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V for Vash

[Guide] Whitesmith's power leveling at Thor's Volcano

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Having problems with leveling your alts? Think grinding from the mid 80s to 99 is always a pain? One of the simple solutions is to use a Whitesmith to power level your alts at Thor Volcano

Ideally, within an hour, you should be able to max out your alts (depending on number of alts you are leeching) to 99 if pre- trans and ~ 2-3 hrs if trans (Also depending on efficiency). Cart Termination is a great skill since it cannot be reflected by Kasas. This makes it better than using Champions to Asura kasas and die to the reflect.

Note that to make this build work, you would need to endow your weapon with the water property (preferably through a sage as it is both cheaper to use and lasts longer than scrolls)


Targets worth high exp and relatively easy to kill in Thor Volcano 1

Ideally, a Whitesmith with basic gear and water endow should be able to take down both Kasa and Fire Imp within a second or two (~15k damage per Cart Termination)

Note: If you are not well geared, do not try and go for Salamanders or Bow Guardians
Note 2: Avoid going for Sword Guardians altogether - You will either not do enough damage and end up wasting time and potions, or take too much to tank, or both


Item Build

The relatively-easy-to-build tier:

Upper Headgear - Magni's Cap

Middle Headgear - Any

Lower Headgear - Any

Armor - Flame Spirit Armor (Kasa) /Any high defense slotted armor with Pasana Card (Enchant armor with Fire type) (ESSENTIAL)

Weapon - Heart Breaker (Fire Imp) OR Berdysz (Seeker) - Carded with Zipper Bear Card (+30 ATK) preferably

Garment - Wool Scarf - Carded with Jakk card (30% Fire Resistance), or Aliot Card (+2 str for Merchant classes) or Raydric Card (+20% Neutral Resistance)

Footgear - Tidal Shoes - Carded with Green Ferus Card or Matyr Card (+10% HP)

Accessory - x2 of Medal of Honor (Merchant) - It's not hard to build this if BG runs as regularly as it does now / Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo (both give 10% aspd)


The not-so-easy-to-build Tier:

Upper Headgear - Gold Dragonhelm (RWC) - Vanberk Card (+2 STR)

Middle Headgear - Black Devil Mask (+2 all stats) - Overall more utility for your other characters unless you specialize in playing Whitesmith/LK or SinX, if you do, Angel of Ghost (+15 HIT and +2 STR, thanks Tinker for the feedback)

Lower Headgear - Father's White Moustache (+20 ATK)

Armor - Slotted Flame Spirit Armor (with + STR enchant Ifrit) with Porcellio card (+25 ATK) or Diabolus Armor (with +STR enchant, WSM) with Pasana card

Weapon - Giant Axe (Orc Hero) - Carded with Zipper Bear Card (+30 ATK)

Garment - Diabolus manteau - Carded with Jakk card (30% fire resistance), or Aliot Card (+2 STR for Merchant classes - I use it to reach STR bonuses in a multiplier of 10) or Raydric Card (+20% Neutral Resistance)

Footgear - Diabolus Boots - Carded with Green Ferus Card or Matyr Card (+10% HP)

Accessory - x2 Medal of Honor (Merchant)

Essential Items/Skills to use:

Do not be stingy here, go for HP potions and SP potions. If you do not have enough money to buy potions, take a few minutes to farm Zeny as per Lostac's guide here

Berserk potion is a must - Ensure you are on berserk potions to reach your ASPD goal of 186

Adrenaline Rush - Also a major boost to your aspd, ensure you use this at all times to ensure faster kills

Ensure your cart is full. An empty cart would deal low damage

Use all WS buffs (It is not necessary to use Maximize over thrust)

My Personal Build (Make do with what items you have with you):




Stat Build tips:

1. Ensure you get at least 120 STR with buffs (use +x STR foods if you need to)

2. It is essential to get 186 ASPD for spammability of Cart Termination

3. Try and get bulky with VIT - Hopefully, if you have at least one Medal of Honor (Merchant) or Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo, you should have sufficient points to get at least 70 vit

4. Invest at least 30 points in DEX (You would need at least 200 HIT to consistently damage Kasas) - If you do not have a Medal of Honor (Merchant) or Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo, you might need to sacrifice this stat a bit more to get to 186 ASPD at the cost of potentially hitting mobs for a low preset damage amount instead of a miss

Example Stat and Skill Build #1

Example Stat and Skill Build #2

Two example builds above - I don't go for 215 hit because I usually manage to hit accurately enough.

Personal Build:



Sample damage on Kasa




When in doubt, RMS is your friend.

If you're interested to see how you would perform with your equipment, use a calculator to simulate your damage received and inflicted.


Edit: Updated guide to incorporate some feedback from Tinker and after running some simulations

Edited by V for Vash
Imrpovement on the guide
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I rate this guide 0/15 because no Angel of Spirit or Welding Mask mentioned.
Raydric card on manteau > Jakk. Spiral or Salamander crits is what hurts if you're on Fire Armor+Assumptio.
Also, you want at least 215 hit. Get out of here with rookie dex numbers give us facts.

Actually, I rate this -15/10 for no Angel of Spirit.
God damn it Mati, you could've done better.

Edited by xTinker

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