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Starter Packs and Loyalty Packs

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Hello and welcome,


Our starter starter packs and loyalty packs are automated in game. There is no need to apply, just login and claim your items.

Starter Packs:

For new players your starter pack includes the following:

  • 1x Bubble Gum
  • 1x Gym Pass
  • 1x Name Change Ticket
  • 1x Job Manual 150%
  • 10x Token of Siegfried
  • 2x Battle Manual 150%
  • 50x Gold Coin
  • 1x Costume Tone of Gold

To get a bonus starter pack please introduce your self on the forums using this guide: http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/topic/339-introduce-yourself-guide/

You are limited to 1 starter pack per account/computer. Talk to the Giveaway Packages NPC in the main town.




Loyalty Packs:

Loyalty packs are exclusive costumes. Depending on how old your account is you will be able to claim a different loyalty pack in game. The costumes get rotated every few months and remain exclusive to loyalty packages. Talk to the same NPC as mentioned above to claim your packs. Keep in mind since the claims are limited to 1 per PC, use your oldest account to claim the packs. 

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