cap and Costume DJ Kitty You must have logged in during these months to claim the costumes Fixed September loyalty pack so you actually had to have played during September not just anytime prior to October
  12. Event Updates: Halloween has come and gone but the content is still here! Finding Skelling [click here] Horror Factory - Save Christmas [click here] Charon's Obol - Escaping Souls [click here] Trick or Treat [click here] Deviruchi and his Gloomy Jakk [click here] Mr. & Mrs. Wilkinson [click here] Pumpkin Hat Research [click here] Battleground Edits: Added Halloween Battleground 2017 case Diabolic Headphone, Owl Duke Silk Hat, Jack, Lude Hood, Pumpkin in Mouth, Celines Ribbon, Hallowring Rucksack, Orange Halloween Hat, Classical Ribbon. Added Fall 2020 Case Red Riding Hood, Snack Party, Picnic Basket, Lunatic on Shoulder, Pie to Face, Lunch Box, Citrus Ribbon, Floppy Bunny Ears Cash Shop Edits: Cosmetic Headgear rotation - since we didn't do any October specific hats, we put all the October and November ones together Look under the event tab Revival Edits: Adding 4 new pets with custom stats Other Updates: Amarsin NPC in Babylon Field 1 will no longer get stuck You will no longer be forced to do the Doram Drooping Quest before you can finish your other pending quests World Boss and Gold Invasion events will use disablenpc instead of hide so you won't trigger the text when you walk over their coordinates Fix a bug where BG case opener uses badges when selecting Zeny
  13. Hello everyone, Thanks for all the amazing support over the last year. WoonRO has become a server that is a joy to work on. I have not had this much fun in a long time while working on an RO project. I don't want to be too mushy, so thank you and enjoy the biggest update we have ever done. Journey to Babylon: A portal has appeared in Prontera that leads to another dimension. You can activate the portal by pouring an Essence Flask once and the portal will be activated. However each time you use the portal after that, you must pay 1 gold coin. There is a quest which you can do to open the Babylon maps in the warper under Fields. Babylon Field 1 Babylon Field 2 Babylon Prelude Revival System: Boss Room: -Changed the Boss room NPC sprite since the other on was bulky and forced you to walk to the npc. Gold Invasion event: World Boss Event: So what's next? But wait there's more!! WoonRO Seasons
  14. Gave it another shot and tested it, we'll see if it works properly on main server now
  15. Small buff added, and more info in changelog.

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