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  1. +1. Was disappointed when I saw it being empty.
  2. I'm finally seeing champs who actually ground control and buff people. So all it takes is a bit of scaring and it works. Like Nutty said tho, just try to fix the delay and all is good. Not like team MBK isn't OP and doesn't need to be removed or anything. Or just add bless scrolls on bg mats and enable them on gvg maps. hue.
  3. I'm fine with divers. I pop them out for creos to finish, except sometimes they dont. My problem with relo would be some champs are too focused on kills and no support/ground control happening. Been to too many conquests chasing champs reloing away out of team's sight asking for buffs and seeing them die to other champs doing their so called "tactics" which is pretty much just being Frilldora the Explorers. And as I've seen so far, none of the HPs on bg is even on @Mati level of support. Imagine the only buffer you have is that champ who never GC and just goes for the kill without buffing. Don't get me wrong. I respect good champs and I see some of them doing their roles properly. I'd provide them hitlock and ganban support depending on the scenario. Funny, with the git gud replies. They should git gud themselves. So far, I haven't seen any good points as to why I'd switch sides. I don't see any sinxs/stalkers whining cause they don't have their backslide. Long story short, Kaahn will rule us all. Don't resist the greatness that is Kaahn. Kaahn is great. But, ya know what? Just add level 10 bless and agi scrolls on bg shop and all's well that ends well. Also make stones/crystal plant type.
  4. This one seems more suitable. +1 to this.
  5. +1. Need to get that bestest leecherer title again.
  6. Omg. I found my new bestest fran. <3
  7. He just waged war against all the afk hat lovers on the server. R1p you eill 53v3r be remembered. #poringsrdabestestofdabestest
  8. Blitz

    I miss bobos :<

    He ignores everyone. Is ok. *pats*
  9. Hi. Do you like porings? If you do I think we'll be good friends.
  10. +1. Champs in BG right now are just divers or frilldora the explorers. Leaving their team for the sake of kills and leaving them unbuffed. Heck, you'd even get a chance to chase a champ asking for buffs and he'll just relo away choosing kills over anything else. Make ground control champs great again.
  11. Blitz

    +10 Food for BG

    -1 sry +7 foods is good enough for bg.
  12. Blitz


    +1 Loboring ❤️ Rimuru looks cute with that tail and ears. Lel.
  13. +1. Also the animation delay champs have is dumb. This should also force champs to do GC for their team instead of leaving their team unbuffed and slowed cause they're going for kills near enemy spawn. Make ground control champs great again.
  14. +1 http://ratemyserver.net/item_db.php?item_id=2774&small=1&back=1 http://ratemyserver.net/item_db.php?item_id=2773&small=1&back=1 In case people start mistaking it for glorious rings themselves.
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