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  1. 〉GRAND OPENING THIS MAY, 15TH ! Supporting the server has it's perks. You can get more cash points than what you are donating for! Cool eh? 〉Odin's Reward System Visit: http://s2.woonro.com/?module=donate Donate 100$. If you don't know how to donate check here... Log in-game and purchase ITEMNAME for 100,000 cash points. Talk to NPCNAME, COORDINATES. He will take your item and give you 5,000 cash points every day with a cooldown timer of 23 hours. At the end of the 30 days you will have accumulated a total of 150,000 cash points instead of the initial 100,000 you donated for. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 〉Western Union Bonus Below is a guide for those who would like to donate to our server via Western Union and receive some extra cash points Note: You won't get the cash points automatically. A verification step to confirm is needed and should be done within 24-48 hours. Be mindful that donations made over the weekend will take longer as banks do not operate on the weekends. Normal Exchange Rates: 1000CP = 1$ (USD) 1000CP = ~51₱ (PHP) Western Union Bonus: $100 = 105,000 CP (Normal Conversion Rate = 100,000 CP) $200 = 230,000 CP (Normal Conversion Rate = 200,000 CP) $300 = 390,000 CP (Normal Conversion Rate = 300,000 CP) There is a little paperwork when donating via Western Union, but it has its own good perk. When donating above a certain amount, you will receive bonus Cash Points! Write @Nihad a PM in the forums and ask for the Western Union details. Visit any WU place of your choice once you received the details and ask for a >Send Money< form. Turn in the form and you will get a receipt with a tracking number! This tracking number is important, don't lose it. Write @Nihad a message with the following information: Your Name: Your Address: Amount of Donation: Tracking Number: Date Sent: Your Character Name:
  2. 〉GRAND OPENING THIS MAY, 15TH ! Donating to our server is entirely your decision and no-one is forced to do so. All items can be obtained by playing the game except for a very few selected cosmetic headgears to sustain the server upkeep. 〉How do I donate? Login to our website and visit: http://s2.woonro.com/?module=donate Enter the amount of money in US dollars you would like to donate. Click Confirm Donation Amount. Click the 'Donate' button. Login to PayPal. Confirm donation. Please note that it may be up to 24 hours before your account is credited, but in most cases it will be credited within 15 minutes. Message @Grey or @Nihad in case you're facing any troubles with your donation. 〉What items can I buy? For a full list of obtainable donation items please log into our server! All non-cosmetic items are easily available through normal gameplay methods. 〉How much is the rate? Current Credit Exchange Rate: 1.00 USD = 1,000 credit(s). Minimum Donation Amount: 5.00 USD 〉I'm broke, what now? Well shit. We know the feeling. Everyone is struggling in this current pandemic... But don't worry, we have plenty of options for you to obtain cash shop items without spending a single penny. Earn up to 200$ by simply playing the game! Read more... All items are available via normal game mechanics like: Battlegrounds, Events, Revival & more Advertise for us! Advertise our server by posting into advertising groups and earn cash points. 10 posts = 1000 cash points. Message @rere if interested.
  3. 〉GRAND OPENING THIS MAY, 15TH ! We would love to encourage everyone to reveal themselves, interact with each other and band together as one great society! Write a quick introduction in our Discord server (s2 #introduce) and tell us a bit about your past journey. 〉How to introduce yourself? Don't worry you don't have to write a huge introduction. A simple sentence is enough. Tell us which class you used to play and include the catch-phrase "hellow fellow" so the team knows it's a submission for the event. Sample: 〉Rewards 1000 cash points. 〉Instructions Send a screenshot of your introduction to @Grey either via our forums or directly on discord to receive your reward. He will also need your character name to send the cashpoints to. Reward will only be given once per mac. Do not post several times to get more cashpoints. Cashpoints will only be sent to the person that participated in this event. Moving cashpoints to a different account is not an option.
