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  1. Nihad


    Sure, added your starter pack, see you in game .
  2. Nihad


    Hey there clinton. Pleasure to have you on the server. How did you hear about WoonRO?
  3. Nihad


    Hello Dytania, welcome to the server. Package added for you, in the main town walk left an find the mailbox looking npc called It Giveaway. Pleasure to have you playing on one of our servers again, feel to free to ask any questions you may have.
  4. Nihad


    Hi ace, welcome to the server. Happy to see another old Woonie joining the community. I added a starter pack for you in game and PMed you but you seemed to be afk. Feel free to message me on discord if you have any questions.
  5. Nihad


    Hello Djinn. Welcome to the server, there was a format to use for getting the bonus starter pack but I added it for you anyway. Are you using the leveling guide and mission boards to level?
  6. Nihad

    Hello Woon!

    Hello and welcome to the server. I added a bonus starter pack for you. Walk a bit left in the main town and find the Item Giveaway NPC, he has a bonus starter bundle for you. Happy to see another old Woonies coming back.
  7. April 18 2020 Hello Woonies, exciting news! The WoonRO team is going to be focusing on bringing a new episode to WoonRO. We are going to be introducing a lot of features that we know players have wanted for a long time. We will be introducing a lot of cosmetic content that will give everyone a lot of SWAG. And we will be introducing brand new equipment to go along with our Gate of Babylon episode. This episode will include a wide range of equipment that will introduce different styles of game-play. Below is a list of expected updates. I expect to finish this entire list way before the planned date. So please go post more suggestions in the feedback section of the forums. http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/forum/14-feedback-section/ Updates marked in red are being worked on. Updates marked in green are finished. Updates without a mark are on the to-do list. These will be stat items that are meant to increase the versatility of classes and offer new styles of playing certain classes. Or give old outdated styles a competitive chance. Babylon Knight Set BG QUEUE CLASS FILTERING BALANCE The system will always prioritize numbers first, then it will filter according to classes. Clowns are the exception. Clowns will always get placed in a separate queue until they are able to be filtered properly. If you would like for other classes to be filtered, please contact Nihad. BG Cases Treasure of Babylon BG Case All our previously available cases will be added for the first week of the new episode. You have a small chance to get a random old BG case after each round of BG. BG Starter Gear Since we don't want to see naked players in BG, we will give all players a BG starter pack that will be account bound. These items will greatly help new players in getting started in BG. Mode Vote Skip (@voteskip) We will be including all our available BG modes, however we will allow the players to vote and skip any modes they do not like. The vote requirement will be based on the previous round. If the last round had 20 total players, in order to skip the next mode, 30% votes will be required. (6 votes) Voteskip cannot be used while BG is running WoonRO MvP Maps to Warper There is a new menu in the Warper NPC called MvP Maps This menu has all the naturally spawning MvP maps, een if those maps normally require quests to get to You get warped to a random location on the map when using the warper It costs 10 Gold Coins to unlock these maps for 24 hours The menu to unlock these is setup so it will only take a few seconds of your time if you have 10 gold coins in your inventory MvP Room MvP Room where a random MvP spawns every 4-5 hours (Includes End Game mvps like Wounded,Bee,Nid) 1 week entrance costs 1000 War Badges or 300 Gold Coins When the MvP dies it will have a Tombstone until a new one spawns We will be adding several new instances to our instance manager These instances as well as our old ones will be used to obtain donation headgears We already have a number of them added, we will be adding more Added Octopus Cave Instance New Cosmetic Donations We are introducing a RMT channel in game We already changed the rules regarding RMT and it is allowed on our server We are introducing a trade-back System Since you are able to farm donation items through BG and instances you will be able to trade them for donation credits The trade-back reward will be 30% of their cash shop prices The prices are listed in the NPC and then each trade is broadcasted to the entire server Costume Garments will be permanently added to the Cash Shop Cosmetics Newly introduced Babylon Weapons will be available in the cash shop All exp rates increased to 75x. Base Exp, Job Exp, MvP Exp and Quest Exp Exp Rewards from Lvl 91-99 also gain the Exp increase to 75x, on top of that we have doubled the base exp rewards of these missions Alright we hear you. You want Prontera back and the new main town sucks. As a result we will be making Prontera the main town again and moving all the NPCs there. The main town we have now we will use for events or something. Removing novice grounds and making players start in Prontera. The items and information you would get from the novice grounds will be given out through the Item Giver and quests. Event Modifications Added Poring Punch Event. Reward: 50 Gold Coins and 5 Cash Points Added Poring Catcher Event. Reward: 50 Gold Coins and 5 Cash Points The gold Coin Shop will get more consumables added to it. The Vote Shop will get consumable items added to it to encourage continued voting. Hide skill is now allowed in Devil Square Downloads: http://woonro.com/?module=main&action=media Guides: http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/forum/10-troubleshoot-guides/ -----Write guides to earn cash points: http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/topic/332-woonro-guide-event/&tab=comments#comment-1350 Freebies: http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/topic/313-starter-packs-and-loyalty-packs/ Discord: https://discord.gg/WcrwRpm
  8. Hello everyone. This will be the last update for a while. We are going to be working on a big content release that will be coming in a few weeks. We will release more info about that as we go forward from here. We will still do quick fixes if anything comes up though so do not worry. Global Updates: Disabled the old guild storage password system Guild storage permission will now work through the guild interface, you can allow specific ranks to open storage Removed Mentor System from in game Instance Updates: Disabled the use of /memo in Ghost Palace Updated Sarah's Memory Instance Shop Removed Straight Pony (Black) Hair Added Twin Wave (Black) Hair Added Twin Wave (Yellow) hair Removed Reginrev Wings from the Instance Shop since it is in the Revival Shop Cash Shop Update: Remove February and Valentines Costumes Added March Costumes Updated Preview Shop for costumes BG Update: Removed the Valentines BG Case Added Spring BG Case Introducing Starter Packs and Refferal Rewards: New Players that join the server can now introduce them selves on the forums to get a bonus pack of items http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/topic/339-introduce-yourself-guide/ Only players that join the server after the making of this topic can apply for a starter pack. If you refer someone to join the server and they mention you in their introduction topic, you will also get a reward in game We will move the mentor system directly to Discord, it will be a lot easier to get in touch with players through Discord than it is in game, so encourage your friends that are joining to provide their Discord username if they would like some extra help
  9. WoonRO is offering bonus items for people that are willing to take a few minutes of their time and introduce themselves to the community. Once you have introduced yourself a GM will add a special package for you in game at our Item Giveaway NPC. Once they have done that, they will reply to your topic so that you know where to get your items, you will also be notified in game upon your next login that you have a pending package. If you were brought here by someone else, please put in their character name and we will give them a little something for bringing you here. Start a new topic in our arrivals section: http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/forum/16-new-arrival/ Please introduce yourself in the following format: In Game character name: *Discord name: *Country playing from: How did you hear about WoonRO: *If brought here by a friend, enter their character name: Tell us a bit about your RO history: Tell us something interesting about yourself: The points labeled with a * are optional. By putting in your Discord name you are notifying us that you would be interested in having a GM guide you a bit and help you get your journey started here on WoonRO.
  10. Not a bad idea, any other comments on this?
  11. Ofcourse, will be done next update
  12. Nihad

