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Battleground Modes

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So from every player feedback of those currently playing BG, they all hate CTF. 

I think we could keep CTF out for now and re-implement it later on when population grows to see what happens or change the score to "1" and lower rewards.


We can put up a BG mode that doesn't drag out too long which benefits low-mid population.

I've made this suggestion from before:



Is it possible to modify rush somehow that people won't hate it too much?

Let's turn it into a real "rush" that encourages people to enter early.

Game starts the same, but it's rush to kill the Emperium, no need to defend/break it after the first. 

The objective is to delay the opposing team by killing them or slowing them down and get damage done to the emperium first.

Some modifications in mind: Emperium hp x10, still plant type.

Defending phase of "Rush" is removed in exchange for lower rewards.

Winner can either be last hitter or most damage done(I prefer this).

Game ends upon capture, lasts 5 or 6 mins if timeout. 

IMO this still runs better and fast with or without the population, rewards can be the same as TDM.



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