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[Guide] Octopus Instance solo under 10 mins

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Octopus Cave

Essence Flask submitted to Instance Manager

Recommended Setup: Solo or Duo with a priest
For this guide, I used my Sniper to solo. Sniper has both AoE and Control via Ankle Snare making this instance very easy. Bring SP Pots, Strawberries from the NPC are nice, I used about 400 but I recommend stocking up 1000 just in case. As for HP pots, you won't be needing a lot unless you got hit by Water Ball, so it's nice to have some prepared still.

The build I used: Build #1 (Casual) check below for more info, although this is doable even with much less gear.

This instance is important if you plan on making Babylon Knight Set, which requires Octopus Legs. The instance is easy as long as you prepare so there's nothing to worry about. It is also risk free because the cooldown is only 24 hours, so keep trying!

Octopus Cave Walkthrough



1. To start, use @npc instance to warp directly to the Instance Manager. Talk to the Instance Manager, select Normal Menu, then select Octopus Cave.


The Instance Manager will warp you to Dimensional Rift. This is a map filled with Instance Generators and entrances, continue with Octopus Cave.
Speak to Starfish to start Octopus Cave. You're required to be in a party to enter, but the other members don't have to be inside so just invite a random alt to start. There will be another NPC beside the Starfish where you'll enter after the gate is opened.

Time Limit once inside is 1 hour.


2. Once Inside, move up a little to trigger the instance. Pervert Octopus will begin his dialog. 4 Portals will appear and you can start with any, you'll have to clear all four Octopus Legs, one in each portal.


3. After picking a portal, you will be warped into a room with lots of Small Octopus, they die in 1-2 Sharp Shoots provided that you have the correct weapon and element or Endow. You can use Double Strafe and kill them one by one but I recommend mobbing them up and killing them with Sharp Shooting instead. These drop Octopus Legs by a low chance of 2.5%.


4. Going further inside the room you selected, you'll find an Octopus Leg with 500,000 HP. Double Strafing it down shouldn't be hard. It is best to kill it down as quick as possible so you can still have your town buffs for the final boss. Octopus Leg drops Octopus Leg at 50% chance each.



5. Exit via the portal beside the Octopus Leg. The portal wing bring you back to the middle room. Select another room you haven't cleared yet and repeat the process until you've cleared all 4 Octopus legs.



6. After clearing all 4 Octopus Legs, you will be warped back to the middle hall. You'll notice a new portal to the north. This is where you will be fighting Giant Octopus, The Boss of the instance.


7. Giant Octopus is slow so you don't have to worry about getting hit too much. You can pre-set several traps (Ankle Snare) before engaging the boss. Wearing a Marc card is recommended to avoid getting frozen by Frost Driver, also prepare a Swordfish carded armor to switch-in against Water Ball. These are the only threats and it won't even be able to cast Water Ball if you trap him out of range. Giant Octopus drops an Octopus Leg at 100% rate. 


8. As you can see, finished in under 10 minutes, I still have my town buffs. The coin bags it drops aren't really good and give only a little amount of zeny, but you're here mainly for those Octopus Legs.




Where to spend your Octopus Legs



@npc Instance > Talk to Instance Manager > Instance Shop > Custom Gear Quests


Requirements by Order, from Left to Right:







Q: Patch notes say that Octopus Instance has card drops, are they good?
The Boss card is good, but drops at 0.01% chance. Details under Instance System here: http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/topic/343-woonro-gate-of-babylon-update-2020-04-18/&tab=comments#comment-1368

Q: You've only used Sniper for this guide, are other classes capable?
Yes, although they'll probably take more time or potions

Q: What are the stats of the monsters in Octopus cave?
"@mi Octopus" shows every detail you need, they're all mini bosses, by the way.

Q: What equips do you switch into in the instance?
See below, I recommend bringing a Swordfish armor too if it's your first time doing the instance, Water Ball can kill you. If you're already good with traps you will only need Marc. Weapon I used was 2x Drainliar 2x Flora. You can use AK.

Q: Are there other uses for Octopus Legs?
None so far, but there will likely be more, since the team is bringing in Quest options for Donation headgears little by little.

Q: I noticed that the Boss spawns Mini Octopus and Octopus Legs, can I farm them too?
Sure you can, just be careful of the time limit, and the longer you take, the higher risks of mistakes.



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