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  1. -1, that would gradually increase the amount of proxies in the server. If niddhog wasn't "branch-able", this would be a good idea. But since niddhog is "branch-able", 50% should be enough. BBGs are relatively easy to get anyways, I always get 1-3 BBGs every gold rush.
  2. Title is pretty self-explanatory. Costume weapons for the $$$. We get cosmetics, Nihad gets $$$, win-win situation right? I don't think it'd be much of a problem, maybe disabling it on WoE/GvG maps would be a good idea to reduce the risk of crashing. Let me hear your thoughts about this guys. Thank you!! Pic for reference:
  3. +1, I don't really see the reason you'd x1 MVP loots in a MID RATE server. its just stupid.

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