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  1. Nier

    [Log]What Am I?

    What Am I? is one of Nier's mini-events that you may see from time to time. It is basically a riddle, and the first to solve it wins a prize of 30 Gold Coins and 30 Cash Points(in coins). This thread is a log of the riddles written by Nier that have already been solved, beginning from WAI#3. Last Updated: 13 September 2020, WAI #14 #3: To search forever for my end is my curse and wish, in pursuit of martial prowess. I challenge adventurers with techniques and sharp steel, to test both skills and nerves. What am I? Answer: Wanderer/Wander Man Winner: Kiichan Nier: Wanderer often announces his secret techniques with his sword as he attacks. #4: A warden of nature, a maiden most tender, bound to tree in spirit. But foes with wit know my tendrils hit; on walking roots I chase after. What am I? Answer: Dryad Winner: Jerikcxs Nier: Tree nymphs, the Dryads of Ragnarok are literally, physically bound but attack and move with roots. #5: Robbed of love I drowned myself, only to never make it over. On my throat flashes silver, my grudge ever deeper, I leave once more to meet my maker. What am I? Answer: Sohee Winner: DanderePeachy Nier: Bearing the likeness of a drowned person, Sohee also uses Suicide on occasion when injured. Borrowing some flavour from Ragnarok Online II, it is assumed she drowned herself in the lake after her lover's untimely passing. The silver knife she attacks and presumably slays herself with were said to be carried by still-chaste ancient Korean women to preserve their dignity. #6: A sprite of the river, with skin like damp leather, from a land with feudal ruler. With rod over shoulder I lash at outsider, stopping to fill my brainpan with water. What am I? Answer: Kappa/Kapha Winner: Kiichan Nier: The heads of Kappa have an indent that must be filled with water for them to retain their strength. The Kapha of Ragnarok Online can be encountered in the bamboo forests of Amatsu where a river runs through, in a land of feudalism that had only been recently settled. #7: My colour vermillion, my taste pungent, specialty of a beach down under. To hotheaded pistoleros I am in favour, but not to the calm archer. What am I? Answer: Berserk Potion Winner: Mushy Nier: This one needed several hints! Berserk Potions are a specialty commodity of Comodo. They can be used by Gunslingers but not Archer classes. #8: Through shaft and tunnel I creep, after those who dare venture deep. From toxins and powder your vision grows darker, as the world turns purple and steep. Answer: Venomous Winner: monmonProf Nier: Many players answered Noxious. However, Noxious does not inflict Blind and Poison like Venomous does. #9: From servant of saviour, voices ring clear, a trio of angels in tune. With faith so near, a blessing most dear, bestowing you with divine fortune. What am I? Answer: Gloria Winner: Tea Thing Mall A Key Nier: Basically a freebie! If the obvious cues needed pointing out, servant of saviour refers to Priests who use the skill, the trio of angels in tune refer to the visual SFX and divine fortune to the +30 LUK. #10: With fortitude and vigour I safeguard my master, his close companion in battle. In the face of danger, I give my life in wager, as to a king would his castle. What am I? Answer: Amistr Winner: Tea Thing Mall A Key Nier: Amistrs have high VIT and DEF. They use the skill Castling to swap positions with their master, loosely referencing the game of chess. #11: I'm worn on your hand to maul and rend, techniques from a land of sand. From these huge nails, healing magic fails, as the wounds forget to mend. What am I? Answer: Wild Beast Claw/Ogre's Toenail Winner: BakaderePeachy Nier: This one took a while to solve, though many got the fact that it was a Katar correctly from the first hint. Loki's Toenail and Blood Tears may inflict Bleeding, but fitting the riddle more closely is Critical Wounds. #12: Against the darkness a martyr never falters, in God he does confide. From their body blood is dried, a blade is sanctified, and their blows will pierce defenses. What am I? Answer: Sacrifice/Matyr's Reckoning Winner: Keryte Nier: Ever wondered how exactly does exchanging life to deal damage work for such a class? Call this just a headcanon or an