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  1. hmm got a adding suggestion Glistening Coat Item ID# 7139 other than that pretty much agree with Lostac +1
  2. Talk to the flag in main, functions as the same thing
  3. Yup fully agree on that it should not clash +1 fix pls
  4. How about you move badge rush whole event take 3 min, ds can last from 3 - 45 min depending on people and boss spawn and like u said needs way more preparation. Atm DS isn't that popular and every active member counts making it more affected by moving it's time. Also don't get when we have intervals of 4 hours that these had to be at the same time but ok. Those are my 2 cents on it
  5. +1 If disabled +2 if allowed and backslide and skills a like are allowed too
  6. -1 most access quests are already removed, droprate high af, makes no sense imo
  7. Ah makes sense , didn't bother to check if it actually worked XD
  8. Competition + constructive criticism don't mix, it's clear u can't keep up with the current level of competition ( otherwise this post was never made ) I suggest joining a guild that's competitive now and learn some stuff, cause as competition people won't tell u anything. ( why make it harder for themselves ? )
  9. GL can set pin? And share that ?
  10. Allen


    @npc enchant and refiner pls
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