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Zia last won the day on November 23 2019

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  1. Zia


    Hi Djinn and welcome!
  2. Zia

    Hello Woon!

    Hi arcuz! Welcome BACK to WoonRO. Glad to see you join us. If you want to see what's with this new woon and what to expect, I highly recommend visiting our wiki! Feel free to contact us through discord or in-game if you have any questions or concerns. See you!
  3. More information on the instance manager can be found here: http://wiki.woonro.com/2019/09/10/instance-manager/
  4. Zia


    Hi @akaranai and welcome to Woon! Don't hesitate to approach GMs in-game or on discord if you have any concerns. Hope to see you!
  5. Zia


    Lmao. Since you're an old Woonie, welcome back! Hope to see you in-game soon.
  6. Looking forward to that review ?
  7. I'd be happy to help in any way to make this project easier for you while keeping it mostly player-ran in you want. :)
  8. WoE Sched. Also, Tidal and Blatz are very happy to leecherino. heheh
  9. Zia

    Woon represent!!!

    Eyyy another one from Woon. Welcome!
  10. Support this 1 million % It's an @go location already anyway. Just needs to be complete! edit: SHEEPTOWN 2K19 RETURN
  11. For the sake of having more unified sources of information and updating the text that the command displays.
  12. Zia


    Pls forgifing
  13. Heya everyone. I'm usually called Zia or Z by those who I've played with and encountered in Nihad's old servers. I'm finally back in RO to lend my service to the server! Looking forward to seeing you all in-game for chats, my events, and other things. ❤️ P.S. Be a biiiit patient with me on my first week back as I'm still getting used to things again! :)

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WoonRO Seasons is a new upcoming pre-renewal mid-rate server designed for players by experienced developers from all over the globe. Don't hesitate and join the ride!

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