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  1. Greetings everyone, Just a quick little update to fix some things and update some content. Item Fix: (This is huge ) All items that reduced cast speed have been broken for a long time, this happened when source was updated to the latest and it changed the way that cast speed that was effected by items functioned. Items that effected specific skills still worked as intended. But items that reduced variable cast rate like Bee card and Crown of Deceit were not reducing cast at all. This also applied for items that were supposed to punish players by increasing their cast rate. All of these items have been fixed now and you should see a noticeable difference when wearing these items. BG Update: Removed Fall cases Added Old Winter Cases from 2017 and 2019 Added a brand new BG Case for 2021 BG Badges increased by 50% until the next update Other Edits: Fish drop chance from fishing increased Reduced MvP card drop rate back to normal Removed all 2020 Seasonal events Rotated donation cosmetics
  2. Halloween, Thanksgiving and winter events will remain active until the first update after new years. We may add some more winter events. Global Edits: Added an option in tool dealer to purchase supplies directly to storage using the "Storage Dealer" option Added "Storage Dealer" option to the buy command Added player count for the NPC Zone and renamed the map in the warper Another check for the WoE rental items since there is a case where they don't get removed Rotated donation items Fixed a possible server crash caused by guild storage and auto vends Event Edits: Added our old Thanksgiving event Added Giftson NPC in Xmas 147 94 He will reward you a Xmas Event Box and a Gift Box The Event box has exclusive costumes in it Added Santa's Gifts to prontera He will give you an item every day for 24 days You can talk Mr.Claus in Xmas town and do 2 types of quests. Just walk a bit left and up from the spawn location and you will see Santa with some flowers You can dig out sow flowers and give them to Mrs.Claus for a Mrs. Claus' Gift Box The gift box contains a random costume scarf Added 4 new scarfs Bring 30 Christmas Cheers to Mrs.Claus to get a Costume Louise Red Hat Added Winter Crystal Spawns in fields and dungeons When killed these crystals will drop some sweets, gifts and Christmas Cheers Added Rudolph to Prontera Bring him some supplies for a chance to get one of the following items Antler Fedora Candy Hat Rudolph Rucksack Christmas Neko Hood Fluffy Heart Earmuffs Let it Snow Fishing: Enabled fishing which can be accessed using @go fish or walk to it from the NPC Zone Fishing Rods and bait can be bought using he Fishing NPC Fishing rewards include a number of normal hats that have some small stat boosts and can also be converted to costumes using the costume maker There is also a number of costumes in the fishing shop This fishing system requires you to be active and actually take part in the fishing experience This is the initial launch of the fishing system, it will receive updates and changes once it's on the main server and tested by a larger number of people
  3. A quick little update to make some small adjustments. Event Updates: Rotated Gold Rush rewards, 3 new costumes added Costume Poring Beret rotated Costume Royal Poring Hat rotated Costume Poring UFO rotated Replaced 50 Gold Coin reward with Token of Siegfried Box (10) The reward was triggering often enough to make sense to add the box here. However not too often where it will cause an inflation of tokens. This will also make it less likely for people to finish Gold Rush with a surplus of coins. Fixed Charon NPC getting stuck Babylon Updates: Added 9 more wigs to the Wig merchant General Updates: Fixed restock Added GvG room in the PvP warper Added October and November loyalty packs Costume Goat Cap and Costume DJ Kitty You must have logged in during these months to claim the costumes Fixed September loyalty pack so you actually had to have played during September not just anytime prior to October
  4. Event Updates: Halloween has come and gone but the content is still here! Finding Skelling [click here] Horror Factory - Save Christmas [click here] Charon's Obol - Escaping Souls [click here] Trick or Treat [click here] Deviruchi and his Gloomy Jakk [click here] Mr. & Mrs. Wilkinson [click here] Pumpkin Hat Research [click here] Battleground Edits: Added Halloween Battleground 2017 case Diabolic Headphone, Owl Duke Silk Hat, Jack, Lude Hood, Pumpkin in Mouth, Celines Ribbon, Hallowring Rucksack, Orange Halloween Hat, Classical Ribbon. Added Fall 2020 Case Red Riding Hood, Snack Party, Picnic Basket, Lunatic on Shoulder, Pie to Face, Lunch Box, Citrus Ribbon, Floppy Bunny Ears Cash Shop Edits: Cosmetic Headgear rotation - since we didn't do any October specific hats, we put all the October and November ones together Look under the event tab Revival Edits: Adding 4 new pets with custom stats Other Updates: Amarsin NPC in Babylon Field 1 will no longer get stuck You will no longer be forced to do the Doram Drooping Quest before you can finish your other pending quests World Boss and Gold Invasion events will use disablenpc instead of hide so you won't trigger the text when you walk over their coordinates Fix a bug where BG case opener uses badges when selecting Zeny
  5. Hello everyone, Thanks for all the amazing support over the last year. WoonRO has become a server that is a joy to work on. I have not had this much fun in a long time while working on an RO project. I don't want to be too mushy, so thank you and enjoy the biggest update we have ever done. Journey to Babylon: A portal has appeared in Prontera that leads to another dimension. You can activate the portal by pouring an Essence Flask once and the portal will be activated. However each time you use the portal after that, you must pay 1 gold coin. There is a quest which you can do to open the Babylon maps in the warper under Fields. Babylon Field 1 Babylon Field 2 Babylon Prelude Revival System: Boss Room: -Changed the Boss room NPC sprite since the other on was bulky and forced you to walk to the npc. Gold Invasion event: World Boss Event: So what's next? But wait there's more!! WoonRO Seasons
