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Grey Map, Grey World, Dark, Tetris

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Grey Map, Grey World, Dark, Tetris

It has many names grey world, some call it by the grf name grey.grf, dark grf, tetris whatever there are many more out there and I will share the simplest one just changing the maps others will change effects for WoE too but I won't cover that.

  1. Download this file https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ObcM-DTmI_0bv_JBqXOmavrH6PbCIfWZ
  2. Drop it inside your RO Folder
  3. Edit your image.png.905d158b64ea2848d39750a14cc4d5dc.png it's also located in your RO Folder (Depending on settings it could also be named DATA)
  4. Just put darkRagnaland.grf you can also rename the file to the first place
  5. Relog
  6. Enjoy


provided by DSLX

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