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2020-12-06 Changelog

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Halloween, Thanksgiving and winter events will remain active until the first update after new years. We may add some more winter events.

Global Edits:

  • Added an option in tool dealer to purchase supplies directly to storage using the  "Storage Dealer" option
  • Added "Storage Dealer" option to the buy command
  • Added player count for the NPC Zone and renamed the map in the warper
  • Another check for the WoE rental items since there is a case where they don't get removed
  • Rotated donation items
  • Fixed a possible server crash caused by guild storage and auto vends

Event Edits:

  • Added our old Thanksgiving event
  • Added Giftson NPC in Xmas 147 94
    • He will reward you a Xmas Event Box and a Gift Box
    • The Event box has exclusive costumes in it
    • Christmas_Event_Box.png.c5ebcaf73290623402b3654de4276278.png
  • Added Santa's Gifts to prontera
    • He will give you an item every day for 24 days
  • You can talk Mr.Claus in Xmas town and do 2 types of quests.
    • Just walk a bit left and up from the spawn location and you will see Santa with some flowers
    • You can dig out sow flowers and give them to Mrs.Claus for a Mrs. Claus' Gift Box
    • The gift box contains a random costume scarf
      • Added 4 new scarfs
  • Bring 30 Christmas Cheers to Mrs.Claus to get a Costume Louise Red Hat
  • Added Winter Crystal Spawns in fields and dungeons
    • When killed these crystals will drop some sweets, gifts and Christmas Cheers
  • Added Rudolph to Prontera
    • Bring him some supplies for a chance to get one of the following items
      • Antler Fedora
      • Candy Hat
      • Rudolph Rucksack
      • Christmas Neko Hood
      • Fluffy Heart Earmuffs
      • Let it Snow


  • Enabled fishing which can be accessed using @go fish or walk to it from the NPC Zone
  • Fishing Rods and bait can be bought using he Fishing NPC
  • Fishing rewards include a number of normal hats that have some small stat boosts and can also be converted to costumes using the costume maker
  • There is also a number of costumes in the fishing shop
  • This fishing system requires you to be active and actually take part in the fishing experience
  • This is the initial launch of the fishing system, it will receive updates and changes once it's on the main server and tested by a larger number of people



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