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Introduce Yourself Guide

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WoonRO is offering bonus items for people that are willing to take a few minutes of their time and introduce themselves to the community. Once you have introduced yourself a GM will add a special package for you in game at our Item Giveaway NPC. Once they have done that, they will reply to your topic so that you know where to get your items, you will also be notified in game upon your next login that you have a pending package. 

If you were brought here by someone else, please put in their character name and we will give them a little something for bringing you here.

Start a new topic in our arrivals section: http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/forum/16-new-arrival/

Please introduce yourself in the following format:

  • In Game character name:
  • *Discord name: 
  • *Country playing from:
  • How did you hear about WoonRO:
  • *If brought here by a friend, enter their character name:
  • Tell us a bit about your RO history:
  • Tell us something interesting about yourself:

The points labeled with a * are optional.

By putting in your Discord name you are notifying us that you would be interested in having a GM guide you a bit and help you get your journey started here on WoonRO. 

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