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  1. BG in NA region . Anyways I'd like to share my opinion about this too. As a champ BGer myself, i'm neutral with having Snap enabled/disabled, the champs you guys keep on mentioning on discord are probably fine with this too, their point is, you ppl will keep on complaining about everything seems unfair to you. First you got auto soulink disabled in BG (that's when i left this server, because i know one thing will lead to another, which i'm mentioning next). Second, you want snap disabled (and when you get that, you'll blame all the champs turning into frilldora which is more annoying to deal with and ask to disable or nerf it). First things first, my suggestion would be to fix the delays on these gahdamn skillz, even posted a video about it, but it seems like Nihad just totally ignored and closed my topic, but anyhoo here's the link : By fixing the delays, champs won't get to snap + hide. Second, disable /sit in BG, this just doesn't make sense, wth bruh, mega facepalm Lastly, I think most would agree with me on this (or not), just enable Snap in Conquest, not the other modes.
  2. If snap were to be enabled in BG, my suggestion would be : a) In general, disable sit in Battlegrounds b) Enable Snap only in Conquest, disable it in TDM (and future KvM/Rush or whatever mode is gonna be added) c) Add delay on Snap. In my topic I've shared a video that shows the short delays a champ has. d) Finally, as time goes by, there'll be more champs joining BG. With snap disabled there'll be ppl crying about frilldora champs, so my suggestion would be to asura only after re-cloaking, no immediate asura. Either way, i'm neutral with this, since this isn't a bg competitive server. Now i'm not even sure our suggestions are being read by Nihad, he can't even catch up with all the previous feedback & suggestions to begin with, they all seem to be read but no replies and action taken. (im sure this will trigger him to reply AHUE, myb not)
  3. Nutty

    More BG modes

    +1 where are these modes
  4. I personally haven't played a server with these low delays. So these are the skill delays on champ, is this supposed to be considered normal? Doable with 147 dex and 185 aspd too, maybe even lower (haven't tested) I think you can also spam Body Reloc + Pneuma (and Dangerous Soul Collect + Pneuma) simultaneously all the way, I don't have a good ahk so i can't test it. Since Gold Dragon Helm can be obtained easily, the +2 dex mid headgear and +10 foods (+7 too) this is easily achievable. and dumb Imagine what other classes' skill delay are like My suggestion would be to higher the skill delay.
  5. ^ great vid btw, watched it plenty of times
  6. So I noticed that you get kicked out of PvP and your score gets reduced when you kill the same player 5 times in a row, according to this statement : but have a ranking for Highest Streak and Longest Ownage, according to this : Initially, it makes no sense for that kind of penalty, other player might just suck. So how does this work? Also, a suggestion My suggestion would be to remove Rush out of Battlegrounds, it's just a place for frilldora champs and a portal defense playstyle. Instead, my suggestion would be to add KvM (Best of 3 matches), a better style of GvG than Rush.
  7. Nutty

    Nutty's Arrival

    EDITED cuz rewards
  8. KONICHIWA UWU Hi i'm Nutty, I enjoy solo PvM and AFKing, but still get things done. I also enjoy Battlegrounds at 30v30 or higher. How did you find us? Facebook / Ratemyserver How long do you play Ragnarok Online? Since 2008 What names did you go by on previous servers? Nutty / Luminate / Godsent
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