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WoonRO Guide Event

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Hello everyone:scissor:

One thing that I absolutely loved on the old WoonRO was the huge database of guides we had.
We had guides for everything from leveling, getting Zeny, special quests and even how to optimize features.
As it is right now, we have a few guides but we are missing a lot.
Our server has a lot of amazing features that make life easy, but new players are not aware of them.
Often times they play for weeks before realizing there was something already in place to make their life much easier.
We as the staff can't possible write all the guides, so we will reward players for writing them.


1. Guides must be written exclusively for WoonRo.
2. Guide doesn't have to be image heavy but should include at least 3 screenshots from WoonRO.
3. Guides should be at least 500 words/ and be formatted in an easy to read format.
4. Provide credits and acknowledgments towards the bottom of guide. 
5. Please be sure to not submit a guide that already exists. If you create a guide that already exists or is similar to existing guide it shall not be eligible for a prize.
6. We reserve the right to keep these guides as property of WoonRo to use as we so please once submitted.

Write your guides here and contact Nihad on discord once you have written it so we can review it: http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/forum/10-troubleshoot-guides/

Every guide written and approved by the staff will get rewarded 10,000 CP ($10 worth of donations)

You will be able to attain exclusive costumes based on the number of guides you write. We have not decided on which exclusive hats we will give out, so feel free to suggest some for us. 

  • 3 Approved Guides - Level 1 Exclusive Costume Headgear + Bonus of 10,000 CP
  • 6 Approved Guides - Level 2 Exclusive Costume Headgear + Bonus of 15,000 CP
  • 10 Approved Guides - Level 3 Exclusive Costume Headgear + Bonus of 20,000 CP


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