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Server Rules

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Punishments are issued at the discretion of the Staff members and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
We reserve the right to mute, ban, and jail you for rule violations with or without warning.
This goes to the extent of behaviors not specifically mentioned in the rules and regulations, which could be viewed as inappropriate or not acceptable. 

Each and every report of this style will be considered by the Staff on a case-by-case basis.

General Regulations

  1. You are responsible for your account along with the actions taken upon it whether it be account sharing or sharing a password.
    1. If you are found account sharing or that you gave your password to someone else and you were banned or your items were stolen, we will not help you recover them.
    2. Make sure you choose a strong password with at least 8 characters long and a mix of uppercase, lowercase and numeric character.#
  2. Respect all members of our community, players and staff members included.
    1. Harassment towards any members of our community - all players and staff members is strictly prohibited.
    2. The act of harassment is not limited to the act of insulting, swearing, sexual harassment, and other illicit acts for an extended period of time.
  3. The act of begging, leeching, or any of the like are discouraged.

General Rules Sanctions

  1. First Offense: Official Warning
  2. Second Offense: Jail Time or Temporary Ban
  3. Third Offense: Permanent Ban

Character and Guild Naming 

  1. Do not use names that are rude, racist/ethnically offensive, defamatory, hateful, obscene, sexually explicit, contain dangerous drug references,  referring to reproductive/excretory organs, or containing homonyms of the words listed above.
  2. Using an in-game name derived from variations of other players is prohibited. This act is deemed as impersonification of other players.
    The Staff. However, if you still wish to use such variation, you must obtain consent from the owner of the name and be able to provide valid proof.
  3. The use of a variation of “GM”, or the name of a GM member in your character and/or guild names is prohibited.
  4. The Staff reserves the rights to change any names that are considered a breach of this regulation without your consent.

Character and Guild Naming Sanctions

  • Accounts or guild deemed to fail to follow this regulation will be asked to change their names.
  • When this situation arises, the Staff will contact you via PM or social platform inside/outside of the game.
  • You are required to contact the Staff within 3 days to request for a new appropriate name, of your choice.
    Failing to meet this deadline will automatically mobilize Regulation 4.
  • Repeated offenders will receive punishment as the Staff see fit under the circumstances.


  1. English is the main language of the server. Everyone must speak English on server-wide public channels such as the broadcaster, #main, #recruit and #trade. The same rules apply to what ever the main town of the server is  (@go 0 ).
  2. Flooding the chat log in any form is prohibited. This accounts for actions such as, and not limited to:
    1. Sending similar messages between chats over a short period of time (normally 2 minutes).
  3. The use of #main channel to send messages involving Buying, Selling, Trading is prohibited. Price checking on #main channel is allowed.
  4. All Chat Rooms must be kept on the sidewalk of Prontera/other towns, and must not block access or view to any NPCs.
  5. Advertisement of other Ragnarok Online server via our services is prohibited. This act will cause you to be removed from our community immediately.
    1. In the case where the said act is witnessed, members of our server should request assistance from the staff.

Communication Sanctions

  • First Offense: Official Warning or Temporary disconnection from the server if the offender is AFK.
  • Second Offense: Mute Time
  • Third Offense: Jail Time

Account and Item 

  1. The Staff will not take any responsibility for any damages on accounts shared amongst players.
  2. The Staff will not take any responsibility for any items or valuables lost due to a player-to-player transaction without viable proof when filing a report.
    1. Example of Proof: Screenshot of a conversation
    2. Player 1: I am only allowing you to borrow this item until I request it back. When I ask for it back, you will return it... ok?”
    3. Player 2: “I agree! I will return this item whenever you ask.”
    4. If the player refuses to return the item, then you should contact the Staff ASAP for assistance.
  3. The Staff reserve the right to recall all related items that are not obtained using methods not intended by our server.
    1. These acts involve the use of illegal third-party programs, bug exploitation, and AFK farming.
    2. Unauthorized use or access to other Members accounts is prohibited.

Account and Item Sanctions

  • The Staff will not guarantee the return of your items or valuable lost, even f supplemented with proofs.
  • If your items were in an account that was banned, the Staff is not responsible for having them returned to you.

