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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Automatically Configuring
  3. Manually Configuring
  4. Autorestock / Healer Restock
  5. Closing Notes/Known Issues

1. Introduction

Welcome to the guide for our restock system we have here at our server! Restock is a convenient system in which you're able to replenish your items in your inventory directly from your storage. Usage of this system is very convenient for pvm, bg, and (most notably) WoE. The goal of this guide is to set you up for success in using the restock system. While it is a minor time investment to set up, there's very little you'll have to change if you're simply using your character for BG and WoE purposes. For our server, you can bring up the restock menu simply by using the command @restockmanage.


The above two windows Show all the options you are given when pulling up @restockmanage. As you can see, we have Configure restock to current inventory, set restock manually, set healer restock off, switch item type of all slots, choose items that ignore switching, turn autorestock on.

2. Automatically Configuring

The easiest way to configure restock is to configure it to your current inventory. After confirming you'd like to set it to your current inventory, you should get a window like this:

As you can see, automatically configuring is not perfect, as it will set ALL items to restock. These can be removed from the list, as we will explain in the next section. Autoconfigure also sets the current amount of each item as both the min/max values. This will cause the autorestock function to constantly replenish an item every time it is used, in order to get back to that max value. This can be changed in the next section as well, to avoid chat flood. Also, note that the default configuration for all items is universal.

3. Manually Configuring

As explained in the last section, there are likely items that you do not want to be restocked. You will also need to change item types and set new minimums for each item.


When selecting the manually configure restock option from the first window, you are given the options to set the item ID, set min inventory, set max inventory, set type, and remove (not pictured). You will want to remove any items you do not want to be restocked in the list, in order to make room for other items. To add another item to your restock list, you will require the item ID for that specific item. A quick search on ratemyserver or the command @ii will get you the item ID you need.

By default, all items are set to universal, so be sure to set them as BG/WoE through this window or you can change them on the first window with the "Switch item type of all slots" option.

4. Autorestock / Healer Restock


By default, autorestock is disabled. The command @restock can be used to restock your items from storage. You can enable autorestock to eliminate the requirement of typing or hotkeying @restock in the middle of BG or WoE. Items will continue to refresh at your set minimum until you run out of items in your storage.

5. Closing Notes / Known Issues

Configuring your restock the way you like it is up to you. Whatever combination of options in this menu you need to do to tailor your list to your needs does not matter. If you run out of slots in your restock list, you can simply purchase another one for 1CP or 5GC through the manual config menu.  This option gives the user plenty of freedom to set up their characters with whatever items they need for restocking.

With that said, there are known issues with the system. Personally, I've seen it bug out when dealing with brewed potions where it would restock more than it should. This is easily countered by simply setting a lower min/max value for restocking. People seem to get by with setting a min and max of one.

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