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[Guide] WoonRO General Leveling

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A quick and direct guide for those who are lost, with tips and alternatives provided.

Quick Links for each monster to view their stats and location are available below the spoilers. You may also use @mi and @whereis in-game.

Level 1-15



Welcome to WoonRO! This is the area where you'll be getting your first few levels as a Novice. Make sure to talk to the two NPCs in the Map with the Quest Marker.


Shion and Settings NPC


Shion will give you a set of Novice items and a costume, "[C] Beginner Cap" check the image above for the costume's stats. This costume is important for any low level character because it boosts just about every stat you'll need while you are still underleveled.

Settings NPC will give you some EXP to start with, leaving you at Base level 5 and Job level 7. This NPC will also help you setup your preferred automatic autoloot rate when you login, which can be modified via @settings later on. I recommend putting up autoloot rates to 100% if you are still new. This will allow you to buy your consumables when grinding, such as fly wings or attack speed potions like Concentration, Awakening and Berserk.

Killing one Spore in this area is enough to bring you up to Job level 10. You may exit after moving to the right side of the Training Area, speak to Captain Ferlock to exit. Captain Ferlock will warp you to the server's Job Changer NPC, you will also get a 5,000 Zeny bonus to help you start with.


Level 15-86



Choose your preferred Job. You will be given another set of basic equipment depending on what you chose. Make sure to equip them if you don't have anything better. A Beginner Supply Kit will also be handed out to you, open them and receive some recovery items. You'll get another box for Level 50 and Level 99 which contains Gold Coins(Event item), EXP Manuals, and a Gym Pass.

You may return to the Job master NPC any time using @npc job. @npc command will work for any NPCs listed in the command (just do @npc and then press enter to see the list). This will prevent you from getting lost and quick warp you to important NPCs.

@go Main or @go 30 is the server's main town. Main Town healer will give you Imposito Magnus and Magnificant. Use the warper to warp to Payon Field 1


Killing a Spore should be enough for you to reach Job level 15. Put 10 points on your main attacking skill. You may proceed to killing more spores or move on to other maps. I personally prefer moving right away after killing a spore.

Wolf (Payon Field 2) and Les (Moscovia Dungeon 1) are ideal monsters to grind after killing some spores. I highly recommend starting to grind at Les when you already can, the EXP:HP ratio of Les is very high. Les also has 0 Def and low Mdef. Wolves are great if you think you're not ready for Les and don't know how to deal with them. Generally if you're still weak look for a lone Les away from Wood Goblins to prevent healing and also away from other Les because they help each other. Aside from that, Les also gives you *Sharp Leaves and Aloe Leaflets. Aloe Leaflets are great as a consumable healing item, make sure to save them for future use.

Hill Winds (Rachel Field 5) are a great alternative to Les. Their common loots are fairly pricey so they're also good to grind with.

Pasanas (Sphinx Dungeon Level 4/5) are good for their card and loot, their loots have good NPC value and the card can be used for grinding at Thor's Volcano later on.

Siroma (Ice Dungeon Level 1) has high mob density and drops Glacial Heart which you could use to enter Dimensional Gorge.

Iaras (Brasilis Dungeon 1/2) don't give very good exp but will give you a lot of zeny, you could side trip here if you need zeny real quick, though the mob density is very high so the exp/hr isn't so bad.

Orc Zombie (Orc Dungeon Level 1) and Firelock Soldier (Amatsu Dungeon Level 1) will be your options if you're an Acolyte. Orc Zombie area has high mob density so you'll get by really fast. You can proceed to Firelock Soldiers afterwards. Remember to use Heal with /ns (no shift).


*Sharp Leaves can be traded to the NPC Lilla located at Umbala Field 1, warping to the field via the warper NPC will warp you directly to her. Bring 50 and she'll give you a lot of Base and Job EXP. You can also save the leaves for later when you rebirth. You can start trading Sharp Leaves at level 60, up to level 86.