  4. 〉GRAND OPENING THIS MAY, 15TH ! Nothing feels better than to be the first level 99 character on a freshly opened server! Right? WoonRO Seasons is awaiting the first maxed out characters with open arms and many rewards! 〉Rewards First 5 Non-Rebirth chars will get: If you are the 1st of that specific non-reborn class to hit max level you will also get another set of the reward. 5000 Cash Points 250 Gold Coins 25 Global Ranking Points First 10 Reborned chars will get: If you are the 1st of that specific Reborn class to hit max level you will also get another set of the reward. 10,000 Cash Points 500 Gold Coins 50 Global Ranking Points It is possible to claim 2x rewards if you are the first class AND one of the 1st of 5 people to reach max level for non-reborn classes It is possible to claim 2x rewards if you are the first class AND as one of the 1st of 10 people to reach max level for reborn classes 〉Instructions Level your character as fast as possible and be the first to hit max level on WoonRO Seasons! Rewards will auto given as you reach max level, you can keep track of the ladder progress using @99ladder and @99class
  5. 〉GRAND OPENING THIS MAY, 15TH ! WoonRO Seasons is a new International English Pre-Renewal Ragnarok Online mid-rate server from the founder of WoonRO, dedicated to bringing you the best Ragnarok experience possible. We will be fixing bugs, improving upon original game mechanics, as well as implementing new custom content and features very frequently. If you're looking for a long-term, corruption free Pre-Renewal server with NO imbalanced or overpowered donations, you've found what you're looking for. The main staff is comprised of highly experienced players, with active development taking place. Your unique experience begins here! 〉Server Information WoonRO Season 2 is a near identical copy of the existing WoonRO server. Seasons are an optional, recurring game mode that allows you the opportunity to start fresh every few months, leveling a character from scratch without previously earned items, levels, and zeny. A great positive of the season system is reliving the initial progression, and seeing a character grow in great strides. Seasons are separate from each other, and it might seem intimidating that your character will have to start fresh. None of your efforts will be wasted however, as all your endeavors within a season — characters, items, levels, donations, zeny etc. — will be rolled over and merged with the non-seasonal WoonRO server once the season concludes. This system can be found on various popular big games such as Archeage or Diablo. Season 2 is scheduled for revision after 6 months. The decision on what to do with Season 2 will be determined by how active the community is and/or a community vote. A server merge will require for all servers to be taken down for a few days. Our intent is to preserve all character data so that effort is never lost. The next Season will launch after 6 months independently from what happens to the previous Season. more detailed information regarding systems can be found on our wiki. 〉Earn $Money by playing on Woon Seasons You want to play your favorite game and earn some money on the side? Well, congratulations! With our Seasonal Ranking System you have the chance to win up to 200$ per month! Isn't that amazing? Each month there will be a ranking system based on the points accumulated. We will give real money rewards for the top 3 players and in-game rewards for the top-ranked player for each eligible class. There will also be a grand ranking system that will be set for 6 months after the server launch date with cash rewards for the top 3 grand ranking players and the top-ranked player of each eligible class. Eligible classes will be listed in-game in the ranking system. Getting points will be simple and for the most part automated. You will be able to get points from PvP, MvP, BG, WoE, KoE, Zeny and other places. 〉How much can I earn a month? Overall Rank 1 = 200$ Overall Rank 2 = 100$ Overall Rank 3 = 50$ Transcendent Second Class (2-1 + 2-2) as well as TK, Ninja, Gunslinger = 10$ each. So what the heckerooni are you waiting for? Tell your friends and join Woon Seasons NOW! Community Discord: https://discord.io/woonro Download: http://s2.woonro.com/?module=main&action=media Register Account: http://s2.woonro.com/?module=account&action=create/
  6. 〉GRAND OPENING THIS MAY, 15TH ! Ready to jump in-game and play with your friends or conquer Rune-Midgard solo? Below you can find information on how to download the server. 〉Download Game Visit: http://s2.woonro.com/?module=main&action=media You will be given the option to download either full or lite clients, as well as background music and our server-specific autopot. Available options to download from: Google Drive Mega.nz Both full and lite clients do not contain background music files. These will have to be downloaded separately. 〉Having issues with downloading? You can either check out the F.A.Q.s & Troubleshoot area or you can join us on Discord and message the team for help.
  7. 〉GRAND OPENING THIS MAY, 15TH ! You want to play on our new seasonal server but aren't quite sure yet how to register your account? No problem. We created a very quick and easy guide for you. 〉Register Account Visit: http://s2.woonro.com/?module=account&action=create/ Fill out the registration form: Make sure that your password contains 1 upper-letter character. Make sure you use a correct e-mail in case you need to reset your password at a later point. Make sure you put in the security code properly. Make sure your username and password are different from what you usually pick as there are several leaked databases from other servers!
