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  1. Lmao at soul linker main defending custom bullshit ITT. Obviously it should be removed and soul linkers should only be getting linked if there's a second one on their team, how is this even a question.
  2. Lmao at the admin taking three days to respond to this thread, if some random person of discord hadn't helped me out I wouldn't have been playing at all ? What I needed was an opensetup.exe because the setup.exe that came with the full client wasn't working at all, after opening opensetup.exe and simply clicking 'ok' to set the window's resolution to anything besides the default it started working fine.
  3. Lumi

    RagnaLand 99 Race

    Hang on, so even though I'm still the only level 99 creator on the server I won't be getting a reward? You've got to be kidding me.
  4. I don't really understand either why some items seem to have a custom droprate that isn't aligned at all with the server's supposed 50x droprate.
  5. @arealoot is so useless and tedious that it might as well not exist at all I'm extremely disappointed that farming with an alchemist/creator has been made strictly inferior to other classes just because GMs are too lazy to botcheck suspicious people.
  6. I've download the full version from the google drive, ran the patcher but as I try launch the client it appears to freeze once the bar for the anti-cheat shield fully loads.
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