    WoonRO Guide Event

    Hello everyone! One thing that I absolutely loved on the old WoonRO was the huge database of guides we had. We had guides for everything from leveling, getting Zeny, special quests and even how to optimize features. As it is right now, we have a few guides but we are missing a lot. Our server has a lot of amazing features that make life easy, but new players are not aware of them. Often times they play for weeks before realizing there was something already in place to make their life much easier. We as the staff can't possible write all the guides, so we will reward players for writing them. Rules: 1. Guides must be written exclusively for WoonRo. 2. Guide doesn't have to be image heavy but should include at least 3 screenshots from WoonRO. 3. Guides should be at least 500 words/ and be formatted in an easy to read format. 4. Provide credits and acknowledgments towards the bottom of guide. 5. Please be sure to not submit a guide that already exists. If you create a guide that already exists or is similar to existing guide it shall not be eligible for a prize. 6. We reserve the right to keep these guides as property of WoonRo to use as we so please once submitted. Write your guides here and contact Nihad on discord once you have written it so we can review it: http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/forum/10-troubleshoot-guides/ Every guide written and approved by the staff will get rewarded 10,000 CP ($10 worth of donations) You will be able to attain exclusive costumes based on the number of guides you write. We have not decided on which exclusive hats we will give out, so feel free to suggest some for us. 3 Approved Guides - Level 1 Exclusive Costume Headgear + Bonus of 10,000 CP 6 Approved Guides - Level 2 Exclusive Costume Headgear + Bonus of 15,000 CP 10 Approved Guides - Level 3 Exclusive Costume Headgear + Bonus of 20,000 CP
  13. The event is now over. 5,000 - 10,000 Cash Points Based on staff scores 200 - 500 Gold Coins based on staff scores Any 1 donation Costume from February or Valentines Events All of these players please contact me on discord for your reward Cass xoxo Danny Protuk We will then share all the stories on Facebook and the one that gets the most likes/shares by the end of February will get a bonus reward of 25,000 Cash Points. Immy Protuk was our winner for the Facebook part. So you will get an additional 25k CP
  14. Acid bombs are already set to 5, I have changed poison bottles to 2 for the next update. Do you have price suggestions for the other items you listed, it would be nice to grow the consumables shop with other consumables.
  15. Hello everyone. I am happy to bring this update to you all. Hope you enjoy the new content. Help us grow by voting and reviewing us on RMS. http://woonro.com/?module=vote&action=index http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=writereview&serid=8404&url_sname=Woon RO Global Updates: Provoke will once again work on allies while not breaking when auto used from items Added the hidedrops command, this will make life in devil square much easier since you won't see all the items on the floor Kicked all vends to refresh the vending map Reduced BG start requirement to 2v2 GM Updates: Re-add a command for Zia and Lobo to force rename players with inappropriate names, this was removed by accident in the staff restructure update GMs can now give cash points for GM hosted events NPC Updates: Item Giveaway NPC will now notify players on login if they have pending rewards Adding main town to the Warper town list Removed the Instance's option from Warper favorites menu Devil Square will send a global message upon completion, you can manage your announcement settings using @settings command Halved all the Gold Coin Rewards from Gold Rush I did a significant number of testing on this npc because I had some doubts about the rates. Basically once you hit over 200 gold coins in your inventory, you will never run out. Sooner or later you hit a high enough gold coin reward that makes it so you cannot run out. I tested it on our live server over a few days to simulate real game play, and within 3 days I was over 1k gold coins. Gold Coin Consumables Shop Reduced cost of Poison bottles Instance System Updates: The instance shop will be visible even if you have not unlocked the instance system Added Sara's Memory Instance Instance item it drops is Sara's Earings Can purchase Costume Black Pony Tail and Irene Elder pet egg Added Ghost Palace Instance Instance item it drops is Gray Piece Can purchase White Wizardry Hat Gray Helmet Chicken Hat Costume Gray Drooping Cat Added new items in the instance shop
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