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  1. War of Emperium: WoE-SE The Guide is in PDF format and can be downloaded here.
  2. War of Emperium: Basics The Guide is in PDF format and can be downloaded here.
  3. Kirika

    Sup guys :)

    Welcome and train hard to beat us seniors from "No skill Involved" in WoE !
  4. I had the same problem. When i bought a new CPU (not because of this) somehow the issue was solved. The knew CPU has more Threads/Cores. edit: Eh Mat why are you answering a person from October 2019? Guess you wanted to trick me... (successful)
  5. Devil Square (WoonRO 2020) The Guide is in PDF format and can be downloaded here.
  6. Kirika

    Just Started

    Hai, the guides are here: http://forum.woonro.com/index.php?/forum/10-troubleshoot-guides/. Maybe you find some interesting ones ? and btw. don't wonder there isn't much activity here the forum but Discord is more active.
  7. Oh really? Didn't know that. I will try that tomorrow. But would still be better to warp from guild house.
  8. Kirika

    Infinite Arrow

    Agree with @Lostac and I think we always had it on Woon and Elaria if I remember right. But since you can buy them really cheap and use @storage, it doesn't really make any difference, either way
  9. Allow the guild who holds the castle to use the Warper anytime they want and not only when WoE is running. There are two reasons for the suggession: - the guild may wants to set up the defense before WoE starts - the guild leader wants to claim the castle treasures
  10. In the end you could argument the same way with Prof. Better to wait up the PartyJoiner implementation. People will team up in parties and these teams will have mostly a clown and if there are two parties these shouldn't be in the same team (hopefully the implementation will be like that)
  11. I have the feeling fiXing the permissions are more complicated but no idea. But Yea like i said "Its nice to have, but no prio"
  12. Its about the Access Permission bY Rank, like u can see on first Screenshot not access bY password.

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