If you are 87 and above, you can no longer do this quest.


Level 70-99



You can start at Anubis (Sphinx Dungeon Level 4) from a fairly low level, but I wouldn't recommend it if you are new. It involves using Yggdrasil Leaves to resurrect bomb it.

If you're a Hunter I highly recommend grinding at Orc Archers (Geffen Field 14 or Clock Tower Basement 2), you will get EXP and start stocking up on Orc Archer Bows, which will be one of your main Bows. High Orcs are also there in the same map with good mob density.

Rachel Sanctuary Monsters are good to grind at because they give decent EXP and their drops cost a lot of Zeny when sold to NPC. Start with Vanberk and Isilla (Rachel Sanctuary Dungeon Level 1-2) and then move on to Agav and Echio (Rachel Sanctuary Dungeon Level 4-5) once you are stronger.

If you see people starting or setting up on Abbey parties, do join. It's more fun to grind with other players and Necromancers (Cursed Abbey Level 2-3) also give good EXP. 

Kasa (Thor Volcano Dungeon Level 1) is a good option for Hunters with all the basic hunting gear ready, such as Pasana Cards, Orc Archer Bow (endowed with water element by sage) or Freezing Bow. You may also use traps but be careful of Bow Masters or Sword Masters.

Draco (Nydhoggr's Dungeon Level 1) is also another good monster, the EXP:HP ratio isn't great but they drop Honey for SP recovery you could use later on, they also drop both Dragon Manteau and Dragon VestDragon Set is a very good starting armor and also one of your end game choices if you're a sniper.


*There are plenty more areas to level at this range, but most of what I've written (with the exception Kasa) can be dealt with easily even undergeared. Take advantage of ROTD (Race of the day) and explore other areas. To check ROTD, use @npc rotd.


Alternative 1: Monsters with good Cards



These monsters are listed here because they have good cards that you will definitely use later on. If you could grind there and get the card at the same time, why not? Monsters here are recommended until you've gotten enough cards from them.

Evil Druid (Glast Heim Dungeon St. Abbey) A very good Heal Bombing alternative for Acolytes. Card for Undead element armor conversion, makes you immune to Frost and Stone status

Marc (Byalan Dungeon Level 4) Card that grants Immunity to Frost status, Armor.

Thara Frog (East Beach Dungeon Level 3) Card that gives you 30% damage reduction vs. Demi-Humans. I highly recommend to get it early.

Noxious (Einbroch Dungeon Level 1) Card that gives you 10% Neutral Resist and 10% Range resist, Garment.

Raydric (Glast Heim Chivalry Level 1/2) Card that gives you 20% Neutral Element resistance, Garment.

Horn (Mjolnir Field 9) Card that gives you 35% Ranged damage reduction, Garment.


Alternative 2: Board Quests



Use @npc mission to quick warp to this NPC. Board quests offer a wide variety of quests that grant you EXP rewards and some Gold Coins. I recommend doing this if you are the quest type of person and can't seem to grind properly. Pick ones for your level range and monsters you are comfortable with.

If you are already maxed, you get 2 extra Gold Coins instead of EXP.


Reaching Level 99 (Pre-Trans)


Image Credit: Official iRO wiki cited below


After reaching Level 99, you may do the following quests listed below:

Ice Necklace Quest

Finding a Fairy Quest

DO NOT finish these quests, just start them up and do them until before you get Experience. 

Do Ice Necklace Quest up until Step 4.

Do Finding a Fairy Step 1 and Step 3 only.

After rebirthing, you may submit the quests and get your base EXP. I recommend killing a Spore again to reach Job Level 10 High Novice.

After Job Changing, you may warp to Umbala Field 1 to submit Sharp Leaves(Base Level 60-86 only!) up to Job level 50, then change to your respective Transcendent Class.

*The quests are optional, you may still grind if you wish to do so for these levels.


Rate My Server for monster images and stats 

iRO Official Wiki for official quest guides and some images

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