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[Guide] Card Farming and Card Exchange

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Card Farming -> Card Exchange

Use @npc cardexchanger to warp to Card Exchanger NPC.


What's the point of this NPC? Why would I focus my farming on trash cards for points?




The NPC offers a variety of Card Albums and Buff tokens in exchange for your points. What's big about card albums is that they can give you rare cards or simply those that are hard to farm. The Buff Tokens can also be used to buy guild buffs.

A few examples of rare cards obtainable from Old Card Album:

Cecil Damon Card
Phylla Card
Gold Scaraba Card



Recommended Places to farm cards (item id4251+)





Double Strafe/Sharp Shooting:
Siroma - Ice Dungeon Level 1
Hill Wind - Rachel Field 5
Stapo - Rachel Field 8
Biolab 2 Monsters - Lighthalzen Biolabs Level 2
Kasa / Imp - Thor's Volcano Level 1

These monsters are fairly weak (except Thor's Volcano) and you do not need specific gears to farm them. You can use other classes like Whitesmith for these monsters but Snipers just make it much more easy with range advantage.

Use a sage to Endow desired element against your target.

Basic Gear for everything on this tier:
 +5 or above Orc Archer Bow
Dragon Tail Carded Garment (Or Roween Card for Siroma)

Recommended Thor Gear:
Pasana Carded Armor for Thor's Volcano

Sharp Shooting:
Venatu - Juperos Level 1 *Highly Recommended

Venatus are highly recommended because of the map's mob density. Your goal here is to get as much Crit Rate, Flee, and Atk as you can. You don't need slaves here(Bragi/Fortune) because you will lose these buffs while mobbing.

This is what I use for Venatu Farming:
Sniping Suit Is recommended for lower after cast delay.
You don't need to use any endow for Juperos because the monsters you'll try to mob are Venatus with different Elements.

Mob Venatus, use Sharp Shooting, walk while on after-cast delay, use Sharp Shooting again. If you are new to this, you may want to start by Mobbing only 5-10 Venatus. 

Any other setup that allows you to at least 2 hit Venatus with Sharpshooting can be good or more survivability via flee/perfect dodge, notable alternatives:
Chung-E Card or Choco Card for Garment
Matyr Card for Boots
Yoyo card and Gold Scaraba Card for Accessory
Skel Worker CardPeco Egg Card, and The Paper Card for weapon card in case you want to use Composite Bow.

Whitesmith/Lord Knight:

Incubus - Geffenia Level 3 *Highly Recommended

Check this section for gear guide, available for both LK and WS:


Incubus comes in naturally as an option here because this is the best place to farm zeny, and you can still get cards from them that are worth 1,000 points.

Assassin Cross:

Venatu - Juperos Level 1 *Highly Recommended

For Assassin Cross, the gear set you see on the left is optional, but comes in very handy while mobbing. You may use Mischievous Fairy for your mid headgear. Perfect dodge helps a lot to avoid random Dimik attacks and could save your life if you misclick while mobbing. Switch to Katar if you're about to kill your army of Venatus using Hide > Grimtooth. Status Arrows work with Grimtooth so you can equip either Stun Arrow or Cursed Arrow for more efficiency with holding monsters in place.

Equip Your Perfect Dodge gear, Mob an area in Juperos (You can start with 5-10 Monsters if you are new to this, proceed with 30-50 when you're used to it, or per area), Use Hide in a corner cell, Spam Grimtooth. Switch back to perfect dodge gear again and repeat. You'll notice immediately that this is a very good place to get your cards for Guild Buffs or Old Card Albums.

Recommended Stats For Juperos: 
Str: 120-130
Agi: 185+ aspd for better grimtooth spamming rate and for flee rate
Dex: 220-260 Hit Rate


Additional Tips/Notes



Schwartzwald Pine Jubilee - Additional 20 Perfect Dodge *Good for Juperos Mobbing!
Grove Card - Good for Juperos for additional Zeny
Mimic Card - Extra OBB loot
Myst Case Card - Extra Gift Box loot, good for Dyestuffs, Gold, and Santa Poring Card.


Those marked with *Highly Recommended are, IMO, the only places that are worth farming for cards. The rest of the areas mentioned are good places to get level or as a side objective you could do (Like Mission Board / Leveling). Thor's Volcano is another good example for this scenario if you need to leech multiple characters and have to choose between different maps, pick Thor's Volcano instead if you know you need trash cards.

As for Venatus if you think you are really bad at Mobbing, I suggest to just start with a few monsters and gradually do more once you get used to it. Juperos gives a lot of zeny too. This way you get to farm your Zeny and get almost all or most of the cards you need or want to sell via Old Card Album.

Click me for Old Card Album table
*Some Renewal Cards in the list are not obtainable


Rate My Server for monster images, stats, and item stats.
WoonRO for this feature, also for introducing a different way to farm.


Edited by Lostac

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