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In Game character name: DytaniaV1

How did you hear about WoonRO: From RMS and I previously played Elaria Woon Reloaded.

Tell us a bit about your RO history: I've been playing mid rate RO eversince, I do boss hunt and grinding in game.

Tell us something interesting about yourself: Teamplayer and love to be in a guild. And hey is there a newbie starter pack? ty in advance.

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Hello Dytania, welcome to the server. Package added for you, in the main town walk left an find the mailbox looking npc called It Giveaway.

Pleasure to have you playing on one of our servers again, feel to free to ask any questions you may have. 

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I'm [GM] Lobo of the Woon Staff. Feel free to pm me in-game or over the forums/discord if you're ever in need of assistance, and in the event, I'm not online WoonRo has a unique feature. Just type @Request followed by your question or concern and another online member of GM staff will respond shortly with hopes for resolving any issues.

Be sure to read over the Rules

Check out all the new features Woon has to offer on the Wiki

Please don't forget to write us a review on RMS so we can improve and continue to make the server a welcoming and fun online community.

Looking forward to seeing you in game.

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Wolf avi copy.png

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