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[Windows 10] Got a sound issue? Check here

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In case you're on Windows 10 and can't get your sounds (bgm/effect sounds) to work, you may want to check if your speaker sound settings are set to "stereo". If not, you want to do that. 

How to change the sound to stereo on windows 10? Check the guide below:


Please keep in mind that there is a client-sided issue where the volume gets reset to 0 whenever you change maps. This is not an issue you can fix yourself. The staff is aware of this problem though. 

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My game is only with the Effects enable. Can't hear BGM =(

Tried the hints that you post but doensn't work.

Any idea what's next?

~ Ayaka ~

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Did you download the BGM files? they are separate file that you extract to the bgm directory. Here's the link from the Ragnaland download page


Once you have BGM placed in the folder, it will turn off everytime you change map. This is a "feature" of the client, but hopefully it will be resolved soon. In the meantime you can bind the command "/bv 9" to a macro in the alt+m menu and press your hotkey on each map change, which is what I do now...



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