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[Guide] Sara's Memory Instance

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Sara's Memory

Pre-requisites: Level 90 Above
Essence Flask submitted to Instance Manager

Recommended Setup: Solo or Duo with a priest, rest are optional.
For this guide, I used a Sniper for Ankle Snare, you may bring some potions with you for insurance.

The instance is fairly easy but does not drop a lot of quest materials which you will need to craft/purchase items at the shop. More members means you have to share and do more runs, if you have several friends you may try to split and go with at least duos if you want to do it with someone else.

Sara's Memory Walkthrough



To start, use @npc instance to warp directly to the Instance Manager. Talk to the Instance Manager, select Normal Menu, then pick Sara's Memory.image.png.eb45f067f431f32a7229bb3f7077efd8.png

The Instance Manager will warp you to Dimensional Rift. This is a map filled with Instance Generators and entrances, ignore the others for now and continue with Sara's Memory.
Speak to Leon the Adventurer to start Sara's Memory.

Talk to the Dimensional Device behind Leon once you're done. Make sure you're in a party. If you want to do this solo, you will still need a party by yourself.
Select Boot up to generate the instance and then select Use the device afterwards.

You will be warped into a map similar to Payon. There's "A Girl" NPC to your right, speak to her to start.
Read and go through the dialog until Sara runs away. Enter the newly opened portal to your left.

1. Speak to Sara again and go through the dialog.
2. Payon Town Guards will spawn, kill them to get Sarah's Earrings, remember to autoloot.

3. Follow Sarah to the South, kill Town Guards along the way. There will be Gentle Guards Dogs below, they are not aggressive, but also drop Sarah's Earrings. Kill Everything in the area to proceed.

4. Watch the map for some green + indicators.

5. Follow Sara going south and kill all the monsters in the area again to proceed. Fierce Guard dogs that are aggressive will now spawn.

6. Enter the warp that opened up with the + indicator on your mini map.
7. A lot of monsters will spawn in the area, you will have to kill them all again.
8. A new indicator will appear, go into the portal for another set of monsters to kill.
9. Once you are done here, a portal in the middle will appear, this is the Boss Area. Speak to Sara after preparing.
10. Doyen Irene will be the final boss for this instance. He's strong with brute force but is melee and does not have any skills. He will drop a set of +7 Status Foods after you defeat him.

11. Go back to middle part of the map and speak to him.

12. Find Sara again, look at your mini map for the indicator.

13. Speak to Sara and go through the dialog, walk left further and you'll find a NPC with a reward shop, this is where you'll use Sarah's Earrings to trade/craft for items, listed below.
14. Walk to the portal beside the shop to exit the instance. Additional rewards can be found at Instance Manager's shop.


Reward Shop



Inside the Instance


Irene Elder Egg - 40 Sarah's Earrings
[C] Loose Wave Twin(Black) - 40 Sarah's Earrings
[C] Loose Wave Twin(Yellow) - 40 Sarah's Earrings


Instance Manager






Q: I'm not able to proceed, what's wrong?
Make sure you have killed all the monsters in your current area, scout the area carefully.

Q: The map seems big and I might not be able to finish the instance because monsters might run lose, how do I prevent this from happening?
Areas where you are currently at will be locked, you cannot go beyond because it will be blocked by invisible cells.

Q: Can I use Battleground supplies inside Sara's Memory Instance?
A: Unfortunately, no. I recommend you to prepare some potions, both HP and SP before entering, as well as specific consumables for your class.

Q: Are the monsters that drop Sarah's Earrings strong? How do I deal with them? 
A: I used sniper for Sharp Shooting and traps, Snipers are also able to kill the monsters 1 by 1 if you wish to do so. Most classes can solo the instance with enough preparation. Also, the monsters can do quite some damage if you get mobbed, be careful not to unless you know what you are doing(Mob > use AoE > Avoid getting hit).

Q: The Boss is too strong! How do I deal with it?
As mentioned in the guide, he is only strong by brute force. You can trap him, stay in Safety Wall, kite him, etc. Use @mi 2542 to view his stats. Yes, he is a boss-type monster.

Q: What's the time limit for this instance?
1 hour.

Q: What's the cooldown for this instance?
Cooldown is about a day, You can view your cooldowns via Alt+U command to open the quest window, see the deadline below.




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