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Western Union

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Below is a guide for those who would like to donate to our server via Western Union.
Note: You won't get the Cash Points automatically. A verification step to confirm is needed. This process should be done within 24-48 hours. Be mindful that donations made over the weekend will take longer as banks do not operate on the weekends.

Normal Exchange Rates:
1000CP = 1$ (USD)
1000CP = ~51₱ (PHP)

Western Union Bonus:
$100 = 105,000 CP (Normal Conversion Rate = 100,000 CP)
$200 = 230,000 CP (Normal Conversion Rate = 200,000 CP)
$300 = 390,000 CP (Normal Conversion Rate = 300,000 CP)

How to:
There is a little paperwork when donating via Western Union, but it has its own good perk.
When donating above a certain amount, you will receive bonus Cash Points! 

  1. Write @Nihad a PM in the forums and ask for the Western Union details.
  2. Visit any WU place of your choice once you received the details and ask for a >Send Money< form.

Turn in the form and you will get a receipt with a tracking number!

  •      This tracking number is important, don't lose it.

Write @Nihad a message with the following information:

  1.      Your Name:
  2.      Your Address:
  3.      Amount of Donation:
  4.      Tracking Number:
  5.      Date Sent:
  6.      Your Character Name:

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