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  1. Any other suggestions for improvement guys?
  2. Hi There! I'm sure I'm not the only one that thinks the Babylon set is not that great for how much it costs. I almost never see a Lordknight in BG, and those who donated or finished the quest for them is left in disappointment and regret afterwards. What do you guys think? Please feel free to add your suggestions as well! Feedback/Suggestions: -Reduce more delay (It almost makes no difference wearing it and without the set) -Add more damage to Clashing Spiral or or maybe even other Spear skills like boomerange/brandish -Add a slight HP/SP boost? -Add slots to some
  3. welcome to the server!!!
  4. Haven't made one of these in ages lol back on paint days !WRO.bmp !WRO2.bmp !WRO_Y.bmp !WRO4.bmp !WRO6.bmp WoonEmblem1.bmp WoonEmblem2.bmp WoonEmblem3.bmp WoonEmblem4.bmp WoonEmblem5.bmp WoonEmblem6.bmp <-- My Fav if you're only allowed one entry its this one WoonEmblem7.bmp
  5. welcome to the server! nice to see new faces
  6. Hi! I'm noticing no one really bother doing automated events for them. People just use them for goldrush mostly. Perhaps we can do more with them, New headgears/costumes rotating in Gold Amber and Gold Rush Bi-monthly Offer more items/costumes in event shop npc Converting npc to other currencies?

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