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2021-01-13 Changelog

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Greetings everyone,

Just a quick little update to fix some things and update some content.

Item Fix: (This is huge )

  • All items that reduced cast speed have been broken for a long time, this happened when source was updated to the latest and it changed the way that cast speed that was effected by items functioned. Items that effected specific skills still worked as intended. But items that reduced variable cast rate like Bee card and Crown of Deceit were not reducing cast at all. This also applied for items that were supposed to punish players by increasing their cast rate. All of these items have been fixed now and you should see a noticeable difference when wearing these items. 

BG Update:

  • Removed Fall cases
  • Added Old Winter Cases from 2017 and 2019
  • Added a brand new BG Case for 2021
  • BG Badges increased by 50% until the next update

Other Edits:

  • Fish drop chance from fishing increased
  • Reduced MvP card drop rate back to normal
  • Removed all 2020 Seasonal events
  • Rotated donation cosmetics

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