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WoonRO Autopots

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Here you will find 2 different guides for 2 different autopots.

This is a guide for the Autopot called "Ragnapot" provided by Noil.

  1. Download the file.
  2. Extract the files.
  3. Open ragnapot.ini in any editor of your choosing.
  4. SOQme5a.png
    This is Notepad++ for instance.

    On/Off: The first option is the Key you want to start Ragnapot with ( ex. "Numpad1" without quotes will be the 1 on your Numpad )
    Interval: The interval option will be the time spent in between keystrokes measured in milliseconds ( 1000 = 1 second )
    StatusKey: Is the keystroke that will be sent if your char is afflicted by the following status: Poison, Curse, Silence or Blind ( deleting this entire line will prevent Ragnapot to act upon status effects )
    SpKey: Is the keystroke that will be sent whenever your char has less Sp than defined in SpThreshold measured in %
    HpKey: Same as above just for Hp ( deleting any of those lines will prevent Ragnapot to act upon hp/sp changes )

    If you delete your entire ragnapot.ini the default values will take place:


    These values will effectively do nothing besides letting you start and stop Ragnapot with F1.

    Any changes made will require you to restart ragnapot.exe


Black-Pot WoonRO by Natural comes with a setup.exe and manual config_autopot.ini 


In order for autopot to work you must set the HP and SP keys. If you do not wish to use one just set the percentage to 0.


Ufile - Click here

Mega - Click here




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Topics merged and links updated. Both autopots should work with your WoonRO client. We offer both in case you are not able to make one work.

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