  6. Gave it another shot and tested it, we'll see if it works properly on main server now
  7. Small buff added, and more info in changelog.
  8. Well this may be the last update before the next one. Obviously if there are bugs we will fix those. The next update is scheduled for October 5 2020. This update is The Journey to Babylon. More information on this update as the date approaches. As for this one, here is what we got! Fixes: Fixed the revival shop not giving right amount of items A number of the old pets were missing proper descriptions. they were giving exp bonuses but it was not shown in their egg descriptions. those have been fixed. Applied another fix for votekick in DS, we'll see if it works on live server now Pets: Thanks Grey for the sprites Added several new pets to the cash shop Added several new pets to the donation bonus shop Added several new pets to the MvP shop Added several new pets to the Event Shop Adjustments / Addons: MvP shop will now spawn when the MvP dies and goes away when the MvP spawns. As long as you have the shop open, you can complete your transaction even if the shop goes into hiding mode Removed Arch Angel wings from Cash Shop -- these are a duplicate sprite of different wings. The Cash shop wings sprite will be changed in the future, and once we have done so we will re-add them to the cash shop. Updated the sql database so you can see the item names on the website Rotated Cash shop cosmetics to September Added Loli Luri Garment to Cash shop Added 3 re-colors to the re-color NPC, so you only need to buy the main one and have access to all the re-colors Added Costume Gold Majestic Goat as loyalty reward for players that have been playing on the server prior to August 1 Use your oldest account to claim packages To claim talk to Item Giveaway NPC and select Check Free Packages Babylon Knight Set: Adding custom items is always tricky and we always tend to lean towards being safe (under-powered) so we can boost them in the future. People are a lot happier when they get a buff and not so thrilled when they get nerfed. Well it's time for a small buff. The delay bonus has been increased by 1% per refine. So its 6*refine now instead of 5*refine The glove now also has a slot which allows for more versatility with the set. The set will get additional addons when the city of Babylon is unlocked which will allow different builds to be played by swapping gears Please take a few minutes of your time and review us on RMS: https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=detailedlistserver&serid=8404&itv=6&url_sname=Woon RO For those of you that cannot patch use these files: iteminfo: woonro/system/: http://woonro.com/itemInfo.rar grf: woonro/: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qqWwdJgFXkrx-DnPOmcxYqTeeyzKBYsM/view
  9. Just a fun little update to give you guys more things to do while we work on the next big update. WoE Edits: Removed WoE time rotation since the guilds decided the 1 time is fine for now Added WoE Cases Each Treasure Chest has a 10% chance of dropping a WoE Case WoE Cases can be opened using the Guild System NPC The cost of opening a WoE Case is the same as BG Cases The items for the current WoE Case are: Common [C] Piamettes Brown Ears [C] Kamas Hairband [C] Silk Hat of Earth [C] Soul Aria Headdress Rare [C] Nydhog Wig 25 Gold Coins Super Rare [C] Sky of Memory 50 Gold Coins Ultra Rare [C] Rocket Helm [C] Globe Hat [C] Water Spellcaster 75 Gold Coins Increased the supplies per War Badge for WoE Supplies, they are made to match the BG supplies prices. This should reduce the stress of getting guilds ready for WoE Content Edits: Added rewards for master revival, you will now get a master revive token when you do master revive Master Revive Tokens are used to make the new Slotted Sunglasses with stats Each of the sunglasses offer a +1 def, and a +1 stat Each quest requires a Slotted Sunglasses, 5 mil zeny, 1 Master Revive Token and 2 specific MvP drops Backwards compatibility added: If you have master revived prior to this update, you will be rewarded master revival tokens when you talk with the npc Modified MvP Room spawn rates The MvPs and Minibosses have been split into 2 classes Class A has a 5% chance of spawning and contains the Bio 3 MvPs, Beelzebub, Ifrit, Wounded Morroc, Thanatos, Nidhogg and Valkyrie Class B has a 95% chance of being spawned and contains the rest of the MvPs and Minibosses Added MvP Trade Shop The MvP trade shop is only available in the MvP room when the MvP is alive Once the MvP is killed the shop will go into hiding You can find the shop in the middle of the bridge I believe I have included all the MvP etc. items, if I have skipped some please let me know You can trade etc. items dropped by MvPs for points. The point value is based on MvP strength and spawn rate, if you feel certain item point value should be changed please let me know. Items and value are listed in the NPC I have added just some hats for the initial release, this trader will get a much bigger update in the next few days Hats you can get now Costume Drooping Kiel Costume Drooping Aliot Costume Moonlight flower hat Costume Darksnake lord hat If these hats are available anywhere else, please let me know so I can remove them. Event Edits: Increased Mr.Password rewards from 2 GC to 10 GC Donation Updates: We have fixed all our missing official garments, so I added the following to our cash shop and preview npc [C] Rudra Wings [C] Wing of Happiness [C] Great Devil Wings [C] Amistr Bag [C] Fallen Angel Wing [C] Archangel Wing The following have been added to the donation bonus npc [C] Dreadlord Wings [C] Kirin Wings This is just phase 1 of content updates for this week. Grey has provided me with more costumes than I can count and even a handful of custom pets. A bunch of those will be added within the next few days.
