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    I'll teach you a secret. Ankle Snare. Even with a Hunter level 60 as long as you can hit the Kasa you'll be fine.
  2. Clearly getting pushed for the patch. 🙂
  3. Personally, it isn't even about the rewards. I've been on the server since its start, albeit less active nowadays and have gotten maybe 10 rewards total because I just never remember it exists. The fact you have to go click the NPC is what kills it. In my opinion, simply make it @mail you the rewards or just deliver in inventory automatically. (Lets not forget if rewards were actually good, people could just virtual box multiple accounts simillar to vote systems with VPN)
  4. I know... I've been told by random people enricheds were around 10%, but its clearly not the case. Oh well... I support your claim either way some stuff is really way too low even at 5x. But its up to Nihad. On this case, they were already changed once somewhat recently as well.
  5. This was my suggested list. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1chnu7YGU7ZtSgdNDNOPs0v-2nLDp2qvuzMUE8g3CsVI/edit?usp=sharing I honestly didn't care about most low end mvps since most of their drops are legit worthless and only made them 5x on it. If you want Safety Rings its always been hunt Maya, Amon Ra was for the OCA. Immaterial Sword has always been low by default for who knows what reason. Assassin Dagger/Long Mace doesn't really matter either drop rate is acceptable. Dracula? What? There's generally never been any rewards for killing most low tier mvps. Their drops were never updated for trans, they're just garbage. If you're killing them its because of a specific drop or for enjoyment. If anything i'd agree on making Enriched higher drop rates. I've killed at least 500 bloody branches and only gotten 2 e.oris, what is e.elu?
  6. Since BG is dead 90% of the time, if not the whole weekdays. +1 to see if it actually gets started. Hopefully it starts this weekend... @offtopic: When is next patch anyway?
  7. No, but there is a thread with it as suggestion.
  8. I honestly have no idea how strong this would be on pre-re standards, I know it is a thing on most revo servers. In my head, crit sinx, if anything is onlya thing in pvm(but poison bottles cost)... everywhere else its legit underwhelming since you're made of paper. +1, if it proves "2 strong" which I doubt, can always be reverted.
  9. You need to use on Bacsojin/White Lady summons. You can also tame the MVP. 🙂
  10. I might be wrong on this. But isn't it that one of the Newbie's Hat effects? If so, it stops working at 80 as well...
  11. The real question is why are we going half-assed on all these changes. -Do people want BG to be BG, or a budget woe? But if changes are being made for it to be a mini woe. Then go all in on it. Snap is in. MBK/Provoke are in. Auto link(SL) removed, if you want woe make all damn classes be linked upon respawn, yolo style. (All hail FSK) Bridge FAS removed, add it back in. Or just remove them all and move on. @ontopic: I'm completely fine with snap being around if the damn delays gets fixed.
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