General Gameplay Regulations

  1. Enjoy yourselves and have fun.
  2. All members are encouraged to display sportsmanship in all form of gameplay.
  3. All players have the right to equal opportunities. All behaviors that prevent a player to have access to aspects such as NPCs, Monsters, Events, and Maps,
    is prohibited.
  4. Exploiting any form of bugs or loophole is strictly prohibited, any bugs found should be reported.
  5. All members are obligated to report any bugs or errors related to the game.
  6. Critical bugs or should be addressed immediately to a staff member in private via PM in-game or outside game.
  7. Multi-client is allowed with the exception of indicated places or events.
  8. Occupying 1 cell around an NPC which causes blockage of view or access is discouraged.

General Gameplay Sanctions

  • A breach of regulation under this section will receive punishment as the Staff see fit under the circumstances.

Client Modification and Third Party Program Regulations

  1. The use of unapproved third-party programs is strictly prohibited. Below are the only approved third-party programs:
    1. ROMedic
    2. Autohotkeys (Using it to AFK-Farm is strictly prohibited and will end up with a ban.)
    3. Custom AI; E.g. AzzyAI
  2. The use of unapproved Clients or GRFs is prohibited. An appeal may be made to the Staff for approval of clients or GRF modification.
    1. These include Maya Purple Filter and Hide Markers.

Client Modification and Third Party Programs Sanctions

  • Staff will not tolerate the breach of these rules and regulation. Offenders accounts and related accounts will be immediately banned.
  • Players may apply for a ban appeal if they think more investigation regarding the breach is required.

War of Emperium Regulations

  1. All WoE guilds must have a proper guild emblem.
  2. All emblems with inappropriate content are prohibited.
  3. Using no emblem is prohibited.
  4. The use of unsportsmanlike tactics such as (but not limited to): Dropping items, adding players as friends are prohibited.
  5. Intentionally obstructing another guild's access by placing warp portals around the area is prohibited.
  6. This accounts for acts such as Blocking castle entrance portals with skills, items, or chat boxes. For example, warp portal, or ice wall.

War of Emperium Sanctions

  • First Offense: Official Warning
  • Second Offense: Mute Time
  • Third Offense: Jail Time

PVE Regulations

  1. Over Mobbing is discouraged.
  2. The Staff will not be involved with issues of Kill Stealing (KS). Under normal circumstances, @noks should be applied to prevent Kill Stealing.
  3. AFK farming is prohibited. These include the use of a third-party program or the use of Homunculus.
  4. The use of Dead Branch/Bloody Branch outside the DB rooms is prohibited.
  5. [Griefing] is strictly prohibited.
    1. [Griefing] The act of any form of disruption that prevents another player from trying to kill a Monster in a distasteful way.
    2. The acts include, but not limited to:
      1. Mob dropping Forcing the Mob to teleport Preventing access to Mob via Ice Wall, or any other methods.
      2. The use of support skills on Mobs such as Heal, Safety Wall, Pneuma, and Loki’s Veil.
      3. The use of any skills that could have a negative impact on another player. E.g. Using Kyrie Eleison to debuff Assumptio, using Ganbantein on Ice Wall, etc.
      4. Dying close to the Mob with the intent to allow it to heal, Luring it with no intention to compete

PVE Sanctions

 Punishment for Grieving

  • First Offense: Mute & Jail for 6 hours. If you get something, we will remove the items you obtained.
  • Second Offense: Temporary ban on all related accounts.
  • Third Offense: Permanent ban

Punishment for AFK farming

  • First Offense: 24 hours Jail Time
  • Second Offense: Temporary ban on all related accounts.
  • Third Offense: Permanent ban on all related accounts.

MVP Regulations

  1. All MVP and True Minibosses are free for all.
    1. [True Minibosses] are monsters flagged as Boss and have a Spawn Rate lower than 5 in across the spawn maps. E.g. Choco highest spawn um_fild02 (5), lowest spawn prt_fild03 (1) is a true Miniboss. Salamander highest spawn thor_v03 (60), lowest spawn thor_v01 (1) is not a true Miniboss.
  2. [Griefing] is allowed.
    1. All strategies are allowed, even some that people may consider griefing.


PVP Regulations

  1. The Staff will not be involved in the dispute between players through PVP. However, this action may account for the breach of regulations regarding behaviors.
  2. Point farming, however, is prohibited. These acts involve two parties where one side purposely loses a match without a proper fight.

