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[Event] Charon's Obol - Escaping Souls

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Note: The event will be active after the next update. Please check this topic for more info [click here]


We are pleased to announce our Halloween Event: Charon's Obol - Escaping Souls!

How to:
Charon, the ferryman for the great River that covers the Underworld
- Styx, Acheron, Cocytus, Phlegethon is responsible for maintaining the balance between our worlds.

Victor Frankenstein has been causing trouble lately. 
The souls that he has raised are escaping from their final judgment and passing back over into the material plane.
Charon cannot freely leave his post to deal with this nuisance as he must repair the rift.
He is waiting for you in Sunken Ship! Reclaim the souls so that he can continue closing the seal.


Capture the soul inside the Soul Jar and bring it back to Charon.
Charon will tell you every time where to go next. Make sure you always go back to Charon after capturing the soul!


Lost Soul Locations:

Mine Dungeon F1    Mjolnir Dead Pit F3  Valley of Gyoll          Cursed Abbey F1
9YTZPeP.png lv1kQeI.png olXGu0Y.png XSmNazM.png

GH Prison F2            Nogg Road F2           Robot Factory F1
7CkPFIW.png Vt7kLUX.png l5NYl6e.png


You can feel the weight of the stygian metal in your palm. It glimmers with a dull inky light.
Charon will reward you with Charon's Obol, a copper coin. 
After receiving the Coin, Charon will leave to repair the rift. Come back 3 hours later and talk to him again.


Charon's Obol can be used to purchase items from the shop after he repaired the rift.

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