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  1. Nier

    Body Recolation at BG

    We at RagnaLand value your feedback, but as per the administrator's post at http://forum.ragnaland.com/index.php?/topic/234-disable-snap-in-bg-entirely/&do=findComment&comment=985, this thread will be closed until 30 days since the previous thread has passed. Please feel free to bring the matter up again after such time, if you still wish to do so. On the topic of more Battlegrounds modes and costumes, please create separate threads/contribute to existing ones. Thank you for your understanding. Moving to Closed.
  2. See the effects of the Beginner Hat costume. Resolved.
  3. Resolved - Moving to Closed.
  4. Closed by request of topic starter.
  5. Post your desired headgear requests here and we'll see if we can make it happen. Please include Name: ID(if applicable): # Database or source links are also helpful. Feel free to add in remarks such as if you think it should be purely a costume, or if the statistics should be modified/left intact.
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