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  1. Make Orc Hero Helmet.
  2. Protuk

    Infinite Arrow

    Can please make arrow infinite GM Nihad? While it can be challenging to disable unlimited arrows, it can be a pain to newbies. Not to mention Sniper mains will get discouraged.
  3. Where is the event shop for Gold Coins? I remembered gold coins to obtain gpipe, wcp, robo eyes before,.
  4. Protuk

    Server Down?

    I'm almost lvl 99/50 noooooo
  5. Bring back the old set-up pls thanks
  6. Protuk


    Wassup oldies Where can I apply for returning player? Thanks
  7. Lastly, the reason why I loved playing Woon is because I found a family. Kill on Sight guild. Our screenshot on WoE SE don't have the logo and timestamp but yeah, I bet you guys remember us! Our first team way back 2012
  8. Protuk

    2k19 Return

    I remember your stalker in pvp axxaxaxaxa
  9. Can I get this one please?
  10. This is the best mid-rate server I played and I never play another the day this closed. Sucks all of my screenshots, including the final moments were in my old PC, which eventually got corrupted and deleted. Fortunately, I've saved up a few. Here are those: My dedication to this server is profound. I even farmed 10,000 pcs orcish voucer and other ingredients to get Helmet of Orc Hero. I believe I am the first one in the server to get it. Another favorite feature I loved about woon is the headgear quests. Damn I finished the quests from A - Z (including the zodiac diadems), unfortunately, all my files were corrupted and got deleted. sucks I didn't have the opportunity to post them in my Facebook. I hope I can win Gold Coins so that I can get other headgears. I even voted for the server a lot of times. More vote cash, more OBBs!! Looking forward to win! (for the headgears). The screenshot I kept were from the early days. 2013.. man... time flies. Tidal where?
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