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  1. Kebs


    Oooh sounds sick. Thank you for this!!
  2. Kebs


    Thank you so much!! Eventually I'll get the hang of this I hope. Been sick of just leeching using my TU Priest at Anubis haha.
  3. Kebs


    Hi again! So I got Dragon Vest and Manteau now with Pasana and Dragon Tail. Also got a Freezing Bow, Crystal Arrow, and even a Pecopeco Egg Card since Kasas are Formless. I can manage to kill a couple but only after dying and coming back. I feel like I'm losing more exp than gaining whenever I die. I just spam DS at them and do 4k damage per DS. My hunter is now level 97 (from farming Pasanas lol with 99+32 Dex . Anything I might be missing or doing wrong? Or any tips on how to efficiently level up at Thor 1?
  4. Kebs


    Ooh thank you for this! Big big help!
  5. Kebs


    Hii! Just started a few days ago. Was wondering if anyone could point me into the right direction of leveling (or a guide lol) quickly? It gets unbearably slow for my priest at Anubis at lv 98, and I don't even know where to bring my wiz and alchemist yet. Thank you!
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