Battleground Regulations

  1. Multi-client is prohibited in all Battleground matches.
  2. AFKing or Idling during a Battleground queue or match is prohibited.
  3. Griefing during a Battleground match to purposely lose is prohibited.
  4. Using multiple clients to make battleground start is prohibited.
  5. Save spotting for Battleground queue to play continuously is prohibited.
    1. As an example: having one account in the match, and another account queuing to play the next match.
  6. Point farming is prohibited. These activities involve two parties where one side purposely loses a match without a proper fight.
    1. This also accounts for griefing noted in section 6.

Battleground Sanctions

  • First Offense: Jail Time + badge removal
  • Second Offense: Temp Ban on all related accounts
  • Third Offense: Permanent ban on all related accounts.

All badges or prizes for each offense will be confiscated
Multiple amounts of offenses may lead to a permanent account ban to all related accounts.

Trading Regulations 

  1. Advertisements, discussion, or anything which encourages the trade of in-game items for anything aside from in-game currency is strictly prohibited.
  2. Trading items for items on another game or server are discouraged.
  3. False advertising schemes to sell items is prohibited.
    1. This includes selling items that you are not actually selling or the use of multiple characters to boost the price of your items.
  4. Any attempt to scam a player or take part in scamming by any means is strictly prohibited.
    1. This includes lying or deceiving players in order to get items from them or to sell your own items.

Trading Sanctions

  • Offenders will receive punishment as the staff sees fit under the severity of the offense.
  • Each and every report of this style will be considered by the Staff on a case-by-case basis.
  • The standard punishment for the breach of this regulation is a permanent ban on all related accounts.
  • This section also covers sanctions from section "Accounts and Items".

Vending Regulations 

  1. All @autotrade venders will automatically disconnect within after 72 hours.
  2. All Buying or Selling Shops must be placed within the vending area.
  3. Chat Rooms are prohibited within the vending area.
  4. Spot saving is discouraged.
    1. Spot saving is an act that involves overpricing an item with the intent to save your spot.
    2. For Example: Selling a Jellopy for 1,000,000,000 zeny.
    3. Sitting on the cell and preventing other players to open a shop etc.
  5. Vending an item which looks like another item with the intent to scam is prohibited.
    1. For Example: Selling a Grandpa Beard as if it were a Father's White Mustache.
  6. Staff will not be involved in vending related disputes. This includes and is not limited to item prices, wrongly purchased items, and vending spots.

Vending Sanctions

  • First Offense: Kick or removal from Vending Zone.
  • Second Offense: 12 Hour Jail
  • Third Offense: Temporary ban to all related accounts
  • Fourth Offense: Permanent ban to all related accounts

Automated Event: Devil Square

  1. Multi-client is prohibited in Devil Square.
  2. Teamwork in Devil Square is required and a priority rule during DS.
  3. You must be in one party for Devil Square.
    1. In the case that the first party is full, a second party may be created.
  4. Do not purposely grief your Devil Square team so they die or lose.
  5. Leeching is forbidden in Devil Square.
    1. This account for actions including but not limited to: not participating in battles and hiding to avoid battles, constantly dying, not supporting party members
  6. All Devil Square participants must be active at all times. AFKing or idling for any reason is forbidden.
  7. The Staff reserved the right to randomly test for the legitimacy of characters under the same IP even if mentioned characters were tested before.

Automated Event: Devil Square Sanctions

  • First Offense: Official Warning and Removal from Devil Square
  • Second Offense: 24 hours Jail Time
  • Third Offense: Permanent ban on all related accounts.

Automated Event: King of Emperium

1. Multi-client is prohibited in King of Emperium. This account for actions including,
but not limited to fighting using more than one account and claiming prizes with multiple accounts.

2. The Staff will not be involved in the dispute between players through King of Emperium

Automated Event: King of Emperium Sanctions

  • First Offense: Official Warning and Removal from King of Emperium. All claimed prizes will be confiscated.
  • Second Offense: 24 Hour Jail Time
  • Third Offense: Permanent ban on all related accounts

Staff Hosted Events and Other Automated Events

  1. Multi-client is prohibited in all the staff hosted event and all Automated Events.
  2. Disruption of events is discouraged. This account for actions including, but not limited to:
  3. Purposely breaking the rules, harassment of other members and discouraging players to participate.

Staff Hosted Events and Other Automated Events Sanctions

  • First Offense: Official Warning
  • Second Offense: Removal from Event and 10 minutes Mute Time
  • Third Offense: 24 Hour Jail Time
  • Fourth Offense: Temporary ban on all related accounts
  • Fifth Offense: Permanent ban to all related accounts

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