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2020-03-13 Server Updates

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Hello everyone. This will be the last update for a while. We are going to be working on a big content release that will be coming in a few weeks. We will release more info about that as we go forward from here. We will still do quick fixes if anything comes up though so do not worry.

Global Updates:

  • Disabled the old guild storage password system
    • Guild storage permission will now work through the guild interface, you can allow specific ranks to open storage
  • Removed Mentor System from in game

Instance Updates:

  • Disabled the use of /memo in Ghost Palace
  • Updated Sarah's Memory Instance Shop
    • Removed Straight Pony (Black) Hair
    • Added Twin Wave (Black) Hair
    • Added Twin Wave (Yellow) hair
  • RemovedĀ Reginrev Wings from the Instance Shop since it is in the Revival Shop

Cash Shop Update:

  • Remove February and Valentines Costumes
  • Added March Costumes
  • Updated Preview Shop for costumes

BG Update:

  • Removed the Valentines BG Case
  • Added Spring BG Case

Introducing Starter Packs and Refferal Rewards:

  • New Players that join the server can now introduce them selves on the forums to get a bonus pack of items
  • We will move the mentor system directly to Discord, it will be a lot easier to get in touch with players through Discord than it is in game, so encourage your friends that are joining to provide their Discord username if they would like some extra help

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