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  1. Nihad

    Just Started

    Hello there, please to have you on the server. I added a starter pack for you, you will be otified in game. If you have any questions feel free to pm me. And that's a nice list of popular servers.
  2. Nihad

    Just Joined

    Hello and welcome to WoonRO. Hope you and your friends enjoy your stay here, added a starter pack for you. Hit me up on discord if you need any help.
  3. Happy to have another old Woonie coming back to the server. I added a starter pack for you, feel free to message me if you need any help.
  4. Hello and welcome to WoonRO. I added a starter pack on your assassin cross. Very happy to have you here and look forward to seeing you make some new friends here.
  5. Nihad

    New Person!

    Welcome to the server. Happy to have you here. Very rare to see someone coming here from reddit. We are actually looking for a wiki writer, so hit me up on discord. Added a starter pack for you.
  6. Nihad

    Newbie :D

    Welcome to WoonRO, happy to have you joining our server. I have added a starter pack fr you, you will be notified in game. If you have any questions feel free to pm me.
  7. Nihad

    Dawn of a new

    Hey there, we don't use the council system any more but as you said a lot of the old faces are here. Just like in the old WoonRO we are taking our time and slowly building the community. In order for the server to last it needs a loyal and stable base community. Very happy to see you joining us on this new journey. i added a starter pack for you, and if you have any questions feel free to hit me up on discord.
  8. Yey, yet another update! Event Updates: Added new NvZ automatd event into the roations You novice must be level 1/1 and not have any equipment on it, so it's best to have a special character designed just for this The event lasts 4 minutes and all who survive will get a reward If there is only 1 novice alive at any point, the event will end There are special conditions activated at certain points of the event to kill off as many people as possible Fixed some typos in the other events Instance Updates: Very important to note that some of these items or monsters may need to be nerfed. They have been very slightly adjusted, but are still pretty much renewal. Though I feel they can be managed in a pre-renewal setting, I am very open to modifying both the items and monsters to fit our server better. Added new instance Buwaya New Items available in Buwaya Cave at MvP Card at .01% drop rate Shield and Garment at 50% drop rate Quest item Ancient grudge at 100% from mvp and an additional one upon leaving the instance Added new instance Bangungot Hospital New Items available MvP Card at .01% drop rate Shield and Boots at 50% drop rate Quest item Bangungot grudge at 100% from mvp and an additional one upon leaving the instance Added Additional drop to Final form Bakonawa at 50% drop rate Donations: Added Gold Coins to cash shop Added new costumes Other Edits: Votekick has been added for Devi Square. It requires the # of players joined * .7 people in order to succeed There is a 5 minute cooldown to using votekick Once initiated, the rest of the players have 60 seconds to confirm before the votekick is failed New BG Case Angels and Demons BG Case 2020 Removed the Easter Case Fixed coordinates of npc ROTD Changed go main to prontera and renamed the old go command for main to go NPC
  9. Welcome to WoonRO. Always happy to see old WoonRO players coming back to us, added a starter pack for you. If you have any questions or concerns hit me up on discord.
  10. Nihad

    Newbie! ^.^

    Hello and welcome to WoonRO. I added a starter pack for you in game. Sent you a pm in game as well, good to have you here.
  11. Server maintenance will happen tonight around 16:00 server time. There will be no server restart, I will just do a server refresh, it will still kill all the MvPs. Updates: Adding noloot to settings npc, you will be able to modify these for onlogin Adding an option to sell gold coins at 25,000 Zeny at the Gold Coin Merchant Reduced prices for loading build in build manager Added Gold Coin alternatives to saving and loading builds Added Gold Coin alternatives to resetting stats and skills Adding a newbie friendly alternative to guild buffs, players can now get full guild buffs for a day for 10 gold coins per character For bigger guilds, guild buffs are still a lot more economical Fixed coordinates for using npc command for revival system Added a warning on BG Freebies NPC that cards compounded on the items will also be char bound when decarded Replaced the flour requirement for Pizza Hat with Pineapples because flour isn't dropped by any mobs and pineapple seemed like a funny alternative Modified Warper MvP Warps In order to encourage party play and discourage portal Asuras, MvP Maps cost 2 Gold Coins per warp Modified Voteskip command for BG The delay is now 10 minutes Must have taken part in a BG round since loging in, in order to use the command Modified MvP room to Boss room Removed the option to use BG Badges to gain access Removed weekly access and made it more newbie friendly and party oriented by charging 1 Gold Coin per warp It will do a server wide broadcast when the Boss respawns Added some Mini Boss monsters to the spawn list Angeling Archangeling Cat o' Nine Tails Deviling Ghostring Hardrock Mammoth Hydro Maya Purple Tendrillion Valkyrie Added additional MvPs to the spawn list Boitata Gold Queen Scaraba Queen Scaraba Changed the Bee form to the 1st stage one Warping novices stuck in starting grounds directly to Prontera upon login Just a reminder that RMS reviews are a great source of new players. Please take a few minutes of your time and write a review: http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=detailedlistserver&serid=8404&itv=6&url_sname=Woon RO
  12. I actually do remember that bug, if I remember correctly it was caused by certain symbols being types in a specific way or something. Weirdest thing ever. Very happy to have you here on our new WoonRO, added a pack for you. As for the BGM it is a known bug with the 2015 client, hoping it is something I can resolve in the near future.
  13. Nihad

    New Born Player

    Always good to see old Woonies coming back to the server, happy to have you here. Added a starter pack for you.
  14. Welcome to WoonRO, sucks that you broke your phone but glad you found us. I added a starter pack for you, if you need anything feel free to hit me up on discord.
  15. Hello everyone, With our recent server growth, we feel there is a need to add some more staff to our team. This was just the first phase of having our server grow and with continued growth, we will certainly need more GMs. Our main focus right now is adding some more event GMs since this is an area we feel that we could use the most help with. However, we are open to filling other positions as well. Usually we would provide a format and have people fill in the format and send it in, but I feel that this has gotten stale. I will provide some basic guidelines and requirements and then I will leave the rest up to you. Any previous experience in being a GM? Specifically, an Event GM? This is not required but will be of great help How long you have been playing the server? What are your experiences in other servers wherein I was the Admin? How many hours per week can you be available as a GM? Which country are you playing from? We need this so we don't have multiple GMs in a single time zone while others are empty If you can be active during the waking hours of other time zones even though you are not from that country, please note that I do not want a copy paste of these bullets. Just PM me on discord and chat with me, have these answers somewhat ready. If you are interested in being a GM, then let's have a conversation and see where it goes. Thanks.
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