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[Event] Mr. & Mrs. Wilkinson

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Note: The event will be active after the next update. Please check this topic for more info [click here]


We are pleased to announce our Halloween Event: Mr. & Mrs. Wilkinson!

How to:
Not strong enough to get those Jack 'o Pumpkins?
Never fear. Mr. & Mrs. Wilkinson are here!.
This adorable old couple will share their pies with you if you can just bring them some ingredients in Nameless Island (250,127).

Y6zFDdD.pngt3I3rkV.png UefzuWD.png

Items needed:

  • 1x Pumpkin Mojo
  • 2x Pumpkin
  • 3x Milk


In exchange for the items listed, they will give you 20 delicious pumpkin pies.


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