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Release Information

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Hello everyone! :ok:
RagnaLand has officially launched their community boards and website. 
But what about the actual server opening and beta dates? Below you can find some more useful information regarding those topics.


RagnaLand Launch

  • Our exact official launch date will be announced by @Nihad within the next week
    and is most likely scheduled to be between 28. September and 12. October. :no1:
  • The launch will definitely happen on a weekend.
  • The launch will be covered with spicy events!

RagnaLand Download

  • Downloads will be available 3 days prior to our beta.
  • We will provide a small and full client, such as options to download from different providers.

RagnaLand Beta

  • Our beta is scheduled to happen at the end of September. 
  • @Nihad will put up a detailed information post as to what needs to be tested during that period.
  • All accounts will have access to @blvl,@jlvl,@zeny, and super-high rates.
  • All accounts will be wiped in the end. Means, all characters, items, zeny and so on will be wiped. 
  • Beta participants will be rewarded for their efforts. 
    • A separate post will be made for this in advance. 

RagnaLand Android

  • AndRO will be released on the same day as the server opens.
  • AndRO players will not be able to participate in our beta. 
  • We will not offer any kind of support for broken mechanics, skills or else on the Android platform. RagnaLand solely offers the application as a base to communicate with fellow players. This app is not developed by the RagnaLand team and we do not have any access to source files. If the application suddenly stops working and requires an update to function again, we will open up crowdfunding to support these updates which are usually around 50$ or 25$/h payments that directly go to the AndRO developer who is not associated with RagnaLand. 
  • We will open a separate topic regarding all known issues with the AndRO app as we get closer to our opening date. Meanwhile, feel free to read up about the app on the official site: http://roworkshop.com/andro/main/features.html

RagnaLand Wiki

  • Our wiki, including all server-specific information, will be released by September 10. 
  • You will also be able to find all of our customizations in our wiki. 

RagnaLand War of Emperium

  • The release of our woe system, including our rental system [click here] will be discussed within the participating guilds and @Nihad
  • When guilds feel they are ready and Nihad feels the server is ready, then War of Emperium will be activated. 
  • Additional note; You can already apply for your guild package [click here]

RagnaLand Events

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