  10. Hello everyone, just a quick update to do some fixes and adjustments. Event Updates: Removed the bonus time from gold and badge rush events Adjustments to votekick inside DS to prevent glitching After testing on the live server, we have found some other glitches so i have disabled it again General Updates: Changed the WoE Castle Flag in prontera to appropriate castle Updated GM list in the request command Updated the BG aura NPC to have the option to toggle the aura on/off Removed all vendors to clean up any glitched merchants WoE Edit: The WoE guilds have decided to remove the 5 p.m. WoE time out of the rotation The WoE will rotate between 10 a.m. and 11 p.m. Added an auto rotation system to the WoE script to remove the need of manually intervention WoE Rental NPC will be open from 01:00 to 23:59 on saturdays
  11. Topics merged and links updated. Both autopots should work with your WoonRO client. We offer both in case you are not able to make one work.
  12. Hello everyone, I am very happy to bring you the changelog for this week's update. Keep in mind some of these changes have already been applied to the server so I will mark them here, but we do need them to officially be logged so that everyone is aware of them. My plan from here is to continue to do small updates and bug fixes for some time while I prepare the next big update. The next big update will once again include class balancing gears, on top of that we will also introduce new maps, new monsters and some new items as well. I will be building off of the previous big update and the next big update will be called Journey to Babylon. More information will be released in the next few smaller updates. I do not have an ETA on the big update yet. Battlegrounds Modifications: Due to the way Gepard works, it is rare but possible for players to be marked as already having an account in BG even though they do not. I have added a second layer of confirmation in order to minimize the chance of this happening. If it does happen, you will be informed in game of what steps to take in order to resume playing BG as quickly as possible. Class balance implemented Clown balance will always take priority even ignoring team player counts (implemented) Class balance will be applied if the teams are balanced in terms of player count (implemented) If the teams are balanced in terms of clowns, then clown balance will focus on lower player count New BG Summer 2020 Case [Ultra Rare] [C] Blue Jacket [C] Sedora Hat [C] Wild Poring Rider 500 War Badges [Super Rare] [C] Wind Prairie 250 War Badges [Rare] [C] Jolly Roger Hat 100 War Badges [Common] [C] Splash Hat [C] Poring Sunglasses [C] Watermelon Hat [C] Red Vane Hairpin Event Modifications: Changed the gold rush costume rewards - the replaced items will only be available in the future through special events or limited time gold rush events. The new costumes will stay in rotation for a few months. Event has been temporarily extended by 2 minutes Subject Aura replaced by Bengal Tiger Cap Mechanical Plant Hat replaced by Mouse Cap Pocketwatch Hair Ornament replaced by Cute Octopus Balloon Changed badge rush costume rewards - same rules as above apply Fixed the broadcast message not showing up when badge rush starts Event has been temporarily extended by 2 minutes Dreadlord Crown replaced by Blazing Sun Fallen Helmet replaced by Icecream Hat Pumpkin Mask replaced by Shiny Afro Wig Whisper Tall Hat replaced by Carnival Circlet Evil Druid Hat replaced by Happy Summer Ribbon Fallen Essence replaced by Wing Frame Sunglasses Dreadlord Aura replaced by Ifrit's Breath Ambernite Rewards rotated to summer theme Costume tie replaced by Mosquito Coil Added Usakoring Pet Costume: Lose Wave Twin Black replaced by Costume Snow Cone Costume: Straight Pony Tail replaced by Costume: Hunter Sunglasses Added Sapling Pet Removed Costume: Star Reading Hat Replaced Costume: Eremes Scarf by Costume: Charcoal_Stove Replaced Cosume: Large Ribbon Muffler by Costume: Priest Bear (Female) Other miscellaneous items were moved or replaced but these are the ones everyone cares about Increased KoE duration to be minimum of 10 minutes and doubled the amount of allowed guild members in KoE Other Modifications: Fixed leveling pills so they take the proper amt of Zeny Reduced their costs to 2.5 mil Updated Cash Shop costumes under the Event category Adjusted WoE rental information to include shop opening and closing times Added more costumes to PvP Shop 2 coiled snake hats 2 ten gallon hat versions 5 mouse hat versions
  13. Nihad

    Just Started

    Hello there, please to have you on the server. I added a starter pack for you, you will be otified in game. If you have any questions feel free to pm me. And that's a nice list of popular servers.
  14. Nihad

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    Hello and welcome to WoonRO. Hope you and your friends enjoy your stay here, added a starter pack for you. Hit me up on discord if you need any help.
  15. Happy to have another old Woonie coming back to the server. I added a starter pack for you, feel free to message me if you need any help.
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