  8. This event isn't as straightforward as the others on the list! You'll need your thinking caps and the ability to dig deep into finding out Sir Valentines Secret. This is predominantly a Screenshot event. To participate - Your replies / screenshots will need to be posted here replying to this thread! The rewards are unknown until the secret is revealed! But I'm sure they're worth it! The secret can be solved entirely on the new area maps and forums. Type @valentine to access the new area. Your first hint is - ❤️ Good luck!
  9. Hey hey! New event start! This event is all about finding what's hidden. In the new area on each map, there's a special 'rare' type monster. ❤️ Access the new area by typing @valentine Your mission is to find all of them! ❤️ Once you find one, be very careful not to kill it Take a screenshot of you posing with an emote - alt+L next to the rare found mob ❤️ Please also include /where in your screenshot. So, I can tell you're on the right map(s). There is 1 rare monster on each map. Only 1 entry per player. In Serah Town map the special monster will not say 'Rare' But she's definitely the cutest and friendliest of them all! Once you have your screenshots, pass them on to me in some form - Discord / Forums so I may check them all. ❤️ As a present from me to you for finding them all, I'll compensate you with a 'Rare Choco Gacha Egg'. That's it! Show me them beautiful screenshots! And~~ Happy Valentine's >///< uwu -------------------------------------------------------------------- Known issues - The rare monster on ago_fild02 is placed on the wrong map. Instead there's 2 rare monsters on ago_fild03. Sorry for that!
  10. Hey guys and gals! The Fashion Show is nearing ever so close now! The time to be present in-game is 27th Saturday 2 hour prior to WoE! (I'll update the times for multiple timezones soon!). Many of you by now have found those Chocolate Gacha Eggs where the costumes only persist for a single day only... They're dropped by the new monsters in the new area - Serah fields and caves. Acess the area using @valentine For the chance to make those event costumes permanent! Join us in the fashion show! The judge will be myself (so far). All you need to do is save up several gacha eggs for the day, and pop them all open and equip which you think are the best out of the ones you've received. (Remember to save them for the 27th - The costumes only last 1 day!) I will also be providing 5 eggs for each participant. Only 1 entry per player, no dual clienting or multiple characters. Once you have chosen your costumes for judgment you cannot change them throughout the course of the event. Only temporary costumes from the eggs are allowed to be used. No mixing and matching with other (non-event) costumes! Of course, the more eggs you have the better your chances for some amazing looking costumes which'll blow your competition away! So get out there and farm those eggs! I will be judging on several factors - Cuteness, Style, Matching themes and Costume slots filled (top,middle,lower,garment). Winners - 1st place will receive their winning costume setup in permanent form! That's up to 4 costumes that will never expire! ❤️ 2nd place will receive 1 costume of their choice from their winning costume setup & a Rare Chocolate Gachapon Egg. 3rd place will receive a Rare Chocolate Gachapon Egg. See you all out there at the fashion show!
  11. Hey hey! Yup! This time I'm running the changelog! Hostile takeover style! The Following are a list of changes and implementations in the upcoming 'WoonRO's 2021 Valentines' Update due to be implemented on February 14th: Please run your patchers until they can't load no more after Feb 13th! Or face the endless crashes and errors! For those who can't patch, contact me directly on Discord - Grey. New Valentines Prontera Theme Map! May be some walkable area bugs and slight npc/warp portal positioning bugs. Apart from that enjoy the new Pronter! Sakura leaves be falling on main towns without weather and new maps! The curser pointer has received a makeover! This makeover is themed accordingly to Valentines. A nice light pink! White day on February 28th will reveal a new makeover for the curser pointer. A new Login Background + New Login Music One of the 2 Login Background screens has been changed. You'll know it when you see it! A new 01.mp3 has been patched replacing the main login theme. You'll know it when you hear it! New Loading Screens 5 new community made loading screens themed for Valentines day. 2 new loading screens from our resident artist/player - Wynter New Completely Custom Area Serah fields and caves have been opened for the valentines update event! There are 8 field maps, 2 cave maps and 1 huge gorgeous town map. ❤️ New BGM's applied to each new area within Serah expansion! Several never before seen monsters to check out and greet! ❤️ A new MVP is residing in the final map. Her name is Hera! (She is a doozy to fight! Maybe bring some friends~) All monsters and bosses are set to non-agro. So any under geared character can roam these lands - mind your clicks though! All the new mobs drop a special chocolate egg at low rate. This item will expire and be removed from the database on March 13th! More details below~ After the update you may access the new area by typing the command @valentine. Keep a close eye out on any Easter Eggs on each new map! ❤️! New Costumes 25 new valentines themed costumes added 5 new