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  1. Leveling: Farming: Check this section for other guides you might need: http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/forum/10-troubleshoot-guides/
  2. No, just follow the instructions as stated
  3. Pick from either Full download links, or the lite clients if you have a clean RO folder. http://woonro.com/?module=main&action=media
  4. Sara's Memory Pre-requisites: Level 90 Above Essence Flask submitted to Instance Manager Recommended Setup: Solo or Duo with a priest, rest are optional. For this guide, I used a Sniper for Ankle Snare, you may bring some potions with you for insurance. The instance is fairly easy but does not drop a lot of quest materials which you will need to craft/purchase items at the shop. More members means you have to share and do more runs, if you have several friends you may try to split and go with at least duos if you want to do it with someone else. Sara's Memory Walkthrough Reward Shop FAQs
  5. Can we have @noloot available via @settings? @Settings > Login Settings > @noloot > 5 item id you don't want to loot Should be helpful for most of the rare trash we get often when farming/doing ds/etc. It becomes really hard when your macro is full with other commands so there's really no space for 5 more @Noloot
  6. Got something at Vending Area that you want so bad but need Zeny real quick? Just saving up Zeny for future use? or Want to flex those millions? billions? Read ahead! This guide is meant for direct Zeny farming, not farm rare items > vend / trade Make sure to have a Merchant with Level 10 Overcharge skill to sell those loots. You are free to customize anything written below as you see fit for more efficiency, such as using Cramp Card or other cards that grant you additional drops. Beginner's Zeny on the way Guide Good for those who have just started playing and need zeny while leveling. It is not recommended to go here just to farm zeny (with the exception of Iara). Intermediate Zeny farming Guide For those who already have basic gear and are ready to speed up their farming bit by bit Part 1: Iara Part 2: Incubus and Succubus Advanced Zeny farming Guide if you're stacked and looking to farm even faster Credits Rate My Server for monster images, stats, and item stats. WoonRO for some of the custom/modified for pre-renewal items that made some builds fun & possible.
  7. A quick and direct guide for those who are lost, with tips and alternatives provided. Quick Links for each monster to view their stats and location are available below the spoilers. You may also use @mi and @whereis in-game. Level 1-15 Level 15-86 Level 70-99 Alternative 1: Monsters with good Cards Alternative 2: Board Quests Reaching Level 99 (Pre-Trans) Image Credit: Official iRO wiki cited below Credits: Rate My Server for monster images and stats iRO Official Wiki for official quest guides and some images
  8. So from every player feedback of those currently playing BG, they all hate CTF. I think we could keep CTF out for now and re-implement it later on when population grows to see what happens or change the score to "1" and lower rewards. Alternatively, We can put up a BG mode that doesn't drag out too long which benefits low-mid population. I've made this suggestion from before:
  9. I only have Elite Siege Box added to my suggestion so far, the box contains 100 White Potions and 50 Blue Potions. IMO the potions from the box should have 0z NPC price. Costs 3 - 5 GC. This will have an impact on a thread I'll write up soon to help new players. Promote Board quests > get gold coins > use gold coins to buy potions > repeat. Since most of the newbies don't abuse the healer this would be great for them. This is also good and I've forgotten about Glistening Coats. Looking at the alch shop and the price I think 1 GC per Glistening coat is fair. One could also farm Iaras and cut the cost completely from heart of mermaid while getting zeny to buy the rest of the materials. Another set of items that I discussed with some players to be added to the shop: Elemental Converters. Fire Converter x 5 - 1 GC Wind Converter x5 - 1 GC Earth Converter x5 - 1 GC Water Converter x10 - 1 GC Water converter is much cheaper because you could get them for free from Aqua Elementals. TL;DR, items we'd like to see on the Universal Consumables shop (GC):
  10. Lostac


    That's a nice progress, if you're having a hard time, do one Kasa at a time then go back and heal, repeat. But by doing this, your other characters are getting good exp without losing any, right? If you do want to focus on your Hunter a bit more, try to play it safe and fly/return to town right away before you get close to dying, come back and repeat. It gets easier when you become a Sniper. If you need help, message me on one of my characters on my signature, or look for me using #main, If I still don't respond, I might be afk. I like people that put in effort, I'll help you on some things if you do catch me in-game.
  11. Lostac


    Those you mentioned are bad classes to start with for mid rate, I recommend starting off with a Sniper, Paladin, or WS. -> Can you multi-client? Or want to do it? If you can, leech your characters using sniper. I suppose you can start by getting a Frozen Bow[1] from Gazeti, or Orc archer bow from orc archers. Orc Archer Bow requires endow from a sage -- lasts 30 mins per endow. Start by double strafing kasas. Gear your hunter(or sniper) with dragon vest and dragon manteau (Draco drops them both at 0.5%). Warper > Dungeons > Nyddhog's Dungeon. Kill Dracos only. Card the Vest with a Pasana card, the Manteau with a Dragon Tail card. It may seem like a long process but this will save you a lot more time than manually leveling your characters one by one. I recommend getting an orc archer bow first. If you want to push it to the next level, Use sharpshoot with a bragi and a dancer using crit dance. Optional areas to farm zeny and get exp at the same time: Rachel sanc 1-2 for lower levels. Rachel sanc 4 once you get stronger. Berets can be sold to NPCs for a good price, as well as bloody runes, and the exp isn't bad. Your main goal here is to get one beret for yourself and some of the cards you might need like vanberk or isilla, move on to somewhere else after. Brasilis dungeon lv 1-2 for a much higher zeny gain but significantly lower exp. Target iaras.
  12. Badge Rush isn't really played that much anymore ever since Bloody Branch was removed (which I think was the right decision anyway). I'd like other players to also give out ideas to make the gambling much more worth it. I'd love to see these items added (same from the GC shop): Acid Bomb Box [10] Poison Bottle [x5] This gives players a shot at universal materials with war badges, but not buy them in bulk directly.
  13. After a few weeks, I believe It's time to make changes on these prices that were decided after the re-brand. I personally think the stat foods are OK, or maybe just a minor change, but for sure the Poison Bottles are too much. Current Rates: Poison Bottle [x1] - 10 GC Acid Bomb Box [x10] - 10 GC +7 Stat Foods [X1] - 5 GC Suggested Rates: Poison Bottle [x1] - 2 GC Acid Bomb Box [x10] - 5 GC or no change +7 Stat Foods - 3 GC or no change. *Addtional Item Suggestion: Elite Siege Supply Box, 100 White Potions, 50 Blue Potions - 5 GC *Make it so that these potions are special with 0z NPC price. ========================== It would also be best to monitor the activity of this NPC because this won't serve well at all as a GC sink if only very few are interested. I could actually only think of one person buying the poison bottles at this current rate. I don't play chem/assassin cross but I think this is a needed change for them.
  14. Hello, rebumping this because I'd love to help other players with guild buffs but I really can't because I have to put password on gstorage. Having a password on it is such a hassle tbh when you use it a lot to pass stuff around around characters. Would be great if we could have this.
  15. Lostac

    Infinite Arrow

    Since a lot of people also aren't aware of auto restock, well: You can have 2 arrows and basically have them on autorestock 1 by 1 from your storage. From our features alone, this is nothing more than QoL, Nothing of major impact. @restock, @gstorage, @storage. Then again, I'm ok with or without this, I just want to hear a proper explanation of why we don't have this.
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