interpretation inspired by the Paladin of Diablo II, but the clue seemed clear enough. After I had to tell everyone that the answer was a skill... #13: Beneath the tower I wait, for you to approach your fate. In me you'll see you, in you I'll see me. I am your greatest enemy. What am I? Answer: Doppelganger Winner: Hayasaka Nier: You are your own worst enemy, so they say. The one was basically a giveaway, and was solved under 10 seconds. #14: A danger to human, they call me demon, weaver of a sinful and temptuous art. But through handwritten confession one reaches the conclusion, that even a creature like me has a heart. Answer: Incubus/Succubus Winner: Hayasaka Nier: This one was solved quite quickly as well. The clue references their taming item. #15: Forged from precious metal, from me the unliving rattle. For the exorcist on the travel, I make a reliable gavel. Answer: Golden Mace Winner: Ghetto Nier: For whatever reason, this took the longest to solve for the day and needed a hint. The Golden Mace is an Acolyte weapon of gold that deals bonus damage to Undead. #16: In the mountains I dwell, my body hard and cased in shell. Wear my image on your guard and you'll fear not arrow or spell. Answer: Horn Winner: Ligma Nier: Solved almost immediately. Horns can be found at Mt Mjolnir and their Shield-compounded Card reduces damage from ranged attacks. #17: An offering to greed, the false god takes heed, exchanging my wealth for might. For me you will bleed, I have purchased the right to deliver unto a powerful smite. Answer: Mammonite Winner: Piety Nier: The first line is a dead giveaway, referring to the idol of wealth Mammon. #18: In the shadow of industry my people labour, their future bleak, ever cloudier. Here they toil, wishing for things to be better, hope a difficult thing to remember. What am I? Answer: Einbech Winner: Piety Nier: Pretty clear to anyone who has spoken to the mining village's NPCs or done its associated quests. #19: An image of desert mirage vision, a body congealed and whitened, a head of sunny lemon, a maul of seasoned cast iron. What am I? Answer: Magnolia Winner: Jerikcxs Nier: Probably believable as a hallucination brought on by the desert heat and steaming sands. And that rusty old pan is a weapon it seems. #20: You peer into me and sigh, expecting treasure and things some would buy. About that nutter who put arrows in me you wonder, what is wrong with that guy? Answer: Old Blue Box Winner: Buckbeak Nier: A certain Frost Joke line in the iRO text might be the next-best clue for this. #21: In this place, folk show not their face, expressions hidden behind a mask. Where the plank catwalks end, to outsider the leader may be friend, if one puts in the effort to ask. Answer: Umbala Winner: Aoi Murasaki Nier: There were a few good guesses on this one, such as New World cities. But the plank catwalks and the leader refer specifically to Umbala, where the tribe chieftain awaits Midgardians at the far northwest end of the treetops. #22: A good defense is a good offense, a technique the righteous master. Seeking holy blood our foes strike hard, but the defender returns to sender. Answer: Reflect Shield Winner: Braeg Nier: This one needs little explaining.
  2. Implementation pending.
  3. Nier

    Body Recolation at BG

    We at RagnaLand value your feedback, but as per the administrator's post at http://forum.ragnaland.com/index.php?/topic/234-disable-snap-in-bg-entirely/&do=findComment&comment=985, this thread will be closed until 30 days since the previous thread has passed. Please feel free to bring the matter up again after such time, if you still wish to do so. On the topic of more Battlegrounds modes and costumes, please create separate threads/contribute to existing ones. Thank you for your understanding. Moving to Closed.
  4. See the effects of the Beginner Hat costume. Resolved.
  5. Resolved - Moving to Closed.
  6. Closed by request of topic starter.
  7. Post your desired headgear requests here and we'll see if we can make it happen. Please include Name: ID(if applicable): # Database or source links are also helpful. Feel free to add in remarks such as if you think it should be purely a costume, or if the statistics should be modified/left intact.
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