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About Shinrai

  1. Wondering if we can add Cartridge and Sphere Pack for BG supplies. The reason for this suggestion is that GS consumes a lot of bullets for each of its skills. Like you can burn around 1k-2k bullets per run on BG depending on how you position and play GS. its nice that we have elemental bullets now but its a bit costly buying it on NPC and use it on BG. I know that GS is not that much of a mainstream Class but having this kind of stuff might encourage some other players to use GS in BG.
  2. Shinrai

    Universal Supply

    well considering the fact regarding the AD supplies and EDP, I get the idea why this stuff is not available. But regarding the other consumable like the Elemental Bullets for GS and Sphere Pack, Recovery supplies and misc items that can be used in other areas of the game. I think ill make a new post for the Elemental Bullets and Sphere Pack for GS.
  3. Shinrai

    More BG modes

    Rush and capture will be nice to have
  4. Shinrai

    Universal Supply

    It would be nice if we can buy/access some universal supplies using Valor or Bravery. I know there are advantages and disadvantages to this suggestion. I'm not really good at explaining or elaborating stuff so feel free to leave your opinion and reaction regarding this suggestion. Thank You.
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