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Guild Package Application

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Howdy! :no1:

WoonRO Guild Packages are not intended to spoon-feed new groups that join our server.
With that being said we would like to clarify from the very beginning that Equipment will not be given out through the Guild Package.
For guilds that only wish to participate in War of Emperium, please check out our WoE Rental System [click here]

Items are non-tradeable, account bound and to be collected via Item Giveaway NPC.

How to claim:
Send me a message here or on discord to claim.


  • Guild must post an introduction in our guild section [click here]
  • Guild size of a minimum of 8 active players.
  • Existing in-game character names of each active player that wants to claim the package. 
  • Guilds must apply within 14 days after starting to play on RagnaLand. 

Guild Leader:

  • (1x) Ultra Union of Tribe 
    • This will give your guild enough EXP to skill Emergency Call.
  • (1000x) War Badge
  • (4x) Battle Manual 150% 
  • (4x) Bubble Gum 50%
  • (5x) Enriched Elunium
  • (5x) Enriched Oridecon
  • (10x) Gym Pass 
  • (10) Token Of Siegfried
  • (250x) Giant Fly Wing
  • (1x) Refined Fly Wing

Guild Member:

  • (750x) War Badge
  • (2x) Battle Manual 150%
  • (2x) Bubble Gum 50%
  • (2x) Enriched Elunium
  • (2x) Enriched Oridecon
  • (10x) Gym Pass
  • (10x) Token Of Siegfried
  • (1x) Refined Fly Wing

If you have feedback, please feel free to discuss it in our Discord channel or in a separate post before the server opens. 

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