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  1. Did you run the game via patcher?
  2. It's a client related issue, we all have it, unfortunately. Temporary workaround: put /bv 100(or whatever number) in your alt M macro, so every time you change maps just press your hotkey.
  3. Octopus Cave Pre-requisites: Essence Flask submitted to Instance Manager Recommended Setup: Solo or Duo with a priest For this guide, I used my Sniper to solo. Sniper has both AoE and Control via Ankle Snare making this instance very easy. Bring SP Pots, Strawberries from the NPC are nice, I used about 400 but I recommend stocking up 1000 just in case. As for HP pots, you won't be needing a lot unless you got hit by Water Ball, so it's nice to have some prepared still. The build I used: Build #1 (Casual) check below for more info, although this is doable even with much less gear. http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/topic/456-guide-pve-sniper-casual-and-end-gameet/ This instance is important if you plan on making Babylon Knight Set, which requires Octopus Legs. The instance is easy as long as you prepare so there's nothing to worry about. It is also risk free because the cooldown is only 24 hours, so keep trying! Octopus Cave Walkthrough Where to spend your Octopus Legs FAQs:
  4. Been Wanting to make a sniper? Is your sniper useless in DS? Want to bring it for end game PVE? Or maybe even just be the best form of a casual Sniper? Read Ahead! Snipers play around different builds, the most common build you'll probably see people use is your standard Double Strafe or Auto Attack build. This is certainly fine and I understand the comfort of playing it. However, if you're bringing this to a community event, Devil Square, for example, you have to be in your best form specially if you insist on playing Sniper (which is a good class when played right, by the way). This is crucial because DS gets harder the more people join in. You don't want to shame your Sniper as being a bad class to use in DS, right? 1. The Chill/Casual Build - Auto Attack/Double Strafe/Sharp Shooting [190 ASPD, 30-50 Crit Rate, 160 Dex] 2. End Game / DS / ET Sniper - Sharp Shooting/Double Strafe [190 ASPD, 50+ Crit Rate, 160 Dex, 97 Vit] 3. FA Sniper - Falcon Assault [175-190 ASPD, 150 Dex, 97 Vit, Rest Int] Tips for DS and in General Credits Rate My Server for item stats/details, you can view RMS via the link if you need information! WoonRO for some of the custom/modified for pre-renewal items that made some builds fun & possible.
  5. This is currently available via wolfchev, after you kill everything the NPC will appear with the shop where you could buy CD in Mouth. Check this page, scroll down: http://wiki.woonro.com/2020/02/29/wolfchevs-laboratory/
  6. Try to: 1. Disable hardware-accelerated graphics 2. Remove fullscreen
  7. Could you post screenshots of your opensetup? We have many new players so I don't think the file itself is the problem
  8. So you're not getting any error messages, and it just won't run? Might be related to opensetup. A few things that may help: 1 - Check your opensetup / setup file in your RO folder and make adjustments. 2 - Check your antivirus, some AVs can delete files during installation. 3 - Check on Data Execution Prevention and try adding Woon.exe to the list. Normally you don't have to do this, but it might help if above steps don't work.
  9. I have another version with wRO in it but IMO too much text looks bad so I'll submit this instead wROGM.bmp wROGM2.bmp
  10. Card Farming -> Card Exchange Use @npc cardexchanger to warp to Card Exchanger NPC. What's the point of this NPC? Why would I focus my farming on trash cards for points? Recommended Places to farm cards (item id4251+) Additional Tips/Notes Credits Rate My Server for monster images, stats, and item stats. WoonRO for this feature, also for introducing a different way to farm.
  11. Leveling: Farming: Check this section for other guides you might need: http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/forum/10-troubleshoot-guides/
  12. No, just follow the instructions as stated
  13. Pick from either Full download links, or the lite clients if you have a clean RO folder. http://woonro.com/?module=main&action=media
  14. Sara's Memory Pre-requisites: Level 90 Above Essence Flask submitted to Instance Manager Recommended Setup: Solo or Duo with a priest, rest are optional. For this guide, I used a Sniper for Ankle Snare, you may bring some potions with you for insurance. The instance is fairly easy but does not drop a lot of quest materials which you will need to craft/purchase items at the shop. More members means you have to share and do more runs, if you have several friends you may try to split and go with at least duos if you want to do it with someone else. Sara's Memory Walkthrough Reward Shop FAQs
  15. Can we have @noloot available via @settings? @Settings > Login Settings > @noloot > 5 item id you don't want to loot Should be helpful for most of the rare trash we get often when farming/doing ds/etc. It becomes really hard when your macro is full with other commands so there's really no space for 5 more @Noloot
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