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Server Rules


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punishments are issued at the discretion of the team members and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

we reserve the right to mute, ban, and jail you for rule violations with or without warning.
this goes to the extent of behaviors not specifically mentioned in the rules and regulations, which could be viewed as inappropriate or not acceptable. 
each and every report of this style will be considered by the Staff on a case-by-case basis.


  1. you are responsible for your account..
    1. don't share your account. we won't help if something is missing.
    2. pick a strong password.
  2. respect everyone.
    1. harassment towards anyone is strictly prohibited.
    2. harassment isn't limited to the act of insulting, swearing, sexual harassment etc.
  3. don't beg for help . it's annoying.


  1. don't use names that are rude or offensive in any way.
  2. don't impersonate anyone. 
  3. don't use "GM" in your char or guild name. 
  4. don't riot if the team changes your name because it violates the rules above in any form.


  1. english is the main language of the server. speak english in #main, #recruit and #trade. 
  2. don't spam the chat.
  3. use every channel for their purpose.
  4. don't block npcs or other users with your chat rooms.
  5. advertising other ragnarok servers will get you banned immediately.


  1. your account, your responsibility. we won't help if you share your account.
  2. we don't help with player-to-player transactions. if you borrow something to someone that's your business.
  3. we will delete any items obtained by third-party programs, afk farming or bug exploitation without your consent.


  1. have fun.
  2. display sportsmanship in all form of gameplay.
  3. don't prevent a player to have access to aspects such as npcs, monsters, events, and maps.
  4. report any bugs or errors related to the game. exploiting them will only get you banned.
  5. critical bugs or should be addressed immediately to a team member in private dm.
  6. don't multi-client in events unless the event gm says it's ok.


  1. don't use any.  simple. below are the only approved third-party programs:
    1. ROMedic
    2. Autohotkeys (using it to afk-farm is strictly prohibited and will end up with a ban.)
    3. Custom AI; E.g. AzzyAI
  2. don't use unapproved clients or grfs. ask the team for approval of clients or grf modification if needed.
    1. these include maya purple filter and hide markers.


  1. have a proper guild emblem.
  2. emblems with inappropriate content are prohibited.
  3. using no emblem is prohibited.
  4. the use of unsportsmanlike tactics such as (but not limited to): Dropping items, adding players as friends are prohibited.
  5. intentionally obstructing another guild's access by placing warp portals around the area is prohibited.
    1. such as blocking castle entrance portals with skills, items, or chat boxes. for example, warp portal, or ice wall.


  1. over mobbing is discouraged.
  2. don't kill steal. use @noks if someone tried to kill steal. the team won't help.
  3. don't afk farm. it'll get you banned.
  4. don't use db/bb outside of the db room.
  5. don't grief.
    1. mob dropping/forcing the mob to teleport preventing access to mob via Ice wall, or any other methods.
    2. don't use heal, safety wall, pneuma, and loki’s veil on the mob.
    3. don't use kyrie eleison to debuff assumptio, using ganbantein on ice wall on other players.
    4. don't die close to the mob with the intent to allow it to heal, luring it with no intention to compete
    5. basically, don't be a dick. the team won't babysit nor observe and will only interfere in critical moments.
      1. (f.e if it happens several times by specific people)


  1. mvps and true mini-bosses are free for all.
    1. true mini-bosses are monsters flagged as boss with a spawn rate lower than 5 in the map.
  2. all strategies are allowed, even some that people may consider griefing. 
    1. We will only enforce griefing rules such as buffing the mvp, healing the mvp or making the mvp inaccessible. It is up to the players to provide evidence of such grief violations. 



  1. the team won't meddle with pvp unless someone is violating general rules. 
  2. point farming is prohibited. (where one side purposely loses a match without a proper fight)


  1. don't multi-client.
  2. don't afk. even for a short time.
    1. afking might get you jailed and badges removed on the entire account on first offense.
  3. don't intentionally lose. 
  4. only join bg if u have the means to actually play it.


  1. rmt is allowed but only in #rmt in-game or in #market on our discord server.
    1. the team won't help you with rmt nor get involved if you got scammed. 
    2. don't spam both channels.
  2. false advertising schemes to sell items is prohibited.
    1. this includes selling items that you are not actually selling or the use of multiple characters to boost the price of your items.
  3. any attempt to scam a player or take part in scamming by any means is strictly prohibited.
    1. this includes lying or deceiving players in order to get items from them or to sell your own items.


  1. @autotrade venders will automatically disconnect after a few days.
  2. use vending area only.
  3. spot saving is discouraged.
  4. vending an item which looks like another item with the intent to scam is prohibited.
    1. for example: selling a grandpa beard as if it were a father's white mustache.
  5. staff will not be involved in vending related disputes. this includes and is not limited to item prices, wrongly purchased items, and vending spots.


  1. don't multi-client.
  2. teamwork, teamwork, teamwork.
  3. only created one party. a second one can be created if first one is full.
  4. don't grief anyone.
  5. don't leech. play properly. 
  6. afking or idling for any reason will get you jailed. 


  1. don't multi-client.
  2. the team will not be involved in the dispute between players through king of emperium. 


  1. don't multi-client.
  2. disruption of events is discouraged. 
  3. don't break the rules, harass other members or discourag players to participate.


tldr; respect everyone, don't cheat, don't be a dick, use common sense, the team won't babysit. :no1:

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