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WoonRO: Gate of Babylon Update 2020-04-18

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April 18 2020

Hello Woonies, exciting news!

The WoonRO team is going to be focusing on bringing a new episode to WoonRO.
We are going to be introducing a lot of features that we know players have wanted for a long time.
We will be introducing a lot of cosmetic content that will give everyone a lot of SWAG.
And we will be introducing brand new equipment to go along with our Gate of Babylon episode.
This episode will include a wide range of equipment that will introduce different styles of game-play.
Below is a list of expected updates.

I expect to finish this entire list way before the planned date. So please go post more suggestions in the feedback section of the forums.

Updates marked in red are being worked on. 
Updates marked in green are finished. 
Updates without a mark are on the to-do list.


  • These will be stat items that are meant to increase the versatility of classes and offer new styles of playing certain classes. Or give old outdated styles a competitive chance.
  • Babylon Knight Set
    • Spoiler


      Babylon Knight Mask [0]
      ID: 29106

      Dex + 3
      Def + 5
      [Babylon Knight Mask & Babylon Knight Glove + Babylon Knight Spear Equip Set]
      When dealing physical damage there is a 10% chance to add 50% more all damage vs Demi-Human for 10 seconds.
      10% resistance to Demi-Human and long range damage.
      Defense: 5
      Position: Upper
      Weight: 300

      Babylon Knight Spear [0]
      ID: 29105

      [Babylon Knight Mask & Babylon Knight Glove + Babylon Knight Spear Equip Set]
      Spiral Pierce damage is increase by 5%.
      Spiral Pierce damage is increase by an additional 1% per refine.
      Skill delay is decreased by 2% per refine.
      Class: One-Handed Spear
      Attack: 160
      Weight: 420
      Weapon Level: 4

      Babylon Knight Belt [0]
      ID: 29107

      Vit+ 5
      Def + 2
      [Babylon Knight Mask & Babylon Knight Glove + Babylon Knight Spear Equip Set]
      Class: Accessory
      Defense: 1
      Weight: 50

      Babylon Knight Glove [0]
      ID: 29108

      Dex + 3
      Def + 2
      [Babylon Knight Mask & Babylon Knight Glove + Babylon Knight Spear Equip Set]
      Class: Accessory
      Defense: 1
      Weight: 50



    • The system will always prioritize numbers first, then it will filter according to classes.
    • Clowns are the exception. Clowns will always get placed in a separate queue until they are able to be filtered properly. 
    • If you would like for other classes to be filtered, please contact Nihad.
  • BG Cases
    • 12399.gif.0f95871963eab7da3071066f9a01668e.gif Treasure of Babylon BG Case
      • Spoiler


        • [Common]
          [C] Emperor Wreath
          [C] Saint Frill Ribbon
          [C] Black Feather Beret
        • [Rare]
          [C] 12th Anniversary Crown
          100 War Badges
        • [Super Rare]
          [C] Pterios Fins
          250 War Badges
        • [Ultra Rare]
          [C] Victory Wing Helm
          [C] Red Strong Hair
          [C] Mercury Riser
          500 War Badges


    • All our previously available cases will be added for the first week of the new episode. You have a small chance to get a random old BG case after each round of BG.
      • Spoiler


        • Spring BG Case (2020)
        • Valentine BG Case (2020)
        • Winter BG Case (2019)
        • Fall BG Case (2019)
        • Halloween BG Case (2017)


  • BG Starter Gear
    • Since we don't want to see naked players in BG, we will give all players a BG starter pack that will be account bound. These items will greatly help new players in getting started in BG.
  • Mode Vote Skip (@voteskip)
    • We will be including all our available BG modes, however we will allow the players to vote and skip any modes they do not like.
    • The vote requirement will be based on the previous round. If the last round had 20 total players, in order to skip the next mode, 30% votes will be required. (6 votes)
    • Voteskip cannot be used while BG is running


  • WoonRO MvP Maps to Warper
    • There is a new menu in the Warper NPC called MvP Maps
    • This menu has all the naturally spawning MvP maps, een if those maps normally require quests to get to
    • You get warped to a random location on the map when using the warper
    • It costs 10 Gold Coins to unlock these maps for 24 hours
      • The menu to unlock these is setup so it will only take a few seconds of your time if you have 10 gold coins in your inventory
  • MvP Room
    • MvP Room where a random MvP spawns every 4-5 hours (Includes End Game mvps like Wounded,Bee,Nid)
      • 1 week entrance costs 1000 War Badges or 300 Gold Coins
      • When the MvP dies it will have a Tombstone until a new one spawns


  • We will be adding several new instances to our instance manager
  • These instances as well as our old ones will be used to obtain donation headgears
    • We already have a number of them added, we will be adding more
  • Added Octopus Cave Instance
    • Spoiler

      24 Hour cooldown on the instance

      New Drops:

      Octopus Card - When dealing magical attack, has a chance to cause Blind status on the target.
      Giant Octopus Card (MvP Card) - MaxHP +12%. Enables use of Level 5 Waterball.
      Octopus Leg: Quest item

      • 2.5% chance drop from Small Octopus
      • 50% chance drop from Octupus Leg
      • 100% chance drop from Giant Octopus



  • New Cosmetic Donations
  • We are introducing a RMT channel in game 
    • We already changed the rules regarding RMT and it is allowed on our server
  • We are introducing a trade-back System
    • Since you are able to farm donation items through BG and instances you will be able to trade them for donation credits
      • The trade-back reward will be 30% of their cash shop prices
      • The prices are listed in the NPC and then each trade is broadcasted to the entire server
  • Costume Garments will be permanently added to the Cash Shop Cosmetics
  • Newly introduced Babylon Weapons will be available in the cash shop


  • All exp rates increased to 75x. Base Exp, Job Exp, MvP Exp and Quest Exp
  • Exp Rewards from Lvl 91-99 also gain the Exp increase to 75x, on top of that we have doubled the base exp rewards of these missions


  • Alright we hear you. You want Prontera back and the new main town sucks. As a result we will be making Prontera the main town again and moving all the NPCs there. The main town we have now we will use for events or something. 
  • Removing novice grounds and making players start in Prontera. The items and information you would get from the novice grounds will be given out through the Item Giver and quests. 
  • Event Modifications
    • Added Poring Punch Event. Reward: 50 Gold Coins and 5 Cash Points
    • Added Poring Catcher Event. Reward: 50 Gold Coins and 5 Cash Points
  • The gold Coin Shop will get more consumables added to it.
  • The Vote Shop will get consumable items added to it to encourage continued voting.
  • Hide skill is now allowed in Devil Square

Downloads: http://woonro.com/?module=main&action=media
Guides: http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/forum/10-troubleshoot-guides/
-----Write guides to earn cash points: http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/topic/332-woonro-guide-event/&tab=comments#comment-1350
Freebies: http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/topic/313-starter-packs-and-loyalty-packs/
Discord: https://discord.gg/WcrwRpm



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