valentines themed garment costumes added Check out all the new costumes plus some classics within the event tab in the 'Cash Shop' after the update. A certain egg item dropped in the new area will allow players to access the event items for a single day on use. The costume received is random. An extra special rare egg is rumored to exist. Perhaps some events by some Greyt GMs might unlock the way to acquiring this supposed egg. Maybe if you ask Hera nicely she might be willing to share? Gift Exchange Event In Japanese Culture. Exchanging of gifts on certain days is often what the youth live for. Valentines day especially! Some going as far to make hand-made chocolate and stationary as a gift. Valentines day, Feb 14th, is a day to appreciate any great guy in your life. Show them you care by exchanging gifts and a few kind words. A genuine heartfelt gesture will go far! It doesn't have to be a romantic gesture. But, ladies, you'll get your turn in 2 weeks time on 'White Day' - Feb 28th. The rules are simple - Share within our Discord what you'll be doing on Valentines day! Something grandiose? Nothing? What gifts or dates do you have planned? Pictures please!! Singles can participate too! What 'would' you do on valentines day? How would you show appreciation to one of your closest friends/family? A nice story is always heartwarming! Winners will be decided before 'White Day' Feb 28th. They'll receive a costume of their choosing from the events tab within cash shop + a Rare Chocolate Gachapon Egg. This ones for the Payers A Cash Shop event is underway in the form of 30% discounts on particular items in the store! After the update any items which are predominantly colored 'Red / Pink / Yellow' by their collection image will be marked down in price by 30%! The collection image must display the special color(s) by at least 60% of the image as a general rule. This will last for 2 weeks only, up until 27th Feb! From the 28th for White Day, another selection of colors will be chosen for another 2 weeks up until March 13th! A Rare Chocolate Gachapon Egg is now available for purchase in the 'Events' tab of the cash shop! - this item will reward the player with a random permanent Valentines themed costume. It is RNG, but it is cheaper than buying the costume outright! The long awaited BGM Client Fix Yes! It's finally here! The fix to fix all BGM fixes! After countless hours of rummaging through source codes and packet data in our busted up client. I've finally found the 4 lines of code muting everyone's clients upon loading into a map. A new client is on it's way to fix this issue, ETA - SOON. We first need to add in Gepard security to the new client to be able to run properly. He'll hopefully be fast on the return of the client. I'd say by the following update it'll be ready. The moment the clients secure and tested. I'll be releasing the new client on the download page on our website. A temporary fix, though not ideal... You may use '/bv 100' in your chat tab to turn the tunes volume back up. I've got mine added to macro. Soooooon~ Stay tuned for my own events! Event - Valentines Secret (Screenshot Event) Event - Such a Rarity (Screenshot event) Event - Fashion Show (Active in-game event) Event - Gift Exchange (Discord Event) Daily active events in-game! Reward will mainly consist of the elusive rare gacha egg & normal gacha egg. A message from me to you - I'd just like to thank and show my deepest appreciation to all of you for making me feel loved and welcome within this community! It's thanks to each and everyone of you all that I'm able to produce these updates! I look forward to all your ongoing support and buyings of me coffees pls! Love - Grey From Nihad, I want to say thanks to Grey for working on the server during this crazy hectic time of mine. I have some huge things going on in my life right now, all good things though so no need to worry. Even during this situation with Covid I have been able to achieve some of my life goals and they are becoming realities this month. I have a bunch of stuff going on in March as well, so I will be relying on Grey to keep the server active until I am able to come back. I do have some big things planned for the server during the summer so I am excited about that. Updates: I have re-added the valentines Cupid event, you can find the NPC in Prontera. You can get the seeking BF/GF or friend hats from him. He also gives the Love Valentines Hat as well as V-day fire crackers. Re-added Secret Valentines You can send some chocolates to other online players for a small Zeny fee as well as make your own custom gift You can find Heartrings all over the server and they will drop themed goodies Removed the Winter BG cases Removed the BG Badge Bonus Added the 2020 BG Case
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    Hey hey, Welcome back then fellow punter! Reach out to us anytime! See ya in game! Kindest regards, Grey
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    Ohohoho! Hi there fellow bean juice lover! Welcome to the game, chat with us anytime! See ya in game! Kindest regards, Grey
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    Hey hey, Welcome to the party! Enjoy your stay and feel free to contact us anytime! See you in game! Regards, Grey
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    Hiyo Rick, Come say hi in game! We'll do some drinking together /gg

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