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  1. There are quite a few places where costumes could be revamped/added (some collated from discord, some from my own suggestions). 1. The revival shop has been the same thing for a long time prior to master revival rewards. We need legacy costumes added in revival shop as part of master revival rewards - High effort should have an appropriate reward - Recommend here to add a legacy costume box which contains specific Cash Shop/Gold Rush/Badge Rush costumes which are currently out of rotation for a 2-3 revival flasks (would have ultra rare x2, super rare x4, rare x4, common x4 costumes), Make it desirable, since it's about 5-6 hrs of effort on average to get to this point (Geffenia equivalent is about 40-80m) 2. Headgear tailor revamp - For costumes. It's been about a year, can we please start making some costumes quest-able? 3. GC shop costume revamp - Need better costumes for higher prices (eg. 1k GC for certain costumes like for example, Scouter?) 4. Make costumes drop off specific mobs at a low rate (say, 0.2% to 0.5% or so) - ensure mobs aren't one shot aoe mobs like say, thief bugs or porings
  2. +1 for true rush, KoE styled emperium with 1500 or 2000 hp would make it longer than a 30 second round (only physical attacks work)
  3. WHOA!. A second Indian in this server! Lets catch up in-game machan!
  4. Currently DS is the only community event which is actively being participated in. Although I would love to help newbies when they're unable to do enough damage, there are "geared" people who decide to join in and just leech (same as linker leechers in BG) the entire time. Suggesting a @votekick for DS so that we don't have to go through the entire thing of carrying these leechers. There's at least one in almost ever DS like this and we have to eat through a lot of our resources to get them bonuses? That's unfair. Also recommend 50% of VOTES as YES (timeout of vote at 2 mins), rather than 50% of players playing DS to kick someone. Thanks.
  5. Having problems with leveling your alts? Think grinding from the mid 80s to 99 is always a pain? One of the simple solutions is to use a Whitesmith to power level your alts at Thor Volcano Ideally, within an hour, you should be able to max out your alts (depending on number of alts you are leeching) to 99 if pre- trans and ~ 2-3 hrs if trans (Also depending on efficiency). Cart Termination is a great skill since it cannot be reflected by Kasas. This makes it better than using Champions to Asura kasas and die to the reflect. Note that to make this build work, you would need to endow your weapon with the water property (preferably through a sage as it is both cheaper to use and lasts longer than scrolls) Sources: When in doubt, RMS is your friend. If you're interested to see how you would perform with your equipment, use a calculator to simulate your damage received and inflicted. Edit: Updated guide to incorporate some feedback from Tinker and after running some simulations
  6. This will have multiple parts to the suggestion: 1. Reduce the overall number of badges per round. Server runs on badges and giving a 100 badge reward at 5% bonus is just overkill. Let people earn their keep and not get free rewards. This way BG will be running for longer during the week and not just for 5-7 rounds the day before WoE. Hoping to keep it at 50 badges without the % bonuses for Win and 30 badges for loss (Conquest). With 100% bonuses it'd be 100 badges. 2. Participation based badge payouts: This will be based on the number of minutes out of overall duration of that round. Example: If TDM lasts 5 minutes (300 seconds), People who started round can get 110% rewards, or a flat 3-5 badge payout for starting BG Someone who joined and played on for at least 240 seconds (more than 80% duration) could get 100% of rewards People who joined and played for at least 180 seconds but not exceeding 240 seconds (60-80% duration) could get 85% rewards People who joined and played for at least 120 seconds but not exceeding 180 seconds (40-60% duration) could get 60% rewards People who joined and played for at least 60 seconds but not exceeding 120 seconds (20-40% duration) could get 40% rewards People who joined and played for at less than 60 seconds (less than 20% duration) could get 20% rewards 3. Support classes deemed essential to BG will receive 2-5% more rewards if they are the only or one of two supports of that class within their team. This list comprises of Minstrels, Gypsies, High Priests and Scholars. This reward will only be activated when BG is running less than 20 vs 20. This encourages people to re-roll into classes needed for BG and not farm BG with just an ungeared/no pots linker. Example: If a team has 10 players - 2 DD HWs, 1 DD Creo, 1 Soul Linker, 2 FS Scholar, 1 Minstrel and 3 Gypsies, the FS Scholars, and the Minstrel will get extra rewards. This addresses the problem of last second joiners AND encourages people to start BG or join BG early instead of joining midway through/when ending (which is about 50-60% of BG participants right now).
  7. I like this mod for rush. +1 if implementable Also, can we have a "best of 3" setting for KvM instead of just ONE round? Keeps things more interesting and isn't a "free badge" mode.
  8. +1. Why not just add % rewards based on time of joining. Example: If badge payout for win = 120 badges, and that round took 10 minutes to end 10 minutes get 100% = 120 badges 8 minutes gets 90% = 108 badges 6 minutes gets 75% = 90 badges 4 minutes gets 60% = 72 badges 2 minutes gets 50% = 60 badges Less than that gets 25% = 30 badges This way leechers who join BG during last minute don't get rich because of it
  9. -1. It's pretty spammable with the use of BBs if you have a guild. Considering how badge rush helps you get BB way more often now, i dont think increasing the rates is a good thing.
  10. +1. In fact, this is probably the best suggestion for vending distribution
  11. +1 all up for it, i just want them not to be clashing because DS is finally rewarding and people don't join anymore cause badge rush lol
  12. Having badge rush and Devil's Square start at the same time isn't helping Devil's Square's case. Usually ends up happening in a hurried manner and people don't get the classes they want just whatever they were on in Badge rush. Can we have Devil's Square instead 15 mins later?
  13. Honestly, idk if this is doable and i feel like it's a lot of effort Simple fix for this, just add storage permissions from the other thread. Rest would be dependent on how much you trust your guildies lel Edit: +1 if possible

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