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[Guide] How to play Devil Square

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As it seems in high demand, here's quick guide on how to run our Devil Square Event.


Devil Square is a pvm (automated) event that strongly focuses on teamplay and on the special abilities of a few selected classes. Ego plays have no place in this event as you can't solo run it. The event will spawn a number of monsters each wave. You'll have to clean up all the remaining monsters to trigger the next wave till the final boss appears. The level of difficulty increases with each wave. Make sure to pay attention to the broadcasts in the event. 

The event is on a set schedule: 00:15, 04:15, 08:15, 12:15, 16:15 and 20:15.

The minimum level to enter is 90 and the entrance fee is 10k zeny. You can join the event once it activates by typing @joinds.

Dualclienting, griefing, non-participating* or afk'ing is absolutely forbidden and will be punished. 

* Includes pretending to use skills (e.g. using Acid Demonstration without bottles)


How to successfully play the event?

First of all, its a choice of classes. Not every class is an useful choice for this event so you may want to bring a character that provides help to your team.  


My recommended classes are:

Damage Classses:

* Snipers with MvP bows or property bows (e.g. against ghost property)

* High Wizards

* AD Creators

* Asura Champions


Support classes:

* Redemptio High Priests & FS High Priests

* SP Swap Professors

* Linkers 

* Devo Paladins

* Tarot & Song Clowns / Gypsies


Tanks and De-mobbers

SB Champion

Lord Knight


bonus: "Running Linkers" to demob < fun to watch


My non recommended classes are: 

Whitesmith - You'll be dead before you get close to inflict damage. If you don't have great gear and no potions to spend, I would not recommend using this one.

Gunslingers / Ninjas - Too weak compared to other classes

Assassins - same as whitesmith

Bolter Profs - take a wizard instead


The End Boss:

The boss has the appearance of a bloody knight monster with boosted health points and much stronger attacks. Your goal is to defeat the endboss and all its minions that spawn in the last round.



Boss Stats:

Lv: 82

Hp: 4000000
Sp: 0
Exp: 100000
JExp: 100000
AttackRange: 3
Attack: [8000, 10000]
Def: 40
Mdef: 40

Str: 60
Agi: 110
Vit: 200
Int: 250
Dex: 166
Luk: 66

ViewRange: 10
ChaseRange: 12
Size: "Size_Large"
Race: "RC_Demon"
Element: ("Ele_Ghost", 2)


How do I defeat the boss? 

That's actually pretty easy. You either race his health points down (which is by far the worst option) or you help yourself with a few little tricks.

Trick 1) Freeze and Tarot: You can freeze the boss for a short while using frost joker or storm gust. While he is frozen, you can tarot spam on him and hope that a coma cards hits him. His HP will drop to 1. 


Trick 2) Sniper with Hylozoist Card: You could equip a Hylozoist card to a fast autoattacker (preferably sniper). Simply autoattack the boss with 190 aspd and watch him turn into a funny, low HP monster. 



The actualy DS strategy 

The event is actually very simple once you got the hang of it. The map is divided into the "Safe and the Attack Zone". In the Safe Zone (basically the center of the map), no monsters will spawn. However, in the Attack Zone, the waves you have to defeat will take place. That's why its highly recommended to leave a few support classes ALWAYS outside in the safe zone to ensure that an entire team wipe will be prevented. For clarification: a team wipe means you've failed the event and no reward will be given. 

The trick is simple. One or two redemptio priests line up at the edge of the safe zone map. Redemptio will actually hit the people that lined up in the first to second cell to map edge and you'll be safely resurrected without risks. Recommended are two redemptio priests that have bragi support to ensure fast killing/ressing. 



The tanks will ensure that mobs will be dragged towards the players that inflict damage. Asura champs are recommended to hop between safe and attack zone to portal asura. That's it ?

Other Gameplay examples:



Good luck ~

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Modified DS. It will give OCA + 50 Gold Coins as participation rewards after the upcoming update.
It will also have a double chance to get Bloody Branch from the RNG based rewards. 

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On 10/26/2019 at 1:01 AM, Lostac said:


the rewards are trash, not worth doing IMO.

A lot of effort/patience/coordination to get this just isn't worth doing.

An update from my previous statement:


It's worth doing now, I hope more would come and join us, it's actually a bit fun compared to just BGing all day. I also got a cecil card as a bonus.

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