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2020-03-02 Server Updates

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Hello everyone. I am happy to bring this update to you all. Hope you enjoy the new content. 

Help us grow by voting and reviewing us on RMS.


http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=writereview&serid=8404&url_sname=Woon RO

Global Updates:

  • Provoke will once again work on allies while not breaking when auto used from items
  • Added the hidedrops command, this will make life in devil square much easier since you won't see all the items on the floor
  • Kicked all vends to refresh the vending map
  • Reduced BG start requirement to 2v2

GM Updates:

  • Re-add a command for Zia and Lobo to force rename players with inappropriate names, this was removed by accident in the staff restructure update
  • GMs can now give cash points for GM hosted events

NPC Updates:

  • Item Giveaway NPC will now notify players on login if they have pending rewards
  • Adding main town to the Warper town list
  • Removed the Instance's option from Warper favorites menu
  • Devil Square will send a global message upon completion, you can manage your announcement settings using @settings command
  • Halved all the Gold Coin Rewards from Gold Rush
    • I did a significant number of testing on this npc because I had some doubts about the rates. Basically once you hit over 200 gold coins in your inventory, you will never run out. Sooner or later you hit a high enough gold coin reward that makes it so you cannot run out. I tested it on our live server over a few days to simulate real game play, and within 3 days I was over 1k gold coins. 
  • Gold Coin Consumables Shop
    • Reduced cost of Poison bottles

Instance System Updates:

  • The instance shop will be visible even if you have not unlocked the instance system
  • Added Sara's Memory Instance
    • Instance item it drops is Sara's Earings
    • Can purchase Costume Black Pony Tail
    • and Irene Elder pet egg
  • Added Ghost Palace Instance
    • Instance item it drops is Gray Piece
    • Can purchase White Wizardry Hat
    • Gray Helmet
    • Chicken Hat
    • Costume Gray Drooping Cat
  • Added new items in the instance shop
    • instance_items.png.f9d094973e92860a1009a3470790f886.png
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