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  1. Can we get a 6v6 (or so) teams-based PVP event going? I wanted this to be just a player-run thing but I can't find general discussion area on the forums, so I'm posting here. And if staff does it maybe we could get stuff like KVM map, WoE reduction, and GM hide spectate. I was thinking more of just a player organized meetup for skirmishes in the end though. In any case. I want a smaller scale, but organized, PVP event. Whether we do a tournament, simple few skirmishes for fun, or do it RWC style are up to the community interest I guess.
  2. Love the idea of the separate areas for different types of currency.
  3. Party joiner where parties are forced to separate sides is the dream. +100 to that. Also whY are Your Y characters small again
  4. Did you download the BGM files? they are separate file that you extract to the bgm directory. Here's the link from the Ragnaland download page: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ip22n32ZwZReia-9ZNMqPRg0tSpllZbJ/view Once you have BGM placed in the folder, it will turn off everytime you change map. This is a "feature" of the client, but hopefully it will be resolved soon. In the meantime you can bind the command "/bv 9" to a macro in the alt+m menu and press your hotkey on each map change, which is what I do now...
  5. @gstorage is an insanely useful command, maybe my favorite thing ever. Can we raise the limit on the storage, though? Something closer to 1800 would be cool.
  6. lyrical

    +10 Food for BG

    -1, +7 makes more interesting build options and is a bit more balanced in general (forces you to use RWC or suboptimal headgears instead of just getting stuff like your 150int with stun immunity or redux)
  7. -1, I'm fine with the current drop rate. Most of the nyd are coming from BB which are plentiful on this server. Server hasn't even been up a month and Proxy Mant is one of the few valuable items left, also increasing the value of BBs which I think is healthy right now.
  8. Thanks for the work, Daifuku. I like these events and hope more seasonals will come, pretty fun.
  9. I had a similar topic here about this, but in that topic I was asking for the bunny/doggo/kitty to be accessory costumes so that we can keep using mid headgears. I understand that if the accessory solution doesn't work. In that case I would hope nothing is done. In the recent update, they were changed to lower headgears, which trades one problem for another. In fact, it makes it a lot worse for me personally, because I like to use the donation bonus fish costume or large muffler ribbon. It's a little annoying that I paid for costumes and now they don't work together. Regardless, please: turn the lower versions back into middle versions since that's what we originally paid for. add the same costumes as NEW items that equip on lower, so that we have BOTH lower and mid options available.
  10. The other threads about this topic have conditionals. I'm not interested in conditionals like immobilization, delays, or emblems. Just disable snap in BG. It was disabled for a reason.
  11. Nah they know they're on thin ice here. The abuse is intense. They're practically invincible and with sit ""tech"" (scripts) you have no disadvantages to snapping around. After today I think I'm actually done until Snap gets removed.
  12. Snap should be re-disabled. I don't understand why it was enabled either.
  13. I don't like ally provoke/FAS/MBK in Battlegrounds. For WoE, these changes might make some sense, as most guilds will be setup for ally-mbk/provoke with alt guild anyways, and it's more organized PVP, so LPs and SPP are more reliable. Although I don't really understand how FAS bridging is supposed to work, does this mean you FAS your whole stack...? In any case, in BG, it's not well-balanced. Snipers with Provoke 10 FAS'ing your own team is pretty silly, and it hurts too much to play against especially with low skill delays. I've always seen it that SPP creators are supposed to help cancel out the FAS pressure damage, but SPP creator in BG is a really rare pokemon to count on. Wizard with MBK is pretty tough, especially in the current meta of most profs Mindbreaking THEMSELVES and going bolter (which btw is insanely strong). I hesitated on this post because I understand why you would want these features, but in disorganized pvp like BG, it tips the scales too heavily (esp on defense, doubly on Rush)... well, all that and snipers abuse the FAS bridging all the time and just hit their own team for lol so funneh trolling.
  14. I need for brew gear /slur
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